8 Online Money-Making Ideas for Students in 2024

in this video we'll take a look at how students can make money online I've done a lot of research to try and find out if there are unique ways that are student specific websites apps that are only made for students to make money online so in this video I'm going to share with you eight categories of jobs that are student friendly I'm also going to throw in websites or platforms where you can find these opportunities worldwide now if you're new here welcome to the channel thank you so much for joining us my name is Queen magani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel do consider joining our family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable if you a student looking for opportunities if you are a teen or just an adult just a person looking to make money online without wasting any more time let's get on with these opportunities having been a student myself at University I do understand that being a student is a very unique time in your life for most of us it was a a time where you gain your first Freedom or Independence where you are away from home and having to adult up because now you're starting a new Journey you have to manage your life your time you're studying and everything on your own it is such an interesting time and it's really impressive to know that students in this age want to know how they can actually make money and gain Financial Freedom and Independence while still studying I'd be lying if I would say making money as a student is totally unique to making money when you start working or when you now have your degree it does require you to still work very hard to maximize your opportunities to deliver on quality work but today I'm going to show you websites where they won't penalize you simply because you are still studying simply because you don't have your degree yet let's look at the first category of jobs that any student can do anywhere in the world and that is freelance work now this will depend on the type of skills that you have so in case you are still starting out you don't have any skills it will be wise to invest in profitable skills that can find you freelance jobs from videography photography thumbnail editing data entry virtual assistant types of jobs whatever your strengths are you can apply as a student in these different platform so the first one is up work the second one is Fiverr there's freelancer.com people per hour and topt not so much topt simply because they hire people who are really experienced but if good at what you do you can score yourself a job there now the good thing about this one is they tend to pay highly for freelance work if maybe you've acquired a skill before un or during your time as a student this is a great platform to work in when it comes to up work they have lots of opportunities lots of work that you can find in the platform I find fiva to be more creative they have quite a lot of opportunities as well the second opportunity you can do as a student is online tutoring and here of course they are different ways and categories of teaching that you can do if you have the time and the resources it would be wise if you create your own classes and teach on platforms such as skillshare because you have your course making you money generating passive income over time provided you've created a course that is relatable that is searchable and people are looking to learn that type of information but other opportunities include you teaching English online or different languages that you are good at here are some student friendly types of online teaching platforms the first one is tutor.com wisent and Varsity Tutors so you can explore these different websites to make money as a tutor online the third opportunity is through surveys and market research now when it comes to this one I don't advise that students invest all their time into doing surveys or market research as it can be time consuming and also they tend to pay little but there are some good ones where you can earn pocket money some of the websites that you need to check out are Swag Bags Inbox Dollars depends on which part of the world you are in wense TGM research pazani survey time and many more click this video on my screen right now to find out some student friendly types of survey website that you can apply to the next category of opportunities for students is participating in the gig economy this can be online and in other cases on offline gigs gigs such as painting a room assembling Furnitures and so on so online there's quite a lot of opportunities as well you can do graphic design design thumbnails create short video clips and many more opportunities but the websites that you can check out for these type of opportunities are task rabbit 99 designs text broker top tow freelance writing gigs transcribe me rev casting words microw cast and many more that you can find through own research the next kind of opportunity is participating in Ecom mer and don't worry this is not going to cost you any money to get started because there are opportunities to participate in e-commerce without any Capital such as print on demand print on demand print on demand print on demand you can go to platforms like red bubble to start in print on demand print on demand simply means that you come up with amazing creative designs you sell them online and they're going to be placed automatically on items for you so you don't have to buy those items when you sign up to platforms that you want to do print on demand in the items will be there you simply upload your design and it will be automatically placed on those items you start selling those and you make money and of course you have created for yourself a business online next category is affiliate marketing and of course this one seems hard at first but once you get the hang of it it becomes very profitable it is a good way of making money as a student because you don't need any degree ree any qualification but you do need strategy and in many cases you do need traffic so building a following would be really great for you in doing affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing is promoting products and getting to sell those products through a link when people click the link of a product that you are promoting and make a purchase you earn Commissions in that now with affiliate marketing the possibility is too great you can make thousands of dollars every single month even as a student by doing this type of side hustle starting for absolutely free the next category of jobs for students is skill-based so this will be based on the type of skill that you have or you can acquire you have acquired your talents your interest and so on and you can do this type of jobs by teaching those same skills that you already have in different courses one of the platforms is what I've already mentioned skillshare you have Udi teachable think fig Cera and and

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