I Got Ranked #1 on Google in 3 Minutes – Secret Traffic Hack!

in this video I'm going to show you how to get free traffic from Google so you can make money it's actually super simple but it's something very few people are talking about and this is something I've been using for many years in fact if you want free traffic from Google so that you can make money you need to check this out because this works like crazy in fact this is going to put you on another level as an internet marketer affiliate marketer and someone who's doing this as a side hustle or wanting to make money online this is actually super simple and if you've been watching this space for a while you've seen that recently Google has been tanking a lot of affiliate websites and a lot of AI content out of their search results meaning that it's very hard for people to get traffic or so it would seem and since that traffic is going to make us money yeah you're going to want to pay close attention to this entire video because if you were to take a look at this screenshot here which has lots and lots of keywords but really not that much traffic then my question is why did this same exact content posted somewhere else generate almost 9 million views and that's just on one example alone here's another one 253,000 views 3 million views yeah that's a lot of traffic that could be making you money here's another one almost 5 million views and just in case you were wondering yes those are actually ranking at the top of Google right now so this is a method that's working right now even with all the updates smash a like button if you're excited and let's take a look at how this works let's say you were in a market like estate planning this is a market that's fairly competitive 61 on competition 26,000 searches a month so it does have a lot of traffic but the competition is pretty high and if you were a new player in this market yeah you're going to have a hard time competing with like Investopedia the American Bar Association nerd wallet and all these gigantic sites so then if I wanted to make money in the estate market what's a guy to do I'm glad you asked because what we're going to do is look at this niche in a different way let's have another example lose weight workouts 4,100 searches a month 2400 900 quite a bit of traffic here and since we know that workout people buy stuff this traffic is actually worth a lot of money however the competition is really high and if we were to look on Google for this keyword again localized results WebMD Healthline these are big gigantic sites you're not not going to compete with these sites and you're not going to outrank Reddit I mean you could make some YouTube videos like this gal here but yeah I'm not really interested in working out on camera so we can see this looks like a dead end or that's what most people would think and probably what a lot of gurus might tell you but here at the affiliate marketing dude we give you free information that actually works yes all the strategies here are based on things that I've actually tried so using this method will work if you do it or let's say you wanted to go into the wedding cost business we can see that wedding cost is looked up almost 500,000 times a month the competition is pretty high and I guarantee if you look at this you're going to find those same gigantic sites that are basically competing for everything oh look there's Reddit again who' have thought and we could see Forbes nerd Wallet bank rate wait a minute this looks like they're all kind of the same sites so how is a little guy like me going to climb up in these rankings and how the heck did this guy get 9 million views on his content introducing drum roll please the power of downloadable content this is huge and this is something that's made me tons of money remember that guy we showed here with all the investment stuff and the the pitch decks and all those things that's a very big business and he's actually making lots of money putting those things out there but how are we going to do that in our Niche if we're not necessarily doing pitch decks or looking at different things well first of all I want to point out one thing very important if this guy is a pitch deck consultant helping people create pitch decks who would be a better client than people looking at other pitch Decks that were successful that he post online follow along with me here so over here we have like 350 400 searches not that much traffic I mean it is buyer traffic but what if we wanted more well what we would do is we would go out there and look at custom pitch decks from different companies maybe eBay or other companies that got lots of money Airbnb Tesla whatever all these companies that went out there and raised Venture Capital through the means of a pitch deck this is all content that is going to get people that are interested in Pitch decks if you're with me here and you're like okay this is starting to make sense because I didn't wake up today and look up the Airbnb pitch deck the only person on the planet that would look that up would be someone who's interested in this type of stuff case in point if I was out there and I was looking for something like let's say I want to do something for like how to start a side hustle instead of just making content about starting side hustles what I would do is I would actually go out there and review the different side hustles maybe I do like the newspaper route side hustle or maybe I do like how to do X Y and Z or the side hustle about posting things online or maybe the Facebook images s hustle or content or whatever it is and capitalizing on all of these I'm going to get way more traffic but again that's kind of like this thing here where we're like okay average wedding cost how am I going to compete with the big dog I mean those dogss are pretty big I'm going to need a little help here so part one what we're going to do is understand the power of downloadable content we're going to look at different things we can do in our Niche that are going to create content that can be placed other places we want to think cheat sheets templates ebooks infographics the benefit of offering this is like 500 fold because instead of just being a run-of-the-mill Content marketing affiliate that's hoping to make a dollar you are now going to have your content syndicated all over the Internet because people are going to want this stuff I'll show you in just a minute and if all goes right you should be able to throw Stacks in the club like Jay-Z and not only is this going to help you Syndicate your content but it's going to enhance user engagement it's going to provide something tangible to the audience that is valuable you can build a mailing list with this stuff too it encourages sharing and backlinking people will want to share sh this and backlink wherever you have it and it's going to improve search engine rankings like crazy even if your site got obliterated even if you're struggling to get traffic this is guaranteed to work if

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