How I Make Money Online with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing | FULL GUIDE

Pinterest affiliate marketing is one of the side hustles that I have tried that has actually worked I have been able to make money off of doing my Pinterest affiliate marketing and the whole process has been really well documented here on my channel I do continue to get questions and comments regarding this one and I have always promised you all that I would give you income updates along with updates along the way of things that I have personally experienced and learned so that you guys can be better equipped to do this yourself now doing this one over time has allowed me to see realistic results instead of of just watching videos that promise big numbers but don't really give anything that's too realistic which kind of makes you give up after a certain amount of time that you're not seeing these huge results so doing this over time has allowed me to see realistic results and give you guys realistic updates on what you may also be able to expect as well so without further Ado let's go ahead and get into the video for one of the main ways that I know that this has been able to allow me to be successful with my Pinterest affiliate marketing and that's by using a tool that you may have heard me talk about in other videos called SEO writing. this toll if I didn't have it there's no way I would be able to perform this side hustle because I'm not a Blog writer and if you've watched my Series in this specific little niche of the Pinterest affiliate marketing you know that you do need a blogg or landing page in order to put your affiliate links inside of for Pinterest as you can see SEO writing. created this entire blog posts for me it includes videos pictures they have an amazing new feature called the readability option which gives you the option to choose the readability level of the overall blog Deep Web citations which means it searches the entire Deep Web to find citations for all of the information that it's providing to ensure that it's providing accurate information that's why I continue to talk about it because it's the main reason why I've been able to be successful okay really quickly let me give you all some stats on my process and my progress along the way so I started Pinterest affiliate marketing back in October of 2023 I'm not going to go into too much detail just know that originally I did get banned I do discuss that in another video however I did successfully open up a new account and in total I have on this new account 31 pins here are the stats from the income I've been able to bring in in that time frame so for Amazon Associates over 6 months I've earned $13.17 in commissions from my last video I've had an additional two Sofi signups from my pins that are recommending Sofi and that brings my complete total from Sofi up to $375 that I've earned and then I've also had a couple signups from Affiliates that I'm involved in that I've made pins about of products that I personally use and love I've had a couple signups from those bringing my complete total of what I've earned in 6 months from Pinterest affiliate marketing to $428 17 so because this one has been able to be successful for me I want to continue into a complete rundown of how I do my process updates on the SEO writing. a platform and answer questions and comments along the way because I do get a ton of questions and comments on these videos that sometimes I don't get to respond to so I find that this is a perfect opportunity to kind of answer some of those questions that I've seen that I have not responded to yet a common question believe it or not that I do get is one like this comment here I don't even understand how you make money from this even though I do discuss it in the video I do understand that some people this may be new to it may be a new concept and they don't completely understand so what is Pinterest affiliate marketing Pinterest affiliate marketing targets an established audience that's already on Pinterest so it's targeting users of Pinterest and works by recommending products or services and once someone purchases from your affiliate links with inside your pins you get a small commission for it so here is the complete list of the steps that I'm going to be going over in this video that you can follow along with me so that if you need to pause this part and take a screenshot of the screen to kind of know the exact steps you can do so now all of these steps in total should take you no more than 1 hour and the only reason that I say 1 hour is because one of these steps is creating a Blog now most blog platforms that you're going to be using do have templates that you can go ahead quickly select add a few personal items like a name or a business name or something to and it can be done so really 1 hour is stretching it but I did say 1 hour just to be safe let's go ahead and jump into to the Steps step number one is going to be signing up with a completely free account with SEO writing. this is what the sign up homepage looks like all you're going to do is input a little bit of information you do not need a credit card to get started with this and let's go ahead and dive into the step-by-step process of how I create my blogs for my pins now once you've created your free account this is what the home dashboard will look like of your SEO writing. what I want to show you is my typical process of what I do so typically I will go over here on the left I'm going to click on the oneclick blog post once you click on that this is exactly what it's going to look like up here at the top where it says main keyword this is where I'm going to want you to put in keywords of a possible article that you may want on your blog so think about pens think about things that may sell think about things that you're interested in whatever you need if you need ideas go to chat GPT however I don't do that I just think of things that people may want to click on or that I actually look for whenever I'm on Pinterest so for me what I did was I typed in best tennis shoes for walking or running in Disney World this is something I've been looking at Pinterest that I haven't been able to find many really good pens or articles about so I thought that this would be good for maybe other people who are also searching this now the main keyword portion that's exactly what you're going to put in just main things that you want your blog post to be about once you put in those main keywords all you have to do is Select generate a title give it a couple seconds and as you can see it generated top 10 issues for Disney World trip Walk and Run keep in mind this is SEO optimized so you don't really need to be thinking about okay SEO words things like that this is SEO optimized once you have your title you're going to scroll down here for your core settings you're going to select your language and then tone of voice I typically leave it as friendly but for this one I want it to be more informational right next is point of view what kind

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