IF I HAD TO START FROM 0, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO | DO THIS to Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

if I had to start an Instagram account from scratch absolute zero followers this would be my exact plan to hit 10,000 followers in 30 days we're talking what I would do on day one day two day 30 grab pen grab a piece of paper because you're going to want to follow this plan exactly to see the quickest and best results what's up friends it's Millie welcome back to my channel where you can expect weekly videos from me every Sunday and Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies for how you can grow your brand business and social media as an aspiring influencer first I want to say a huge get this video shout outs because I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you if you want to shout out in one of my future videos be sure to screenshot yourself watching this and tag me over on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments down below because I value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it all right it's day one I have zero followers what do we do week one is all about preparing the land believe it or not during this first week I am not going to be posting every day or pumping out reals left and right I'm going to prepare my account for new followers to make sure when new visitors do come they're going to press that follow button because why would I invite somebody over for dinner when I haven't even planned the meal yet or when I haven't even started cooking right you know what I mean okay so how do you do that day one this might be like a minute one or hour one thing or it could be a whole day depends on where you're at with your journey but first and foremost you need to be clear about who you are and who you want to be and what presence you want to establish on Instagram what do you want to be known for where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 Years start acting La lack start acting [Music] lack start acting like that person today when you know what the ultimate goal is that you want with Instagram you're able to create an actual plan to help you get there so if you want to be a fitness coach we're going to create your plan around you being a fitness coach if in 3 to 5 years you want to be a I don't know what do people want to be these days or in 3 to 5 years you want to just have an Instagram account that's about you tasting and trying different coffees around your city start doing that now start creating the plan for you 3 to 5 years from now okay day two it is day two what do we do first I want to be on a Creator account so let's just get that out of the way I'm going to be on a Creator account now when I set up my profile I want to use a strong profile photo username and name plate that establishes my positioning all three of these things should match and make sense together if you're in the fashion Niche lifestyle photos look great for profile photos if you're in the travel Niche travel photos make sense I'm a coach I want mine to be professional but also a little fun and playful so I'm going to do a nice head shot me smiling looking at the camera with a solid background color because brand colors now that I have a strong profile photo my username is not Millie girl two 3 4 it's like IG with Millie you know make sense with my Niche and my name plate says influencer coach next I'm going to make sure my bio communicates why someone should follow me believe it or not your bio is not about you it doesn't matter where you're located it doesn't matter what your favorite quote is or that you're a dog mom and you love coffee like no your bio should be about why somebody should follow you because when you know exactly who you're trying to reach and how you can help them you're already ahead of the game so I want to reach aspiring influencers and I know that the thing they struggle with the most is growing on social media and making money so that's what I'm going to say in my bio I'm going to say helping aspiring influencers establish their presence on Instagram and land paid brand clubs I'm going to tell them right away what's in it for them I have an entire video that teaches you why Instagram SEO is a great tool and how you can make sure that you are implementing it into your Instagram strategy so after this video I recommend watching this one next now we're on day three content research on day three I'm going to dive into my content research within my Niche while keeping an open mind I'm keeping an open mind because I don't want to already assume that I know what's going to work or that I already know what topics to talk about I want to start from scratch fresh what is currently happening in my Niche and if you're somebody who wants to grow fast remaining in one Niche and being topically consistent is going to be vital because it makes your content more binge worthy like a Netflix show think about your behavior when you're watching TV are you going to watch one episode of the office and then Game of Thrones and then love Island and then Adventure Time pro probably not a great show makes you binge multiple episodes and that's because they're all related they're all part of a bigger picture and a bigger story so when I'm doing my content research I am looking for questions phrases or topics that keep coming up and I'll do my research on places like Pinterest YouTube Tik Tok Instagram SL thee reals tab you can even use free headline generator websites like content row or title- generator and I'm also going to be looking at my competitors the reason I'm looking for questions or topics that keep coming up is that these places are going to show you what is currently needed or being asked for or trending in your Niche making it that much easier to jump in front of your target audience's eyes and capture their attention on what's already proven to work for example if you type your Niche or one of your content pillars which are subtopics within your Niche into a search engine see what is recommended for you to search typically on search engines there's going to be a list of recommended searches based off of a specific keyword that you've typed into the search engine another thing you could do is you go to Tik Tok search for a topic filter by the most liked videos from this week and there you'll see a bunch of Trends or trending topics and then finally I'll also get inspiration by looking at my competitors or Niche neighbors as one of my students likes to call it I'm going to be looking at their posts and their reals like if they were my own I'm going to study the analytics what performed well what didn't perform well what topics are they talking about and I'm also looking at the comments in their posts what sort of questions are their followers asking them when I look at my competitors's content I am not copying them okay we are not copying do not copy other people we're simply just looking for themes or common topics that keep coming up to inspire us for our own creation

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