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here's an example of someone using the exact method that I'm about to show you this one is averaging 21 600 a month and that's all without a website without expensive web hosting they're not posting a bunch of random cups on Etsy hoping to make a sale and most of the examples you're about to see don't even have that much content on them yep that's right what I'm about to show you is so simple it's going to be difficult to believe but don't worry we're going to back this up with cold hard data like this data chart I made for you here showing how this simple loophole is generating almost 40 million dollars a month in just one little niche alone yeah this is about to get really good but wouldn't it be a shame if you skipped this video and this was the one video that you needed to start making money online in a super simple way yeah I thought so too so make sure you watch this entire video because what you're about to learn Works time and time again guaranteed I and you don't need a bunch of skills you don't need a bunch of money to get started actually yeah you right there you can get started with what you have right now even if all you have is a cell phone yep this is super simple super easy and it's backed by data what you're about to learn is part of a multi-billion dollar loophole and no it's not one of those loopholes that's going to get you in trouble or anything like that this is something hiding in plain sight so make sure you pay close attention and watch this video at least one time all the way through preferably two or three times so it sinks in because what you're about to learn can and will make you money if done properly all right now before we get into all this money stuff here and show you exactly how it works I want to make sure that this is something that you can actually do so first what we're going to do is go over here to Facebook and we're going to click on see all profiles we're going to go down here to see all pages then we're going to go ahead and click on create new page right here and this is free to do anyone can do it we give our page a simple title Marcus's free coupons then we give it a category right like here since it's coupons we're going to choose something like shopping service then we go through and say daily free coupons found here very simple then we click create page and then it'll show up right here under my profile list does this seem like something you can do if you answered yes let me know by typing yes I can in the comments below and now once you have your Facebook page you can actually go through and add post you can add content you can add all kinds of different things but that alone isn't going to make you any money in fact when I first started my affiliate marketing dude Facebook page which as you can see is not super popular it only has like 7 000 likes and followers and stuff like that and we don't get a whole lot of Engagement but back when I first started this I was trying to get involved in Facebook marketing and I was able to make a little bit of money by selling products and services and things like that but it wasn't until I learned this one secret that everything started to change yeah I was struggling it took a lot of work I had to put a lot of content up to get very little money and it just seemed like a big waste of time however when I found this loophole everything started to change cell phone or cell phone huh wait a minute Facebook is the number one result and that keyword gets over 1300 searches a month all right so that's tip number one if you're taking notes we can see here that a Facebook page actually ranks for over 8 399 keywords in Google it generates over 7 600 visitors a month to the Facebook page for a traffic value of 21 000 a month but you might be saying Marcus how am I going to make money with keywords like this I mean it kind of looks like they're just looking for help with Grammar and Writing it's not really a buyer's market all right more about this in just a minute first I want to show you some more obvious examples this one here is generating over sixty one hundred dollars a month worth of free traffic and it's only generating 291 visitors a month here's another one generating just 31 visitors a month making almost five hundred dollars and we could see here this is all keywords about needing to sell your house fast and this one here is about alcohol recovery and if we were to look at our keyword tool over here we could see that Facebook pages generate over 1.5 billion search engine visitors each and every month for a traffic value of like a half a billion dollars a month and if we click on keywords right like this and then sort them by the CPC or cost per click we can see that some of these keywords they rank for are going for like 842 dollars for one click and the list keeps going and going and going there's a lot of money in this stuff here we got car accident lawyer Henderson Nevada and of course if we sort by volume we could see they rank for stuff like YouTube Amazon Target Home Depot and tons of other keywords that get millions of visitors each and every month but how is this going to make you you money well you remember those grammar Pages we talked about earlier that get tons and tons of visitors basically all they're doing is posting little tips on grammar each and every day this is something anyone can do in fact we can even use AI like chat GPT and say tell me the top 100 grammar mistakes and now I have a hundred different posts that I could put on my grammar page and get traffic like that yeah that sounds good Marcus but again how do we make money all right get ready for tip number one first I'm gonna go over here to offer vault offervault is a search engine where you can find CPA affiliate offers now you've probably heard of affiliate marketing before where you could sell a product and you get a commission but CPA affiliate marketing is where you get paid to generate a lead a phone call a click when someone downloads something gets a coupon so basically you don't have to sell anything if we come over here and type something in like grammar right like this you're going to see that the grammarly affiliate program pays over ten dollars and fifty cents for a lead that means someone signs up gets a free trial we get ten dollars and fifty cents and that is going to fit perfectly with a grammar page like this where I could just post all these grammar tips and helps and things like that I simply post the tip and then have a little link where they can get the grammarly program it's super simple but it's not just limited to grammar actually I went ahead and created an entire list of keywords that Facebook pages rank for take a look at some of these Bloomberg billionaires Index this is people looking for the top billionaires we could see Bloomberg ranks number one and then down here we have a Facebook page and check it out it's not even Bloomberg it's actually a private page 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