Laziest Passive Income Ideas For Beginners ($100/day+)

here are the laziest ways to make money online one of these ways actually make me one hundred dollars a day in fact idea number four actually made someone like Gary thirteen thousand dollars in a single month so as you can see I'm on here my laptop let's actually break down some of these idea to actually go ahead and make money online you know for example for me I didn't really care about making millions of dollars I just thought well if I could just make a hundred dollars a day then I could go ahead and actually have freedom for myself then I could actually go ahead and afford my rent and I could actually go ahead and for example pay off the bills and that's why like that was everyone's first goal if it comes to making money online should be 100 a day but obviously when I was first getting started I didn't have a lot of experience I didn't have a lot of time I didn't have a lot of money so what would you need to go out and do to do it the lazy way so let's actually break it down reveal the first one having artificial intelligence create your course now here's a very interesting idea where I can literally go ahead and take this prompt let's just say imagine you are a baking specialist crate for me an outline for an eight week course and what topic should we go over step by step to teach a complete beginner how do become a world-class Baker in eight weeks so obviously as you know artificial intelligence and AI is extremely blowing up everyone is literally starting businesses very fast extremely lazy because instead of like for example normal people doing like for example all the hard work they literally have ai doing it so for example let's actually just break down let me go ahead and type in that prompt to chat GPT and check this out chat GPT now is literally creating the course to essentially allow you to go ahead and sell money and the beautiful thing about courses you could literally go ahead and create passive income with this because you literally go ahead and create it once essentially just like modeling what chat CPT is essentially telling you which chat EPT is like this artificial intelligence that helps you go and create things and it's caught it's literally bringing the cost of just everything down low and then turning that into for example a way to go out and make money as you can see by the time I'm done talking already eight weeks have been done and you already have kind of like the outline for for example the entire course so it's actually a breakdown the second way so the second way we're going to go ahead and reveal this right now what could it actually possibly be is having artificial intelligence create you an ebook with a big pain point so obviously one of the biggest challenges when people get started is the idea of process things or for example actually with what is kind of like the next step on what do I actually need to do I know for example for me when I was starting to become a dentist when I was doing all of these things having a job and having no time and having no experience it was very hard for me to conceptualize what I could actually do to go out and make money but now it's so much easier because you can just go ahead and prompt chatgpt and artificial intelligence to again do the hard work for you imagine you're a world-class Arthur author an expert about the keto doubt write a five-page eBook about the top keto tips that most people do not know about and right in a way that sounds like a comedian wrote it right so there is kind of a very interesting prompt I'm going to go ahead and ask Chachi PT to go ahead and do this and by the way you could literally go ahead and get started with Chachi petite and openai at and just like that look at this welcome to keto Comedy Hour look at this hello keto Warriors get ready to dive deep into ketogenics diets for fats or friends and carbs are comedically challenged in this ebook we will explore and in gems look at this they went and they're creating a five-page eBook that you could go ahead and expand it on and you're probably wondering well Mike that's kind of a little bit too short well I can come in here and say okay expand page five into 300 words and more in depth just like that now it's going to go ahead and expand page number five to an even more look at this weighing scale the comedy show hack 4 Picture This you step on a scale ready for a big loss let's face it folks you literally have artificial intelligence doing all the hard work now let's actually go over the third passing idea and remember the fourth idea is literally what got Gary to 15 grand in a single month so time to reveal the third passive income let's actually break this down we have artificial intelligence crate content to sell other people's products and offers now this is known as affiliate marketing the reason why I love affiliate marketing is you can see even in just like one affiliate marketing business when I was first getting started I went from zero to eight thousand dollars in 30 days without actually having my own product right because creating products are kind of difficult especially when you're getting started especially because me I'm Asian I only knew much about like biology and chemistry I didn't know much but like creating an offer sales or marketing all that stuff but as you can see you could have ai do a lot of the hard work you are world class copywriter in health and fitness space write me a high converting ad that will help women over the age of 30 lose weight but write it in the voice of Adam Sandler so I'm going to go ahead and take that grab it wrote into for example chat jibity and see what actually pops out and when actually go ahead and do that the interesting thing about this is here's an example of like some of these ads that are absolutely crushing up my YouTube channel here it is right let me actually just play this cataracts diabetic retinopathy macular degeneration glaucoma blurred vision or any other Vision impairment issues so this entire thing got nearly you must see that how many views did this 5.4 million views and a lot of these YouTube ads that AI is essentially creating is essentially selling them to ClickBank products where people are getting as you can see from some of the top offers 134 dollars per commission does that make sense and literally having the AI voices generated by scripts that you could go ahead and for example use for Chachi look at that while I was even talking they're still talking about the ad and then I can throw it up on create a realistic AI voice and then throw it up on and create published worthy videos on day one with a bunch of like the b-roll and essential b-rollers for people that don't know any creative terms uh it's essentially the videos that play in the background of the actual text it matches the video with absolutely the text that's on this script and just like that you literally have a business in a box without having your

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