EASY US$1,312 A DAY Selling PHONE CASES Online – New AI Passive Income Business Idea

you own a mobile phone right does it have a case on it if it does you actually form a part of this niche market that is spending Millions on phone cases take this dragon design phone case as an example that I'm showing you here the store owner has made at least 2.36 million Us in 5 years and that works out to about $39,000 a month but that's only one example similar phone cases with designs like these ones that I'm showing you here on screen are selling like hot bread online now that we have established that you can actually be wealthy selling phone cases let's explore the obvious limitation because yes there is one until recently it was extremely difficult for the average person who wasn't considered creative or technically competent to make these kind of phone cases that have the potential to make lifechanging income and of course you're going to make this money while you sleep online that skill set was actually not common until recently and that's the beauty of what I'm about to show you today in this video because selling phone cases online is an amazing source of passive income and with things changing as it pertains to AI you no longer need to be creative or possess any graphic design skills to create amazing designs like this one here that I actually created in seconds with a simple text command using the AI tool I'm about to introduce you to so rock stars today in this video I will show you how to create phone designs that actually sell I will find a place for us I will show you you press play again and I'm grateful because I know you had many other choices on YouTube of videos that you could be watching so I'm not going to take for granted that you have decided to spend a few minutes with me thank you now it's important to realize that many of these phone cases that are making millions of dollars out there they aren't really fancy they are simple basic phone cases that are available for different phone models at first when I looked at this as a side hustle or a full-fledged business I couldn't understand how plain phone cases could actually generate so much revenue however as I Was preparing for this video and I started to dig into the strategies and I realized that these top Etsy or eBay or gumroad or even several other platforms online these sellers they have figured out how to leverage AI tools to help them to identify the most in demand keywords and create eye-catching product designs so rockstars whether you want to start a lucrative side hustle or build a full-time online business you can replicate this framework to start earning thousands of dollars per month and listen even if you're not interested in starting a business or a side hustle selling phone cases you can use this video to create phone cases that you can gift for Valentine's Day Mother's Day Father's Day Pet Day whichever special occasion that comes up that you want to acknowledge and share love or show love to a friend or a family member now that said let's get the creative process going the great news though like I said earlier is that you can use to me one of the easiest AI tools out there to create Graphics which is kle to create create stunning designs with simple text prompts now rockstars I have a great deal for you by clicking the link in the description of this video which is when you click more and get some details below you'll be able to access the K Pro Plan and all you have to do is use promo code Odetta to get 50% discount for new users now while K has a free tier that you can Ed to get started to create your designs I do recommend this Pro Plan that starts at $15 per month because that way you'll be able to use the images that you create commercially on platforms like eBay Etsy or any e-commerce platforms out there for that matter now with K you're not going to need a creative bone in your body nor will you need to develop any graphics design skills you can simply describe thep type of image that you want in K and let the AI do the rest I gave K AI the following prompt and don't worry I'm going to show you exactly how to do this but the prompt that I gave it was abstract floral iPhone case in watercolor style pink and blue design Square orientation and if you're wondering where did she get those words I'm going to tell you where to get them as well in literally seconds as you can see here rockstars K generated this beautiful iPhone case design that has commercial viability and that is unbrand from a feminine floral theme perspective now if you don't have any ideas of what your prompts can be you can actually draw inspiration from the pre-made templates that I'm showing you here on K you can use them for actual designs or what you can do and I'm going to put the link to get to these pre-made templates Below in the description of this video so you don't have to search the kle platform to find it but when you get to these templates you can quickly look to see what the prompt is for that particular template and then use that prompt as an inspiration or use it and modify it to get the prompts that you would like for the designs that you're creating to get this beautiful BX using K The Prompt that you'll need is a bouquet of Enchanted flowers that's it so in modifying these prompts here's an example of how I did it I took this prompt that was pre-done and I modified it to say a bouquet of exotic orchids and voila kle gave me this beautiful bouquet of beautiful and exotic and also very expensive cuz these orchids aren't cheap very EXP expensive orchids K AI accommodates any creative direction that you're going to give it rock stars you can create prompts with fun cartoon cases minimalistic cases nature inspired cases you name it K AI can produce it let's move to step three now that we understand the concept of creating a design so to create this phone design as an example that has my name on it I just thought about what exactly I would like my phone case to look like and I love nature so I just went into K Ai and I typed this prompt create a phone case design with a bold beautiful calming nature scene with a text Odetta in the design and voila look how beautiful this is Rockstar and if you need ideas for prompts you you can actually go to chat GPT as I'm doing here and typing give me commands or prompts to create AI Graphics that are suitable for phone cases and you're going to get some prompts that are recommended and all you'll have to do is to copy these prompts as I'm doing here you then paste it in K from chat GPT and select the right size and then hit generate image and look at this Rockstar isn't this absolutely gorgeous let's increase the size to make it more pixelated and download it via PNG with background removed and let's save it in our photos so we have it ready to be positioned on our phone case and we're going to hop over to printify search the catalog for phone case designs and we're going to find the phone that we're looking for or the phone case select it then we're

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