The Best Side Hustles For Moms – Make US$590 A Day Online Worldwide On Your Phone

picture this it's 2: a.m. and you're in the bathroom hiding from your kids with your phone and your last shred of Sanity welcome to the life of a mom looking for a side hustle amidst the chaos of play dates dishwashing loads and laundry mountains you've probably dreamt of making some extra cash without having to sell your your soul or sacrifice those rare moments of Peace if you are a mom and that's your story in this video I'm about to share the best side hustle that I believe is out there for moms who only have a few minutes to spare who have no previous experience making money online and who is looking for something that is easy and beginner friendly that can be done from anywhere across the globe and the best part is that this particular side hustle or idea it has the potential to make upwards of $590 a day from the comfort of your home and like I said earlier from anywhere worldwide there [Music] is welcome back rock stars and thank you so much for clicking play I don't take it for granted and if you are a club member subscribed on patreon or a subscriber or you are a YouTube member I'm grateful for your support but if you are a rock star just subscribed on this channel I thank you for your loyalty now as you can see here on Etsy personalized bedtime stories do extremely well this one as an example it sells for $47.95 and the Etsy shop that sells this particular bedtime story they have sold 35,000 books and that equates to about $1.7 million in Revenue the store has been opened since 2015 and with $1.7 million in Revenue that works out to about $590 a day here is another personalized story book that sells for $34.99 and this shop has sold over1 48,000 products which equates to a whopping $5 million in Revenue this Etsy Shop was only opened in 2018 so that works out to be about $2,700 a day in revenue and as you can see here rockstars there are a few personalized books for sale on platforms like Amazon as well this particular side hustle or business opportunity it's ideal for moms and I'll show you how to create these bedtime stories in a userfriendly way where to sell them to make your $590 a day and these will be customized bedtime story photo books now this book is going to do well because one it's going to have the child's name hence the personalization or the customization on the cover of the book as I'm showing you here in the actual book title the book will also feature the child of course who is your customer because their mothers or fathers bought that book on your website but that child that they are buying the book for will be featured as a character in the story as well and the book will also include the Child's favorite characters because the parents would have shared it in the method I'm going to tell you about later the book will also Al give the Godmother the grandfather the grandmother the aunts the parents who are ordering it for their little bundle of joy an opportunity to put a personalized message on the back as I'm showing you here on the book that I created that I'll teach you how to create in this video and those characteristics is what's going to make a bedtime story photo book a great product that every parent will buy for their kids and as such a great product for moms to create and launch a business selling them now what you're going to find online is that the competition will add the child's name in the title of the book but very few actually build the child into the book as a character and I haven't seen any yet that has a personalized message on the back of the book it will actually turn the book into a Keepsake that the child will be able to show their own children when they grow up and it will also make this particular book an excellent gift idea I know that as a mom or even a dad a grandparent when you go to these kids birthday party as an example finding a good gift is a challenge if you could get a personalized book for the kid who is celebrating their birthday with their name on the cover their name built into the character you can give their parents a call and say hey what kind of characters does she like or he like is it Dolphins is it mermaids is it orgs is it dragons and then those characters are built into the book and you who is gifting the book to the child you have a special message that's personalized with your name on the back of the book I think it would take a lot of the guest work out of gifting your grandchild the child at the birth birday party your nieces your godchildren the ideal gift that's going to become a Keepsake and that they'll appreciate even more because you thought about them to that extent because you're differentiating your book this way you'll be able to charge more because it's a customized book and because of that your profit margins will be a lot more than the typical bedtime story book out there that you could sell online with no customization now let's get the process started let's say that you get an order on your online store which I'll explain how to set up later in this video and the order comes with a note to personalize a bedtime story photo book for a little girl named Gabrielle and she's 3 years old the customer wants the book customized also with Gabrielle's favorite mythical creatures to include unicorns fairies genies and mermaids and let me grab my tablet so that we can create this story book together and that's a great thing what I'm about to show you can actually be done from a phone a tablet or of course the obvious computer so let's get started now if you still don't know what chat GPT is I'll link it in the description but it's a AI tool that's smart than most of us to keep it short so you're going to put this prompt which I'll put the prompt in the description of this video as well cuz it's a little bit long that way you can just copy it from the video description and modify it with a kid's name and the characters based on the orders that you'll be getting give me a bedtime story that is personalized for Gabrielle who is 3 years old the book should be a photo book of a fairy tale story featuring Gabrielle as a character and her favorite mythical creatures to include unicorns fairies Genies mermaids Etc give me the AI image prompts for bold and brightly colored images for each page in this story book now obviously you got all those details from the order placed by the customer and where they noted what they expect from a customization perspective now as you can see here rock stars chat GPT is going to give you a fairy tale like story and you can use the story as is or you can edit it as you see fit we're going to go ahead and use it as is now with our story in hand we're going to be leveraging K to bring Gabrielle's book to life now K is the most intuitive and easy to use design platform out there that actually helps you to create stunning designs that impress everyone all you're going to do is click the link in the description of this video and it's going to be the first lin

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