All of the Side Hustles I’VE TRIED that have WORKED!!!

today I have a highly requested video and that is all of the side hustles that I've done that have actually worked which means all of the side hustles that have been able to produce a profit now I'm going to be giving you all of the side hustles along with small pointers such as how hard or how difficult the side hustle was for me along with other resources that can help you get started with each side hustle so without further Ado let's get into it okay up first is selling mugs on Etsy now if you haven't already seen my first two videos that I've done regarding this I have the first one where I actually set up the shop the second one is a 3-month update and I also have a six-month update coming out I'm going to be discussing the different profits that I've been able to make from it I'm also going to be discussing the products that I use and how I go about setting up my shop all of those good details I'm going to have in my upcoming video however selling on Etsy this time around has been able to produce a profit now this one does take time and effort along with a little bit of upfront cash however I have been able to get a profit from it so it's on this list all right the second side hustle that has been able to produce a profit for me is participating in a cleaning business now I do also have two separate videos on this topic as well but essentially I did this when I was younger to produce an income on the side like while I was in high school and I did it for apartment complexes who had tenants who were moving out and new tenants needed to move in and the apartment had to have a general overall clean before the new tenants moved in the amount you can earn while doing this ranges from $30 to $50 per hour it is pretty lucrative and if you start your own small business doing it you're going to have those small business upfront fees and costs that are going to be included now again I do have separate videos on this I'm going to have all the resources linked down below for you all to check out but I also want to mention on this specific one that there are other options in the field when it comes to the side hustle cleaning business so for example for years my parents participated in a side hustle business for cleaning B banks in the evening so whenever the business is closed you would go in and clean the office to a general clean a wipe down of the counters vacuuming of the floor taking out the garbage that type of thing now this one typically pays anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour depending on the area in which you live and can be found on job boards like okay up next is starting a YouTube channel now this one that you're watching this video on is not my first rodeo when it comes to YouTube I actually started a child based YouTube channel back in 2021 that child Channel kind of got me started with learning the ropes of YouTube how often to upload how to edit basic videos things to that nature and out of all of the things that I'm going to discuss today YouTube is by far the most lucrative business that I've participated in this far however there are a lot of things that hold people back when it comes to starting a YouTube channel things like editing a video or designing a thumbnail those things alone can be a little intimidating to people for me it was also intimidating in the beginning I didn't know how to cut Clips paste Clips together I didn't know how to do any of that and for years it took me time to search on YouTube to look and practice myself in learning how to edit videos and in fact I'm still learning how to edit videos so for example to this day I'm still working on learning a new software for editing which is called Adobe Premiere Pro to learn this specific software I had to go and search for how to learn it well the platform that I'm specifically use using in order to learn this specific software is skillshare now when I personally search on skillshare for this topic to learn I found a variety of different classes that were available regarding this specific software the Adobe Premiere Pro now something else that's cool with skillshare is their learning paths so the learning paths provide a set of curated classes that build on one another to ensure you're going to learn everything you need to learn about your specific area so for me I'm interested in this one right here for editing and Final Cut Pro once you click on it you're able to see if you scroll down a little bit everything you're going to need so materials the final product the level this one is for a beginner I'm going to go ahead and save this path here and then once you scroll down a little bit more it shows you everything that's going to be included in this learning path it's also great for a variety of different businesses and other things that you may want to learn in order to help you produce higher skills in different areas so for example if you're somebody who's looking into photography or you're somebody who enjoy sewing and you want to kind of take it to the next level to maybe open up an Etsy Shop skillshare is a huge online learning community that offers a very large variety of classes and a large variety of different topics now luckily I've been able to partner with skillshare on this one and they are offering the first 500 people to use my link down below a one Monon free trial now if you're not finding value from it which I highly doubt but if you're not finding value from it after a month of using it you are able to cancel and you won't have to pay any money for it I highly encourage you to join this online learning community by clicking my link in the description box or pinned comment down below and thank you to skillshare for sponsoring this video okay so the fourth side hustle that I've done that's been able to produce a profit is affiliate marketing now I've personally done this a couple of ways I've done it through YouTube and my YouTube channel and I've also done it through Pinterest affiliate marketing which I have a couple of videos on now obviously because I have a larger following on YouTube I have been able to produce more of a profit from YouTube than Pinterest at this point however I've been doing YouTube longer than the Pinterest affiliate marketing I also have an update video coming out on my Pinterest affiliate marketing so keep an eye out for that or I'm going to discuss my profits along with different tools and strategies to get started with that specific one but essentially affiliate marketing is just promoting a product to an audience and when somebody clicks the link that you've given them for that product you get a small profit from the purchase that that person made all right so the fifth way I've been able to make extra money on the side is by doing Furniture flipping or reselling items that I found places such as Goodwill or other items I had around my house for a profit now I originally learned how to do Furniture flipping by watching YouTube channe

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