MAKE $60 EVERY 10 MINS: Copy & Paste YouTube Videos & Profit! (Make Money Online 2024)

are you tired of struggling to make ends meet constantly facing the frustration of complex money-making schemes and feeling left out because you lack the skills necessary to earn the income you deserve imagine a world where you can break free from these challenges where Financial Freedom is Within Reach and you have the power to make hundreds of dollars per day doing what you love in this exclusive video we're unveiling a groundbreaking method that could be the game Cher you've been waiting for what if you could watch YouTube videos and not only enjoy the content but also turn it into a lucrative source of income picture yourself having the financial flexibility to take trips pursue your passions and finally live life on your terms join us on this transformative Journey as we explore unconventional ways to make money online providing you with step-by-step guidance to break free from Financial constraints but before we get started if you enjoy exploring unconventional ways to make a few extra bucks and staying in the know about all things online don't forget to smash that like button and hit subscribe we're all about keeping it real and having a good time on this channel so join the squad and let's dive into this curious adventure together our adventure will first direct us to the power of YouTube search engine which we will use to search for trending videos there are various methods for identifying these trending videos but for Simplicity we will use a tool called vid IQ you can easily download and install vid IQ and I already have it installed however you can sign up for a free account this tool has been instrumental in optimizing keywords providing AI coaching and offering various features once the vid IQ application is installed navigate to the top and click on most viewed within the most viewed section focus on views per hour for either the past 7 days or the past 48 hours I recommend selecting the 7-Day option as you scroll through the list of the resulting videos identify those with a million views or more the column on the side indicates the number of views per hour notably Mr Beast is obtaining approximately 430,000 views per hour exemplifying the potential for substantial income evaluate various videos and choose one video that aligns with your preferences for demonstration purposes I will proceed with Mr BEAST's video renowned for its significant viewership Now using the method I'm about to show you you'll earn money by directing people to watch popular videos such as Mr BEAST's video these videos already attract a sign ific an audience and interest instead of earning by watching the videos yourself your income comes from encouraging others to watch them you won't need to create the videos you can leverage existing trending videos and earn money from other viewers now proceeding to The Next Step we'll use a free tool available at youtube– this tool allows you to download the thumbnail image from any YouTube video why is this crucial well the thumbnail plays a key role in attracting viewers to the video while videos from established creators like Mr Beast naturally gain attention thumbnails greatly influence the traffic for trending videos this is because good thumbnails attract potential viewers to click on the video and search results or while browsing their YouTube page follow these steps first download the thumbnail from the video copy the link paste it in the provided space and retrieve the thumbnail image this process is essential for videos to gain Maximum Traction next navigate to and sign up for a free account once logged in select create a design then choose custom size with dimensions of 1080 for the width and 1,920 for the height after creating the design import the downloaded thumbnail by dragging and dropping it onto the Custom Canvas next go to The Element Section locate lines and shapes and add a box to the canvas adjust its position and note that the Box color May automatically match the image background to customize the color click the color box and choose your preference duplicate at the Box by right clicking and placing one on top of the other at the top of the picture insert a compelling headline to capture attention choose elements like a glow to make it stand out against the background for instance you can use a headline like Mr Beast hired an assassin to attempt his life for a trending and attention grabbing effect further enhance the design by adding another Square element with a contrasting color such as red within this Square type a secondary headline like viral video to create a newspaper style effect this layout and text prompts viewers to wonder about the Intriguing content lastly explore additional Elements by searching for play and selecting a relevant play button icon to complement the overall design finally to maximize visibility change the image background to White so it stands out as something worth exploring once you finished creating your updated thumbnail download it as a PNG file the next essential tool that will be used is Pinterest visit comma and create a free account once you have created an account log into your Pinterest account and go to create to create a pin if you don't have a pin board you may create one upload your new thumbnail add a title use something attention grabbing from your image like OMG Mr Beast hired an assassin and write a dramatic description keep this window open as we will come back to this pin shortly to enter a URL link Now The crucial part of earning money involves using shrink me. a URL shortener that allows you to earn money every time someone clicks on the shortened URL link as you can see in their website you can earn up to $220 for every 10,000 views if you click on payment proof you can see recent payment proof and how users are being paid daily for their shortened URL links being shared everywhere now go ahead and sign up for a free account once you have created your free account log in and go to settings enter your information and choose your preferred payment method options include PayPal once you've done this you will be all set up to start receiving payments every time someone views and clicks on your shortened URL link next take the video link you copied from Mr BEAST's video go to the shrink me. homepage and where it says your url here paste your url there after you click on the right arrow shrink me. will generate a new shortened URL for you to use now return to Pinterest and for the pin that you previously created paste this shortened URL Link in the destination field and create the pin now every time someone clicks on this link you'll earn money payout rates vary ranging up to $22 per $1,000 views keep in mind that trending videos increase the likelihood of getting hundreds of thousands of views you may check the rates for different countries under the payout rate section of shrink me. as they may vary to earn even more money you may rep

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