This Is The Fastest Way To Make $10,000/Month Online

there's so many different side hustles and so many different online business ideas out there right now but the one I'm going to show you is special and unique and it's that way for three different reasons the first one is that I think this is probably the fastest way you can get to $10,000 a month so if you're trying to quit a job or you're just trying to get some money moving quickly this is a great method the second thing is this is fast I have literally seen multiple people make their first ,000 with this side hustle within just a few days of starting and they're just using their Facebook profile nothing crazy and third the thing that kind of my goal with every side hustle and every online business that I create is that this can eventually turn into a passive income meaning that you can pull out and continue to make money regardless of whether you choose to work or not so here's how the hustle works and I'm going to go back about seven years to help help us understand this I worked at a marketing agency right I did marketing for tons of different companies and I had a company reach out to me and ask me to work in-house meaning instead of having 20 clients I had one which is great so I committed I left my job and I went to become an in-house marketing person at a small local company now what this local company did is they made these really cool 3D Anatomy models that were perfectly accurate right they're 3D people can use them to make videos movies Graphics all kinds of stuff using these 3D models and they cost about $25,000 now my first day there I got there and I asked them what they were currently doing to run marketing their business and they showed me that they've been running Google ads so Google ads are when you type something into Google you may or may not know this but the first one to four results are probably going to be advertisements from companies they're not the actual natural results that are showing up there now this company had set up these Google ads almost 15 years ago and they'd been running unmanaged for 15 years with a total cost of $200,000 now because these ads hadn't been managed they weren't showing up in Google for things that they really would like to show up for they were showing up for words like foot or body or brain or person I dare you to try to sell a $25,000 3D Anatomy model for graphic artists to somebody who who's Googling the word brain now you might hear the story and think wow these guys are not very smart but that's simply not the case they were very smart they were very skilled the problem was everyone at this company was 3D animators they were very skilled at 3D animation and creating 3D graphic models and in this story we're talking about that but this could very well be the case in virtually any industry they could be skilled in HVAC carpet cleaning chiropractor ship Dentistry anything like that now these type of people make up literally millions and millions and millions of small business owners all all over the world and they're very good at what they do but they're very very bad at marketing so what I'm going to show you today is how you are going to solve that problem for them and you're going to make a lot of money in the process there are 33 million small businesses just like the one I just described in the us alone and every single one of them needs one thing they all need a process for taking in leads and turn it into a customer now the beauty of what I just described is the entire thing can be done by software the setup time it might take you a long time to set up a process like what I just described but managing it once it's been set up especially if you set it up properly can be done in a few hours a month now the software that I'm going to show to you here and that makes all of this possible is very very unique one it can do everything that I talked about it can do texting email landing pages calls websites everything that you would need to Market to your leads capture your leads convert your leads and turn your leads into customers but the real opportunity here revolves around a word that you may or may not have heard of before but that is probably the biggest opportunity in 2024 across the board and that's white labeling so let's describe white labeling in the physical world most of us are aware and connect with this idea that most companies are just going to China they're purchasing a product they're putting a sticker or something like that on the product and then they're calling it their own product and if you head to Amazon you'll easily see that a vast majority of the products in most categories are almost the exact same because most of them are buying the exact same products from China and then labeling it as their own so in the software World someone creates a software and you get to go and brand it as your own software you get to create your own website your own logo your own name but then someone else actually has a team of developers and they're creating the software and all you're doing is paying them a monthly fee to basically white label and turn that software into your own now what this means is you're going to be able to sell this software for as much as you would like or as much as you can get people to pay you right every single month so if we assume that you were white labeling a software and you were charging $100 a month which is a very reasonable price most businesses are willing to pay for a software you would need about 90 customers to be able to make six figures a year and these companies typically don't just up and leave a software unless they have a reason to if the software is working it's converting the leads into customers right they tend to stay with the software for as long as that's happening so the software that makes everything possible here that we're going to talk about is a software code go high level and we'll leave a link down below you can go sign up for go high level go high level has a few plans and the top plan is a white label plan and what that means is you're going to be able to turn this software into yours you're going to be able to have a CRM an email marketing section you'll be able to have text messaging websites blogs funnels everything you could possibly build into your own software it'll probably take you less than one day to brand Rand the entire thing to yourself create a website have everything up and running so that you can start selling the software now the way you're going to start doing this is you're going to do it in two parts and the reason we have two parts is this $100 a month is great but it's going to take you a while to get up to 90 accounts unless you've already got a large audience online or something so if you want to get to $10,000 a month quickly you're going to do that in part one by not only having the software but you're also going to be the setup and manager of the software and what I mean by that is you're going to set up and do t

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