How To Create Content To Grow Your Online Business!

hey everyone happy Wednesday Welcome to our weekly live how is how is everybody doing um if you are new here we're excited to have you my name is Bol sh I'm the founder CEO of finance and I'm going to have yasmir my amazing co-host introduce herself everyone I'm yasmir I'm one of Cl girl Finance content creator and Mentor I'm joining you from New York City hi olly hi Cindy hi agnesa hello Joyce so today is uh we're going to be covering the a requested topic and this is how to create content to grow your online business and that is what we're going to be talking about before we dive into that please share in the comments where you are joining from and what kind of online business you have or you know what where you are with your online business um we have some questions answer but I would love for you all to put your questions in the comments for us for us to answer because this is very much a Q&A session on growing an online business um and so we're going to do that for the next uh about 30 minutes uh before we get started though the usual announcements if you haven't already checked out clarol Finance books please do you can see them back there as well I don't even know where I'm pointing here um and you can find these books everywhere books are sold at your favorite retailers they're available as ebooks audio books and physical books so clever Finance the first book dig debt save money and build wealth there is the second book on investing grow your money there is the side hustle guide and there is my most recent book choosing to prosper and of course there is our ever popular Arin condron uh planner uh yasmer gave away two of these last week uh Tammy gave away a couple of these as well this is an awesome planner we're so excited about how well how well it is doing it is dated so you can start using it anytime and it basically helps you plan out your budget your goals um for the week for the year um it is really awesome so if you want to get your hands on this it has a pocket in the back it has stickers it has uh laminated cover it is very sturdy we love this budget planner so the link is below and you can check it out there and then new requests if you are a reader you like to read online content we would love for you to support us by joining the clgo finance substack um we are leveraging this substack which is separate from our Weekly Newsletter but we're leveraging this substack to talk about current money topics um so like things like student loan repayment from the Biden Administration loud budgeting like things that are trending or current what to do with your taxes this year Etc we're leveraging this platform to talk about current money topics and share our favorite things uh around finances and just overall Wellness so please follow And subscribe to our suback I'm going to leave this on here for a while um andisa you just mentioned that you have a free monthly substack yes so we can talk about those Ollie you can get the books wherever books are sold you can also ask your local library to order them hi Sharon hello analyst hi Sonia um hi Tilly okay so we are going to be talking about how to create content for your online business if you have questions post them in the comments so that we can answer them but Yasir has a few questions that she's going to ask me um to get the conversation started and these questions are basically some of the most common questions we get asked so we're going to look out for your questions in the comments um but we can get started yes ma'am yes so uh again this is how to create a Content strategy for your online business and the first question question for you baa is what is your overall content strategy for your online business for clever Go finance so um the strategy for clever on Finance in terms of content is how we have a lot of content already so we create a lot of content with our writers with video with the podcast so let me start by telling you all the places that all the different content for formats that we have so we have um this YouTube channel right where we do lives and then we have the video the videos where you see me just talking uh we have articles on the website uh we have our course content we have our our free courses so we have 30 plus courses we have the work sheets Associated to that we have a clever girls no podcast everywhere is in your podcast episodes we have social media content what else am I forgetting we have the books which your content as well and so the strategy is to make sure that we are creating cont content that is easily accessible and content that can be repurposed right so uh we create a lot of content like I mention but we also repurpose a lot of our content because we don't want our content to get buried and not seen so for example if we create um an article right on how to budget that article can be the basis of a podcast also on how to budget and that um article can also be the basis of a video on how to budget it could also be the basis of a worksheet where we create a budgeting worksheet that ties That video and then we if we have like 10 tips in it each one of those 10 tips become uh things that we can share on social media or Karly can make a you uh real or Tik Tok for and or we can have like little social media images of like each point and so that creates like 10 images so we create content that we want to be seen and we create content that we are able to repurpose and so that's really our content strategy uh a lot of the cont content starts on our website first because that is our platform we own it and then repurpose it to other platforms um so we don't own WE Post our content on YouTube but YouTube owns all the content here and Instagram owns all the content there so uh it's just easier to repurpose the content so you may be someone who want to start on YouTube you can create YouTube videos and then use that audio to create a podcast or take that YouTube video and get it cut into smaller chunks and those becomes YouTube shorts or you uh Instagram reals or Pinterest videos so it's all about repurposing content and thinking about how best can you repurpose content okay so we see there's a question from radiate higher so she says how do you define your business when it is in the personal development field I want to start uploading more on YouTube My podcast and and I want to create an online course in the future I currently have a book out a website and I offer services so you sounds like you already have something uh set up which is awesome right so I I would say how do you define your business when it's in the personal development I think personal development can be very wide right I would categorize personal finance under personal development because you are improving something about yourself so if there is an angle that you take or a niche that you take under personal development what is your angle that's what you want to highlight at highlight on and what are and if yo

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