Prayer For Financial Miracle | Most POWERFUL Prayer For Financial Miracles

this is the most powerful prayer for financial Miracle oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory may your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I may be free from pain that prayer if you say it over and over and over and over again Watch certain things in your life shift now why is that prayer so important why is that prayer like if you actually go ahead and utilize that prayer why is that going to allow you to go ahead and attract the finances that it is that you want in your life why is that going to be able to be the thing that allows you to go and protect your family and make sure that you feel that Safety and Security it's because that prayer was made made from a man that had nothing special going on like if you literally read the Bible about jabz when he asked this prayer from God and God actually answered him he wasn't a prophet he wasn't a king he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth he was a common man in fact his name meant born in pain he was born in pain he was born in struggle he was born in challenges and yet because he spoke to God in a way that vibrated and resonated with him so deeply God was like you know what JZ there's everything that it is that you wanted now how can we use that lesson to go ahead and adopt it in our own life you know because for example for me like I had nothing special going on I'm not the most talented person in the world I'm not the smartest person in the world maybe I was book smarts cuz I'm Asian and Filipino like I understood Math and Science and biology but I never understood business I never understood anything about investing I didn't never understood anything about success I literally had nothing going on for me right when it comes to business and success like I'm not smartest person in the world how can I then attract success money wealth when it literally seemed like everyone else around me had better opportunities than me and I was just struggling to just get by like how could I go ahead and do this and the hint is literally how Jaz and how God literally gave him everything that it is that he wanted now let's actually break it down how did it actually happen so that we could go ahead and you know attract certain things in our life and the number one thing was that prayer vibrated so deeply that it mve God to give to him what does that actually mean you know when you ask for things there's there's not necessarily certain things that you ask for but it's also how you feel when you ask for those things does that make sense like for example if I feel fear scarcity shame guilt when I ask for things no one wants to give it to me why because it comes from this pace of lack but what if you ask with joy and gratitude and love in your heart what if you ask you know with such positive feelings of gratitude as if you already accomplished the thing that it is that you wanted the universe God is more likely to go ahead and give it to you and I literally did this test you because when I was younger I remember when I was first getting started in my business like I came from such a place of lack I came from such a place of fear so every single decision that I would make would be based from Fear whenever I would have money come in I would like hoard it and hoard it and hoard it I would treat it as if it was my God I would be like oh no this is my precious and I would treat treat it like a false idol and the reason why because I was so scarce with it is as soon as it came in it left just as fast and then what changed you know about like a year or so ago I remember losing a bunch of money in a short amount of time and I I was like in such a deep deep fear mentality how many you guys have ever felt that you lost a lot of money maybe you have less money coming in every single month maybe you're looking at your loved ones and you're like how am I going to go and protect and provide the for these people I literally felt that I felt fear I felt anger I felt shame and I'm like how how am I going to go ahead and protect and provide for my loved ones and I remember that feeling and every single time I challenge a conflict some type of struggle came in front of me I was this close to self-sabotaging but ultimately what I ended up doing at every given moment of time whenever I would be faced with some type of suffering is that was kind of like God's test to ask myself can I use this moment of struggling and fear to actually feel love and gratitude because it's not about feeling love and gratitude when things are good because that's easy but it's so easy to feel love and gratitude oh I'm so great feel like I love my life when things are good but how can you train yourself to feel that when things are bad and if you could allow yourself to feel that when things are bad as you are praying as you are asking for things from God and being grateful as if it already happened not just from your present reality but as if the reality that it is that you wanted you're already living in it that's how God essentially gives to you does that make sense the only hard part is feeling that love and gratitude when it literally looks like your entire world is underwater and you're just going through all this stress and going through all this struggle and going through all this pain but as you go deeper in pain how can you feel more love and gratitude and increase that love and gratitude muscle the second thing is territory for Jaz didn't mean land and wealth and riches and finances and money what it meant was responsibility to serve people around them now this is one thing that I learned in my life right every single time I wanted money for selfish reasons to prove other people wrong to you know get a car to get a mansion to get a nice watch it never really happened but every single time I took the intention off of myself and my needs and I focused on the people around me my loved ones my mom and my dad how can I go ahead and make money to make sure that my mom and dad can retire early and they don't have to stress anymore how can I go ahead and make enough money to go ahead and make sure that I can pay for my sister's college education how can I make enough money to make sure that my team and my family and my community are all winning and hitting their income goals for some reason business started doing well success started happening all of those things started happening but then I look back in my past and I was like okay well where are all the times that I actually failed and it's because I wanted to take more than I give I was greedy I was selfish I focused on my own needs instead of the other person's and the more I started doing that the more I started rejecting and repelling wealth because of the fact that I wasn't increasing my responsibility I was increasing my selfishness and when you want to go ahead and pray for more wealth and success you need to ask yourself are you praying for yourself are you praying for your own selfishness o

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