Best Way To Make Money With Chat GPT In 2024 (For Beginners)

here is the best way to make money with chat GPT now complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience intro [Music] so one of the reasons why I wanted to go ahead and make more money in my life was because I just wanted more freedom right I didn't care about making millions of dollars I didn't care about traveling around the world I didn't care about speaking on stages what I care about is if I could find a way to make a hundred dollars a day 200 a day 300 a day then I did not have to work a job that I hated because I saw what it did to my mom and dad I saw them constantly fighting about the money I constantly saw them fighting about the bills I saw them constantly not having time for each other because they were at their jobs all the time trying to just survive and I knew earlier on that I did not want that my only problem was my entire life I thought that the only way to make money was to become a doctor dentist or a nurse I was like okay well if I can make six figures then maybe I could go ahead and make a bunch of money right but then I didn't realize that I was trading all my time for money so I was trying to go ahead and make money online I was like okay well I need to find a way to make money online but my only problem was guess what I didn't have any time right because I was working a bunch of odd jobs I didn't have any money whatsoever because the society wanted to keep you down and want to keep you broken want to keep you dumb from all these things and I didn't have any experience my entire life all I knew was biology coming issue Master science I had no idea how to sell stuff online which how can then someone who's just watching this a complete normal Ordinary People how can they break free and start making money so that they don't have to work a job that they don't like so that they can fire their boss and they can actually have more freedom in their life and this is why we are in probably one of the greatest opportunities right now of our era because of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence why because in most cases when you go out and start a business what do you have to do you have to do all these things that require a bunch of experience but what if what if you could actually start a business with no experience because you could get artificial intelligence and AI to do all the hard Lifting for you you're probably wondering well Mike artificial intelligence AI that sounds kind of complicated is it not no it's not because you can literally sign up for a free account with chat GPT and this thing will do a lot of hard work for you check this out I can literally go ahead and type in something like for example uh let's just do this right I have this prompt write me a YouTube ad for women's weight loss for weight loss supplements for women over the age of 30 right now here's this thing that is a really important question to ask why is that because number one if like the women over the age of 30 that makes up probably the biggest buying purchasing part of the things online right if I can find a way to put some type of product in front of them and gain attention from them then I could actually go ahead and make money so even if I don't have any experience even if I know nothing about women it's pain points over the age of 30. what if I was just going to go ahead and click on enter and check this out this artificial intelligence thing is already going ahead and writing this entire YouTube ad script this entire Tick Tock script this entire Facebook ad script for me to sell a product now check this out within seconds it's already creating me something that normally you would hire a copywriter hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars go out and create it created it in seconds for free right now here is kind of like the opportunity that we are in right now it is so easy to now then create marketing and sales material so why not go ahead and use that so there's multiple ways to go ahead and make money with this right number one you could go ahead and sell this as a product or service to other people now think about you know your your businesses like doctors dentist lawyers they're in businesses they're trying to go and sell they have no idea about the online World a lot of them are still you know selling through Yellow Pages right so what if you went up to them and said hey I'm gonna go ahead and start running you know YouTube ads Facebook ads all these things for you right but instead of you being the one that creates the ads for them what if this Ai and this artificial intelligence was the one that actually does all the hard work this is kind of like the biggest opportunity that we're in right now the best opportunity with artificial intelligence it's known as Arbitrage where how can you go ahead and sell a product or a service at a high markup but because of artificial intelligence your cost goes nearly to zero because now artificial intelligence is doing all the hard work right now here's the thing why am I choosing ads well you're going to know more about this later on what would I do next I would go ahead and take this copy and paste something like this right here's an ad and I would go ahead and go to now why would I go to logo AI what it does it turns you know for example a script that the AI made and with more artificial intelligence turns it into a voice that sounds like a real human being now why is this the case why is this very important well one of the hardest things for people to get started is they're like oh well do I have to show my face on camera well I'm not confident well I'm kind of shy well I'm an introvert well I don't know if I want to go ahead and put myself out there I'm afraid I'm afraid if my friends are gonna judge me or if my family is going to see this and they're going to make fun of me and there's this fear of getting started because of judgment but what if you could actually be behind the scenes and make money and let artificial intelligence does do all the hard work for you this is literally the world where we are moving in right now where you don't have to show your face on camera you get artificial intelligence you do all the hard work and then you could attack track attention into your life and actually go ahead and make money again you're like well what if I'm not good at video editing you could use take the script take the artificial voice that you got from for example uh and upload it and what this does is matches the perfect video on the back end for you to actually go ahead and create some type of ad now the ad doesn't have to be long it could just be one or two minutes and here's an example of one right check this out this one ad it's only three minutes long got 26 million views 26 million views now why is that important we live in this world where the more attention that you get the more money that you make think about this the more attention that you get the

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