First look at ClickFunnels 2.0 (Full review + MEGA Bonuses)

hey guys Spencer here and this is going to be a video I've been waiting to do for a very long time this is going to be a review and a demo we're going to walk through the brand new click funnels 2.0 dashboard now a lot of you guys know I've made a lot of videos about click funnels 1.0 they've been out for a long time it was absolutely time for a major upgrade and in their case a complete overhaul where they basically just scrapped the code from 1.0 and they started all over which is really what they needed at this point so I'm not going to waste any time or anything like that we're just gonna Dive Right In we're going to show you on the screen we're going to walk through this uh completely new software honestly you wouldn't even know that you were looking at click funnels if they didn't have a click funnels logo in the corner they've completely redone everything now real quick before we start yes I am participating in their launch it's tomorrow and yes I'm doing bonuses and all that fun stuff so if you're just interested in that stuff we'll leave links down below to a page that explains bonuses we'll leave links down below directly to sign up for this and that's probably what I should say is that at least for the first week as they're launching this you don't sign up directly for clickfunnels 2.0 you actually sign up for the challenge they're doing a five day business Challenge and uh that's going to become injunction with a 30-day trial to click funnels 2.0 so if you want to get started building with click funnels 2.0 you actually have to sign up for that challenge and then they'll actually help you build that first funnel and so we'll leave a link down below to that as well but just know you sign up for the challenge to get automatic access to click funnels 2.0 now let's dive in and let's just have a look here on the screen at uh at this you can see here if you're a click funnels customer already and you're familiar with their dashboard this doesn't look anything like click funnels a big upgrades in terms of overall UI so now it looks a lot more like a traditional software the UI kind of makes a lot more sense to you if you use a lot of different online business softwares it much more kind of Falls in line with those so I'm going to show you kind of all the general structure then we'll look individually at everything as we go the whole idea of this is that it truly will eliminate everything that you need to run your online business so click funnels before they they really focus on funnels they had kind of a course Builder right they had email marketing software they had affiliate software it was all built in there but really they put 90 of their time and their quality into the actual funnel funnel Builder and the result was a lot of the the other parts of the software did not work nearly as well and and just weren't worth it at that point but but they're really trying to bring it all into one big cohesive solid software right now and so you can see here it's not just the funnels the funnels aren't like the core that it's your business it's the CRM it wants they want to run your entire business so you can see right here you can build an entire site right here meaning your site your blog a customer center funnels individual Pages if you want to run to those you can run courses host courses and things like that in there you can add products and products can be site-wide meaning you can sell products all over you don't have to add products individually like you used to have to it could be a single product that can sell all over on your site on your funnels on your blog places like that then they've really really improved their uh their front facing management meaning when you log in and you want to see orders you want to see analytics you want to see all that stuff right in a bunch of different ways they've improved that with orders and with analytics so these two orders now we can go in and actually see what's happening in your business where they really start to shine from 1.0 is when they get into marketing where they start to build these workflows which is essentially email marketing but with kind of some other pieces that we'll talk about um but they have a whole they've really just outdone themselves on this part I think so the first thing you would do once you set up a workspace inside of this click funnels 2.0 account is you would customize your site right they want to run everything not just a single funnel or not just your funnels in general so you can see they'll have you build a home page they'll have you build a storefront a Blog home a customer facing Center a course home page your own page not found all this stuff where you're essentially creating everything right inside of this click funnels 2.0 software the actual page builder itself is fairly similar to what it used to be they've added a bunch of options and kind of simplified it but that was one of the things they did really well in Click funnels 1.0 was a really simple Builder that you could really whip out Pages quick and so they tried to keep some of that while also upgrading adding some options making it a little bit easier to to use so if you're familiar with 1.0 I'm just going to kind of scroll down and let you kind of see all the stuff you do here it looks very similar to 1.0 they were one of the first ones to kind of make it very easy to edit on mobile desktop all that stuff but now you can start doing Universal things like site-wide things like menus you can see right here I can go up here and I can edit this section and this is a universal section okay so when I make changes to this this is my my header of my website and so it it shows up on all the pages that we make and it shows up on the home page and the course page and everything now I'm not going to focus too much on blogging I went through all their blog creation stuff and you definitely can build a Blog inside of Click funnels 2.0 I would still say I personally am going to use WordPress for my blog specifically I think WordPress has spent years kind of creating and there's so much more that you can do inside of WordPress but if you just want to build a Blog and it's not a core part of your business like it is for me they can make a nice clean blog you can see you got a side here and then different posts right here and you can customize it in a matter of minutes just using that a traditional page builder that we're looking at right there and then you can manage all of your blog posts right here and you can see when you go to create a blog post similar to WordPress just probably less options is title summary featured image you can make it public in a draft choose authors so it's kind of a simplified version of WordPress which honestly for a lot of people is probably better if you're not really into WordPress it's a pretty complicated platform to learn and can take a lot of time and and honestly be very stressful at times now as before

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