Meet a 23-year old from India running a $20,000,000 company in the US

are you afraid of uh putting people out of work much older much more accomplished people are coming up to 11 year old being like how did you do that it's simple but it's game changing yeah we built this over a two-day period this is kind of crazy and now you're the best in the world I actually got it ended up getting rejected from every school I applied to we uh a very special he has the world's Guinness record for for solving Rubik's Cubes so we're gonna start with a puzzle is this a special it's just a I guess special in the in the sense of like it's a really good but there's nothing special about it I've never sold one well maybe one you're selling in my whole life just just one kid yeah let's have advanced I am so you look at it first you wanna see it should we start three two one go wow [Music] what what oh my God [Music] this guy failed most of his classes at high school his family worked on a farm in India and he was destined to do the same however he came to the U.S with zero dollars and now he collected all of the badges in Silicon Valley that you can think of he's a teal fellow a y combinator graduate Forbes 30 under 30 and he holds the world Guinness record for solving the Rubik's Cube please welcome keshow that was crazy oh thank you how did you learn it yeah when I was when I was very young I actually picked it up when I was like 11 years old so I like learned it from a friend I'd I thought this was like an impossible like puzzle to solve right and so for the longest time I assume this was like something that people just can't actually do um when I saw one of my friends who was right next to me who like solved it and I picked it up from him and um that's how kind of the love for it started but that's it and so you started at 11 in the lake every day how yeah and so basically like I mean I picked it up initially um it took maybe like a couple weeks to learn and then over the next like seven years I kind of what you would call like kind of growing going pro in a sport that's kind of what I did in the Rubik's Cube World so uh they're all these like competitions and all these things and it got just kind of really sucked into it and yeah I mean it was like maybe four or five hours a day for like seven years of my life wow so and now you're the best in the world right the world record that I broke was like seven years ago in 2015 I broke the world record for the most of my Rubik's Cube solved in one hour 290 right 290 is the officials what's funny is it's still standing so in that category I'm still currently currently the best in the world but I've been like professionally solved I guess in like years now so you haven't attended any competition and my last competition probably was like a 2019 I think but I'm sure your friends ask you to do this all the time yeah this is so funny it's like I don't know how it's so funny it like still influences my life and many ways yeah that is so cool yeah and this is what brought you to the US right this is how you were able to pave your way here well the Rubik's Cubes were kind of like the first so most of my family right there like nothing related to technology nothing related to sort of what I'm doing now but what happened was because I stumbled upon Rubik's Cubes the first you have a Rubik's cube competition I walked into like I saw these like CEOs and musicians and artists and engineers and those are the type of people who attend those who attend these competitions and so they would have there'd be like six-year-old kids would be solving and then like 50 adult CEOs are also like participating in these competitions and I like walked in this room filled with all these people and I was like whoa I guess I can do like other things and so that's when I started to realize I was like okay I guess like I want to be part of this community and learn from them and what's really interesting about the Ruby super Community is like they don't care about where who you are what age you are or any of those things what they care about is like yeah how fast can you solve this so like you have all these like much older much more accomplished people coming up to 11 year old being like how did you do that right and I think that kind of have initially kind of pulled me in and um and um that's kind of how I got I guess a visibility into kind of what what a little bit of what tech looked like so do you think there is a correlation between solving the Rubik's Cube and also some other quality that helps you maybe with business or like do you see something similar among people yeah that's a great question I think with I mean with Rubik's Cubes right A lot of it is like in the end of the day you're spending like hours like trying to find the most efficient kind of path to a solution in the end of the day which is like a solved Rubik's Cube if you look at the company I'm running today was very very similar except especially in an it's just an Enterprise like large organizational like context right um and I think what's funny is like in the end of the day you're spending like in the end of the day like hours and hours like trying to figure out what that efficient number looks like and that's what a lot of people in business are trying to do in various sets of problems interesting this is a good indicator for VCS ask how long it takes you to solve sorry yeah do you want some tea yeah that would be great okay perfect so tell me how how long have you been in the U.S this is so I came here April 24th 2019 2019. so it's and we met just hitting 2021 yeah 2021 I think we ran into each other such a funny story I was sitting uh I think Lily my second child was maybe like a month old yeah and I was sitting in Palo Alto in one of the restaurants and uh cash out just walks and says like hey I saw you on YouTube yeah and this is how we met we connected on LinkedIn and then I really wanted to interview him because I think this your story is just incredible oh thank you thank you so four years in the US how has your life been because you started with almost zero money right yeah what's uh I mean coming out to Silicon Valley was just like a life-changing like is this where you first arrived yeah to Palo Alto actually so very close yeah they're not like the best place if you have no money yeah I mean but I mean the thing was the interesting part was like you know I came out here like I lived in what you'd call like like a hacker house right I sort of came out here because like initially my plan was to be here for like a month basically and then I'd like committed to going to like you know I was planning to go to college in the fall um and that first back to India right yeah so this was like you know I'd applied to a bunch of schools in America I actually got it ended up getting rejected from every school I applied to here um and so so I ended up kind of like at like this one of these other options in in somewhere in Europe and that was kind of the plan to go to school

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