Amazon FBA: Complete Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners 2024

here's how to start an Amazon FBA business and make money online fast and I was able to make 100 to 700 every single day with no experience selling weird products online and how you can copy and paste these nine simple steps to make your first five thousand to ten thousand dollars a month online with Amazon FBA But first you need to actually understand what Amazon FBA is so I remember when I first got started with Amazon FBI I just wanted to go ahead and create freedom for myself and I didn't want to go ahead and deal with the shipping the handling the customer service I just wanted to find a way to make passive income my first goal was to make a hundred dollars a day with this so that I could go ahead and for example help my mom and dad pay the bills not have to worry about all the debt that I was in and selling on Amazon is a good way for complete beginners to get started because essentially Amazon does the shipping the handling the customer service all you're essentially doing is testing products with a very low risk quantity you then buy it in bulk from for example China or India and then send it over to Amazon where then Amazon will do literally all the hard work now if Amazon's gonna go ahead and do most of the hard work you can see that actually the most important thing is to make sure that you pick your first product and do product market research effectively the right way so you do not lose any money so how do you actually do product research well it's very simple first you're gonna decide exactly what you want to sell so for example if I want want to go ahead and sell these blue blockers to go and help me with my sleep because my sleep freaking sucks I'll go ahead and check what are the main competitors and what are they actually selling is it a very competitive Niche to actually go ahead and get into because obviously one of the worst mistakes that you could ever go ahead and do is get into a very competitive market where there's a lot of people already selling these sunglasses meaning you want to go ahead and get started with Amazon with the least amount of competition with the least barrier entry with the least amount of risks so that you could actually go ahead and become profitable the first eight weeks it's actually live on Amazon so obviously how I go and do it is just before I go ahead and do anything I go ahead and check what are the competitors like are there thousands of reviews if there's thousands of reviews maybe it's something that I shouldn't get into but you're probably wondering well Mike then how do you actually think of ideas go ahead and sell well one places that I like doing it is looking at the Amazon bestsellers and just seeing okay well if these are the things that I actually want to go and sell what are other things that I could actually potentially sell I could go ahead and do like for example something like pet supplies I can literally go to Pet Supplies and see some of the best supplies and what I want to do is if I can find a Best supplier or a bestseller that's on here that doesn't have that much reviews then that would be one idea to go ahead and get started with another way is just even checking out what's popular on eBay what's popular on eBay that sells very well on eBay eBay is just a Marketplace kind of like Amazon and if there's products that are successful on eBay but yet not yet on Amazon that's a huge potential to actually go ahead and make money actually some of the most successful products that sell on Amazon were successful products that were selling on other platforms like eBay Facebook ads like Shopify stores sometimes the most important way to actually go and make money is taking products that are doing well on one platform and then selling them on the other so obviously you want to go ahead and just check out what's already doing well on eBay I can literally go ahead type in something like jewelry and just like that you could be able to see that there's 9 000 Watchers in all of these things that people are essentially looking for so look at this boho multi-women multi-lane train pendant necklace again I'll literally just go ahead pop that into for example Amazon and see if this is something that has a lot of reviews or little reviews and you can see there's some that only have 128 reviews it's literally on the first page but I want to go and see if there's something that's very low competitiveness that I can literally go ahead and come in if there's literally less than maybe look at this 13 only 13 reviews on here right another place that I like looking for ideas is for example eBay just seeing what's already trending on eBay you got Pokemon cards you got like all these things you have shoes you have binoculars so here's a very interesting thing Vortex Optical Viper roof prism binoculars let me go ahead and look what's on Amazon and just double check to see if this is literally what people are looking for look at this 26 reviews 26 reviews it's on the first page so you could see that there's only people going ahead and selling certain things like this that are least competitive because you only see like 26 reviews at the top listing even though they're running ads another one you could go ahead and also do is looking at the Amazon movers and shakers to see what has had the most movements in literally the past 24 hours that literally grew the fastest again what you want to go and do in a lot of these places is just see where would you like look at this moves and shakers collectible coins this grew the fastest and there's only three reviews okay so you want to go ahead and find certain things where it's like okay what is growing the fastest that has very little reviews because reviews are kind of like the name of the game in Amazon and if you can't get 20 reviews or 30 reviews or 40 reviews it's very hard to go against someone that has 37 000 freaking reviews okay just think about like how you buy on Amazon right you literally go ahead and buy on Amazon because you're like oh my God look at all these reviews I want to go and buy because there's so many stars next to this product and you trust it because that's how Amazon works well it's exact same thing well if you're gonna go ahead and go into a product you don't want to go ahead and go against something that has tens of thousands of views right look at this this one only had 22 reviews right so here's another example of things that you could all also go ahead and get started with and then obviously I want to go ahead and see if people are just naturally creating content about it so if I type in blue blockers blue blockers on Pinterest Pinterest is another good place to go ahead and get ideas because if people are pinning things to their Pinterest accounts then they know that they actually go ahead and like this boho jewelry so you can see people are naturally searching for these it allows you to go ahead and get more eyeballs too for example your Amazon listing

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