$7,000 A Month – Make Money Online With A Linkedin Loophople [Crazy Simple]

[Music] you are about to discover a simple LinkedIn loophole that people just like you are using every day to make as much as $7,000 a month or more and they're doing this without having any skills knowledge or even a website but isn't LinkedIn just for posting and finding jobs online well that's what many people would think however since the last Google helpful content update LinkedIn has gained over 22 million extra visitors each and every month from this one little loophole that's over $1 13 million a month in free traffic which means if you could get some of that traffic for yourself you can make money online using this simple LinkedIn loophole here's an example where someone is making over $8,200 a month and they just got started a few months ago here's another one started back in September that's banking over $27,000 a month in free traffic and a juggernaut with almost $80,000 a month in free traffic started in November so as you can see this works like crazy but what is this simple LinkedIn loophole and how can you use it to profit online even if you have no money to start don't know what you're doing Couldn't Write your way out of a paper bag and only have access to free AI tools well smash a like button and listen up because today I'm going to show you how to make tons of money with a simple loophole hiding in plain sight on LinkedIn so get ready cuz we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show we got a lot to cover got to make sure my microphone is on and everything is ready to rock we got a lot to cover today we're going to talk about this LinkedIn loophole and how it is making tons of money online these are the notes we got to go over if you want these notes we will have them available at download notes.com and also we want to go through and really look at how LinkedIn Works how you can make money with it and what is this loophole that people are using this is something that is super super important first of all I want to show you how easy this is because it's literally like the easiest thing in the world all you have to do is go over to your LinkedIn and you're going to go ahead and click on write article and you're pretty much in business you can upload an image you can create an article you can do text whatever it is now as I mentioned earlier we can do this with free tools so if you don't have any money we can actually go over here and use the chat GPT uh B add-on right here so we can go through and use the B add-on or I'm sorry not B the um Bing add-on so many words there right um and what you're going to see is this is something that's super easy to use this is pretty much the same is chat gbt 4 as you can see here it is using chat gbt 4 now what we need to notice here is that in addition to being able to post whatever content you want on LinkedIn we need to understand what's going on behind the scenes and what makes this profitable because you might be saying well Marcus you know anyone can post anything online that doesn't mean you're going to make money I mean I post stuff on Facebook all day every day I post things on Reddit I post stuff online I've even made some faceless YouTube videos and I'm not making any money well it all comes down to looking at the data and understanding what's going on behind the scenes because what we have here is something super super powerful when we look at this we need to understand that LinkedIn is a Powerhouse what this means is that they got like the big muscles in Google and Google looks at them and says that's a pretty powerful site I think whatever they want to rank for we should probably give it to them because they know what they're talking about now enter what is known as LinkedIn pulse now LinkedIn pulse is something that you are going to see show up in the search engines pretty much all the time watch this it's really cool if we were to go here and look in ahhs or even in semrush our two favorite keyword tools what we can do here is we can isolate linkedin.com pulse this is super important because we could see here that since the last Google helpful content update I mean I'm talking like February of last year they were only at about 5 million VIs visitors a month from free traffic yes I said only why did I say only I mean obviously that's a lot of traffic I said only because now they are at about 31.8 million visitors a month that is a gain of 22 million visitors a month now I don't know where you're from or what you've done online but I do know and you should know that 31 million visitors a month to any website is money I don't care what it is it's going to be money and when we look at this what we're going to do is we are going to take a look at what they actually rank for this is super super important now when we go through and we look at this on uh samage we can also isolate the different keywords they rank for this example here I isolated the word um reviews right A lot of people like when you look at review traffic all right that's something that's really easy because obviously if you're going out there and reviewing a product obviously make sure sure that you're honest you've tested the product someone you know has tested the product you have some kind of first or secondhand experience with the product even going out and buying it's probably a good idea at the bare minimum you should read all the reviews and get an understanding for yourself now the reason that review traffic is so profitable is because you're getting someone in the buying process if I have someone here and they're looking up like you know how do I get muscle obviously I should probably look that up a little bit more than I do and when we look at this we're like okay he's looking up how to get muscly he's not exactly looking for a product per se he's just looking for information this is what we call low on the buying scale all right high on the buying scale means they want this thing low on the buying scale means they don't really know what they want they're just searching Google so when we have a review type keyword and don't worry this isn't just about reviews when we have a review type keyword what's happening is instead of looking up how do I get musly they might look up like vshred reviews which is something very popular that is a ClickBank product affiliate product again I'm not commenting on the product I have not tried it but it is something that gets a lot of keywords and a lot of searches and people are looking up the reviews so if you are looking at that this guy already knows that he wants the vshred I can't even spell shred there we go something like that right he already know knows he wants it so the chances of him buying it are very very very high he is looking for a product now this is very important because when we go over here to the LinkedIn you are going to see that they have like all different types of reviews including the vshred review keyword now what this means is that on Goog

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