9 Passive Income Ideas-How I make $7500/Week

in this video I'm going to write 9 passive income ideas based on how hard it is to get started and how hard it is to maintain and make money from it these days I've been averaging around 30k USC dollars to 40K monthly and by end of the year we're expecting to reach 50k USD per month a couple of years ago I used to think that only way to make a lot of money was becoming a doctor engineer or a lawyer and that's completely a myth and there's so many ways you can also make ten thousand dollars per month with the right approach so whether you're working a nine to five and want some passive income on the side or you're looking to start a new side hustle and maybe eventually quit your nine to five job this is the perfect video before we begin I want to inform you that I recently launched my new skillshare class on how to effectively learn languages the link to my free course is included in the description and this video is sponsored by skillshare and I will provide more information about it later I wanted to promote my own class because I believe it's genuinely helpful and enjoyable for people the class offers tips on learning a new language in your spare time now let's begin the video to make things easier to understand let's clear out what passive income is despite what people would like to think passive income is not like you're doing nothing and money grows on the trees it's more like you do a certain work up front or set a system that generates income over time with minimal ongoing effort I'm not saying no effort the key concept is that once the initial work is done the income continues to flow without requiring constant active involvement in other words you're not exchanging your time for money directly so think about writing a book to write a book you need to spend a lot of time in the beginning but once it's published you don't necessarily need to continue writing to generate income that is called passive income investing in the stock market is an investment method that everyone needs to consider in my opinion it's super easy and much better than putting your money in a bank and waiting for it to lose its value by investing in the stock market you have the potential to earn much higher Returns on your investment after you have your emergency fund of six to eight months aside just in case something happens start investing and make it a habit index funds are close to safer investment option as they track the performance of the overall Market rather than individual stocks but depending on your risk tolerance you may also want to consider investing in crypto by investing in the stock market you're not only earning passive income but you're also giving your money the opportunity to grow over time this is important because inflation can cause the value of your money to decrease over time by investing in the stock market you are predicting your wealth and giving yourself the potential to earn even more affiliate programs are a popular way to earn passive income they allow you to earn a commission by promoting other people's products companies like Amazon and IQ links the keyboard that I use have affiliate programs that you can join for free once you join you can promote their products by sharing special links when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you earn a commission getting started is super easy you just sign up for a program like Amazon Affiliates and it paste the links into your blog social media YouTube page newsletter or whatever platform you're using the tricky part of affiliate marketing is driving traffic to your links and convincing people to make a purchase this process can take time and effort especially if you're starting from scratch with no audience but with the right strategies such as like high quality content building community that trusts you you can attract more traffic to your links and potentially earn a substantial income maintenance is super easy you just need to paste links every year I make like a little bit of money from my affiliate links by simply mentioning the products I use and love such as my desk setup keyboards and services creating digital products like notion templates good notes digital planners and ebooks is an effective way to generate passive income once created these products can be sold multiple times without any additional work resulting in a continuous stream of income for example Thomas Frank a famous YouTuber with almost 3 million subscribers abandoned his main Channel and focus on his second Channel which has only like 174k subscribers to sell notion templates last year he earned over 1 million dollars in revenue from selling these templates the difficulty of starting depends on your family familiarity familiarity with creating these types of digital products if you're already tech savvy and familiar with tools like notion and good notes getting started can be relatively easy but if you're new to these platforms it might take some time to get up to speed writing an ebook requires an in-depth knowledge of your subject and the ability to effectively communicate your ideas it can be a significant time investment especially if you're aiming for a high quality comprehensive but the challenge in making money from digital products lies in the marketing and gaining visibility in a crowded Marketplace platforms like Etsy and gumroad can help you solve your products but you will need to actively promote them to drive sales as with affiliate marketing the key here is driving traffic to your products this can be done by leveraging SEO social media email marketing or maybe paid advertising like Google ads you'll also need to keep your product updated to ensure they remain relevant and appealing to the customers the effort required for maintenance is minimal once the product is created it doesn't require much upkeep but you may need to update your products occasionally based on customer feedback or change changes in the platform they're designed for so this option can be a profitable winter if you have the expertise and create valuable digital products and the marketing skills to promote them effectively creating online courses is a powerful way to diversify your income platforms like skillshare provide an incredible opportunity for anyone with a unique skill or expertise to share that knowledge and earn money hey Ali abdall for example he's a successful YouTuber and Doctor ex-doctor Who teaches productivity courses on skillshare according to him he makes almost a million dollar a year just from his skillshare courses and that's a life-changing amount of money and testimony to the power of online courses and it's not just Ali even I've jumped on this trend and recently I published a language learning course designed to help you effectively learn a new language in the least amount of time this has opened up a new stream of income for me all while enabling to share my knowledge with others but skillshare isn't just about makin

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