How to Start Selling Digital Products (STEP BY STEP) FREE COURSE

hey BD and business family and welcome to today's free course all about how to sell digital products this video will be a complete step-by-step guide on how to start a successful business selling digital products so get ready to take some notes and let's get right into today's free course I love digital products because it only really takes you a couple hours to actually design one and you can then sell that digital product unlimited amounts of times over the next 5 to 10 years you are not just creating a digital product but you are creating a digital asset that is going to create passive income for you over a long span of time and if you're going to be using the free traffic sources that I'm going to be teaching to you in this free course your profit margins will be close to 100% so why should you sell a digital product I love the business model of selling digital products and they are very beginner friendly for someone that's new to e-commerce it's very easy to get started and there's little to no investment needed to start I love digital products because there's no inventory needed I also love digital products because they do have high profit margins here's what you're going to learn in today's free course I'm going to be explaining in depth what a digital product is I'm going to be giving you the different types of digital products I'm going to be showing you how to find the right product to sell for you I'm going to be showing you how to create your own digital product I'm going to show you how to set up your online store and lastly I'm going to show you how to Market and get sales people do charge thousands of dollars for courses just like this one all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses just like this remember that my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education and courses when you sell a physical product there's definitely more costs involved such as product cost shipping and other random fees if you are actually holding inventory and the products yourself although with digital products you are not having to actually do that so when you make a sale you are keeping almost all of that money from that customer so what is a digital product a digital product as you know is a non-physical product even though you're not physically holding it it's still a product that people can use and purchase just like how a lot of physical products fulfill a need or want in someone's life you're doing the same exact thing with digital products especially as our world is becoming even more digital as we know it so there are many different types of digital products you can sell ebooks PDF guides printables templates planners recipes courses tutorials and guides Consulting games and so much more remember that your digital product has to have value it has to solve a problem in some way and provide the buyer with something and this doesn't have to be strictly educational you can provide value with entertainment although usually more educational type of digital products do tend to make more money are the ones that focus on a specific problem that you can solve solve it doesn't have to be life-changing but the value has to be there now with all of these different ideas of digital products how do you find the right digital product to sell for you I know everyone watching this video right now has something they either do or are interested in doing just like with every single business modle that I teach on my YouTube channel whether you are starting an online business or becoming a content creator you need to pick a niche and I'm going to help you brainstorm this right now I got you I want you to think of it like this no matter who you are I know that there's something that you know that other people might not know even if you are someone that you're really great at creating PowerPoints or creating flyers on canva you can start teaching others about how to actually do this you can start teaching others how to use canva and you can start selling tons of digital products in relation to this topic your Niche doesn't have to be revolutionary it just has to be necessary I think that's the biggest issue that some of you guys face is you get way too hon up on trying to find a niche that is going to be life-changing or that you're trying to find the most special thing to start and in reality it can be something really so simple you like to cook you can sell a digital cookbook you are a mom you could sell printable games for kids games for other moms and families to use you can create templates guides and so many others the only thing that you need to do while watching this is you need to decide on what that is going to be and the rest of this free course will actually show you how to bring that Vision to life and start selling these digital products as you were trying to decide what you want to sell you first need to decide who your audience is who is the ideal person that will be buying this digital product by you thinking in this way this will help you to create and figure out what that product is going to be have that ideal type of person in mind who's going to like or want this digital product during this process one of the best things you can do is research what's already out there so whatever you have in mind right now that you're thinking about doing this is what I want you to do I want you to search profiles on Tik Tok using the Tik Tok search search for profiles on Instagram do a search on Pinterest and I can almost guarantee that you are going to find other profiles in this specific Niche that you're thinking of that you can look at for inspiration and examples by seeing how other people are marketing their own digital products or what type of digital products they're selling you'll gain many ideas this way now of course we are not out here trying to copy anybody but you can still look at what other people are doing for examples and get inspiration for your own so now that we've brainstormed what digital products going to be right for you now let's jump in and I'm going to be showing you how to actually create a digital product so for today's video I will be designing a PDF ebook this is one of the easiest digital products that you can make and something that you can easily sell to your customers so to create this today we we are going to be using canva I use canva for so many different things for my online business so it's so worth learning how it works and it's very user friendly for beginners too so canva actually has an entire range of free templates that you can choose from so let's go ahead and type in ebook and see what comes up so look how many ebook templates you have here to choose from something that you also want to search for is A4 templates ebook this will pull up even more templates you can choose from if you are wantin

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