Build a World-Class Website in 30 Seconds with AI – No Coding Required!

so you are ready to launch or grow your business or your side hustle with the objective of replacing your 9 to-5 job or even to make some extra money on the side in these difficult economic times but you do not have a website you know however that having an online presence is critical in this digital age and having a website will actually increase your earnings but the idea of building a professional website seems daunting especially for those of us with limited technical experience or expertise and listen paying someone to create a website is out of budget right now with everything going on if you can identify with anything I've just said in this video so far you are in the right place because in this bner friendly tutorial I'm going to introduce you to an AI powered website Builder that is revolutionizing the way websites are created and it will get your business online in seconds I will show you how to create a fully functional professional website like this one that I'm showing you here on screen in an astonishing 30 seconds free and easy and yes you can do this from anywhere across the globe but importantly you'll be creating this s it from text and you don't need any coding or design skills to do so so whether you are a bodding entrepreneur or someone who is looking to expand your digital footprint this video will walk you through the steps using durable AI to effortlessly craft professional websites that are tailored to your individual [Music] needs Rockstars it's so great to have you back thank you so much for your loyalty and for always clicking play when my videos pop up I'm grateful and if you have decided to become a patreon subscriber or a rockstar Club member on patreon or a YouTube member I sincerely appreciate your support now that said let's dive into this video the moment that I realized that technical skills were no longer required to build a website and that I can create a professional website in 30 seconds free my hair stylist was the first person who came to mind as she operates a hair salon and she does not have a digital presence right now she's excellent at what she does can you tell rock stars but without a strong online presence she's not realizing her full potential and not maximizing her earnings so she's basically leaving money on the table and we can't have that I also thought about when I was exploring leaving my 95 job to start my own business and build my brand and the fact that it cost me $2,000 and over a month if I remember correctly to build a basic website which is not nearly as sophisticated as the one that I created in seconds or the one that I'm going to show you how to create in seconds in this video so today I'm going to show you how to create a website for my hairstylist that she can use for her salon and here's the great thing you'll be able to replicate the steps that I'm about to show you to create a website despite your profession despite your business and your brand or even your side hustle assuming you do not have an online present from a website perspective today and this AI website builder is so user friendly that but I'll show you all of that in three simple steps now step one will be to create your website to get started all you need to do is to click the link in the description of this video and it will take you to the durable AI website after clicking the link in the description of this video you will realize that you'll be able to use durable free forever until you start getting actual customers and at that time you can opt to start paying and invest in a subscription and you will be able to use promo code Rockstar 30 to get a 30% discount off if you decide to invest in a subscription then or even now because you're ready to take your website creation game to another level but the amazing thing is you can do this free and all these details are in the description of this video now I'm using a chrome website browser because I'm using my Mac and I find that it's most compatible after clicking the link in the description simply select generate your website and this is on the homepage as you see me doing now you don't need to even log in to get started and as you can see here on the website you don't need to put in any credit card details either to start using the platform free after clicking generate your website you'll be prompted to define the type of website that you're building and you can choose from a wide range of options that are available on this list as I'm showing you here or you can simply write in your business category now since we are creating the website for my hairstylist I will Select Hair Salon from the list and then I'm going to click next now choose your location and we're going to use a hypothetical location and I'm going to select next now it's time to enter your business name and for this tutorial I've come up with a hypothetical business name and we're going to call the here Salon the here Affair beauty salon but here's the amazing thing if you need a business name and you don't have any ideas right there in the durable AI platform there's a name generator that will actually suggest names that are relevant to your business type using AI so you don't need to be creative or Innovative when coming up with a business name if you don't already have one so let us enter the he aair beauty salon and click generate website and rock stars you'll watch as durable AI construct your professional website in 30 [Music] seconds rockstars isn't this incredible if you agree with me that this is groundbreaking and incredible please write incredible in the comments and this website that durable generated has social media links it has a book now option which is most appropriate for a HA Salon business it has an about us page which is expected from a website perspective and it's great because it includes a appropriate photographs that are a representation of the business type that we chose we even got a hypothetical testimonial here from Samantha as you can see and obviously you're going to replace that with a real testimonial but let's scroll down a little bit further it gives you a team page so that you can introduce your employees and in this case I'm using it to introduce the employees that work in the salon and of course this is hypothetical but you'll be able to add their photograph and a quick summary of their skills and capabilities and it does not stop there durable is also giving us prefilled photographs that are appropriate for the business type because with AI it is intuitive enough to give you what it thinks you're looking for and as you can see here you'll even get a pin drop with the location so that your customers can easily locate your business like I said rock stars incredible is the word of the day now this website is perfect it's professionally done and it can be used as is but let's say you want to customize it to make it align better with your brand that's step two customizing your website

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