If I Started on Pinterest from Scratch Again in 2024, I’d Do This

if you nail down these three things you are set for an explosive growth on Pinterest your account could blow up and you might even build a six figure business on it in this video I will share what I've learned from seven years on Pinterest and boil it down to a simple five-step plan this is perfect if you are starting a Pinterest account from scratch this year and it's based on what I've been teaching here on YouTube and in my Pinterest program which has helped over 1,500 students over the years so let's imagine I'm diving into Pinterest marketing with no previous experience starting completely from scratch let's begin with step number one getting started which is about focusing on your first five pins for beginners with no experience a big challenge is often just taking the first step so what I would do is create five simple pins they might be basic images with text that you don't even need to polish much maybe I would record a short video or make a photo and create the pins on my phone and upload directly to a new Pinterest profile or you might create some basic Graphics using templates available on a free graphic design tool like canva this period is like the test drive of a new car you're checking how it handles and if it feels right for your driving needs by creating this with five pins I would get some insight into how I feel about creating pins on Pinterest it's likely that my first attempt won't be perfect but that's expected with any new skill it takes time to improve if you're watching this and you haven't started marketing on Pinterest yet you might be overthinking perhaps you've worried about what to post whether people will engage with your pins or not all that thinking can be a barrier that's why by step number one is about getting going and creating those first five pins after these initial steps after creating your first few pins you face a decision do you want to get into Pinterest marketing more seriously if the answer is yes then studing from scratch always means that you have the chance to learn from those who are already successful this is where competitor research comes in so step number two is where I always do some competitive research both for myself myself and when I'm helping clients grow on Pinterest you can start by examining the top five or top 10 established accounts in your Niche you don't need to reinvent the whe if someone is doing well on Pinterest in your area it's because they have found a formula that works study their accounts and pick up some strategies here is how I would do it first think about the main keywords that describe your Niche for instance if you focus on on DIY home decor ideas and you run a Blog offering ideas on this Topic start exploring the largest profiles in this Niche on Pinterest look here you need to filter out the results by people instead of looking at just all the pins now I can open by one by one the profiles to see their monthly viewers the numbers can be quite revealing we have here over 1 million over 4 million with 219,000 followers and then 3.7 million monthly viewers with just 21,000 followers so it's 10 times less followers uh compared to the previous account but the monthly viewers are almost the same this is something to point out on P you can quickly grow your account even starting with zero followers and get to the same amount of traffic that accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers get because the platform gives new accounts a chance to grow which makes Pinterest quite similar to YouTube by the way and it's great why are checking these competitors well it helps you understand the growth potential in your Niche a more narrow Niche like homemade beauty products may still have just a few large accounts which shows that it might be too narrow for Pinterest so avoid starting a Pinterest account in a niche with very few successful accounts it likely means there is little audience interest on this platform if that's the case then focusing on Google SEO might be a better strategy for that Nation next check the recent activity of these top competitors look at the types of pins that they create video pins image pins are they repurposing their content from other platforms note what resonates with the audience and what seems effective also check their saved tabs to see the boards that they created and the board names but don't stop at Pinterest go to their website and understand what content they produce that aligns well with Pinterest users and since most Pinterest users will use their mobile apps you should also review their websites on a mobile device to see how the sharing experience is optimized for Pinterest on their sites also pay attention to design elements as well note the fonts and colors that are popular in your Niche these details will help refine your Pinterest strategy now step number three is to verify your website if you decide to go ahead setting up your Pinterest profile correctly is crucial once you have a profile you will want to choose a strong profile photo if you're not focusing on a personal brand then a logo works well but you need to make sure that it looks good in a circle shape if your logo doesn't fit well in a circle then you might need to tweak it or or use a personal photo it's important that your profile name and a short bio clearly establish your Niche all three elements the photo the name and the bio should align and make sense together for instance if you are in the travel industry use travel related photos in fashion lifestyle images are a good Feit for example my username is Anastasia blogger which is relevant to my Niche and I was fortunate to find it available on Pinterest if your preferred name is taken on Pinterest then try variations that still connect to your brand if I were a specializing in Instagram marketing for instance I might choose IG Anastasia now include keywords that relate to what you offer in your profile title uh like in my profile I use keywords online business and blogging tips by the way while setting up your Pinterest account make sure that you created a business account you can also convert a personal account to a business one with just one click using a business account is very important and I will tell you why really soon but for now just make sure that you have a business account then the about section should focus not on you but on your audience it should explain why they should follow you and what they will gain from your content if your bio clearly outlines how you can help them you will be setting yourself apart from from the start of your Pinterest account as I mentioned you need to run a business account and here is why with a business account on Pinterest you can verify or claim your website and according to Pinterest pins that are linked to a veryify domain on your account get priority distribution also with a business account you get access to Pinterest analytics and you can get a better idea of what's working in your ac

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