7 Night Jobs That Pay Well (2024)

in this video we're reviewing seven nighttime jobs to pay extremely well some of which literally pay complete beginners a hundred dollars an hour more that after the intro [Music] hey guys how's it going mike fasil here welcome to this video before we actually begin and remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below we have a 62 year old domingo from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days so check it out now so i was raised in a family where they thought you know if we wanted to go ahead and make more money we needed to go ahead and work extra hours right uh but the only problem was you know i had my parents my mom and dad who was like a nurse and an engineer that me and my sister throughout the day there was just not enough time to like put in extra hours because they had to go and balance their daytime job they had to go ahead and balance like me and my sister and like raising us they had all these responsibilities in the daytime and the only time that they could actually make extra money was literally in the evening now the only downside around that time this is like back in the 90s right the only options were literally just jobs that didn't require the internet right so my mom would literally have to go to another nursing job in the evening time like in the graveyard shift and she would go ahead and work there and then come back home completely stressed the next day and she would just do that over and over and over again for years right and it completely ruined her health and her well-being right but you know fast forward to today there's like so many different options where you don't actually have to physically go somewhere else and spend another six to seven to eight to ten hours at you know a place that you know you do not actually enjoy and now there's actually so many nighttime jobs that as you can see here here here here here many of which we're going to reveal in this video that actually pay normal just complete beginners even up to 100 an hour with no experience so let's actually break them down the first one is free lance writer now i was kind of like amazed at this when i first heard about this because i was like writers make a lot of money because in my mind right like i don't like believe that i can make a lot of money as a writer but remember this is back in the day right now riders are becoming more and more valuable i mean you could see cassandra literally pulls in 75 an hour she's earned over 90 grand you see emily literally 75 an hour writer but like a resume uh professional right 60 grand right there you see freelancer lisa 75 an hour 200 grand earned you even see someone like pam pulling a hundred dollars an hour 100 yen earned you see this person 55 an hour seven grand earn so you can see that being a freelance writer makes really really good money so for you to understand this you've got to understand why freelance orders are making more and more money compared to back in the day so back in the day they weren't really paid that much because they didn't really understand how they were actually increasing the income of some business owner that was actually hiring them now it's completely changed with everything moving on the online world more and more people are for example building blogs and some of these blogs you know pay complete beginners like up to like 30 grand a month right for just like building blogs so what a lot of these people that own these blogs seeing they're like oh well if one blog article can literally make me a lot of money and here's an example of like one of these blog articles right check this out this girl literally makes a hundred grand a month with her blog and just one blog alone literally pulls her 30 grand a month okay 30 grand a month with one article when more people started realizing that they could reinvest and actually hire people and writers to go ahead and write for them because you know all it takes is one blogger to literally blow up and start ranking and you can get paid really well they started seeing that there was an increased demand in writers and with the little amount of supply you could actually see that like said their rates just started increasing because they started realizing how valuable they are so that's one thing a second good night time job is literally anything in marketing like google ads like check this out google ads right here 105 an hour steve has earned over a million bucks a relica 110 an hour earns 10 grand you can see this person 100 an hour 20 grand earned and it's the exact same thing with more businesses moving online a lot of business owners are trying to figure out ways to market their products and services but they don't necessarily know how to go ahead and run advertising with their products and services that's why they hire somebody like you where you can literally work on your own time right you don't have to clock in you don't have to clock out like this is literally like you do this in the evenings right um and all you got to do is help them market their products by just understanding and knowing exactly how to read the analytics how to scale certain budgets that you don't even have to spend a single dollar of your own money on and you can see these people are making good money but if you're like well mike i don't understand google ads well you could essentially learn for free with skillshop.withgoogle.com like you can scroll down here go to google ads and you could actually get google ads certified for free um and take their class where they will literally show you all the things that you need to become certified with google ads and learn exactly how to go ahead and do this from measuring to video ads you could see four hours right there three hours right there two hours right there all of this is free you can go ahead and try it the third one of course is if google ads is a good job facebook ads is also really good the only downside with facebook ads is since there's more supply of course the demand is a little bit lower right because facebook ads has just been you know more populized for longer right and google ads you know not too many people know it in terms of like the attracting clients point of view um which is weird because google ads existed before facebook ads but you could see i mean this person right here 80 an hour chris 40 an hour chris another chris six earned over sixty grand fifty dollars an hour um fifty dollars an hour seventy dollars an hour two hundred dollars an hour has earned over two hundred grand that's crazy fifty dollars an hour 20 grand earned 125 dollars an hour 138 dollars an hour so you can see that facebook ads get paid really well now the fourth space we're gonna do is more like side hustly night job ways and this is one of the night jobs that i did when i was a full-time college student because i just didn't have any ex

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