5 Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Start For Under $500

today we're diving into how to actually start a oneperson small business that can potentially double your current income I also know that many of you may not have a ton of money to start a small business upfront so I've done my research on these to ensure that you can start these all for under $500 small business number one is becoming a mobile notary public the average mobile notary public in the USA earns between 62,000 and $725,000 if you do this fulltime however many of you may not know this I know I didn't know this that you can become a mobile notary public in your own state for just a small fee you can do this freelance work or small business on the side and earn the average is about $25 per notary which nowadays you can do over Zoom a notary public is someone who witnesses the signing of important legal documents so for example when a person's getting divorced they cannot actually sign the papers without a notary being present or else the papers are voided so legal documents important documents Loan financial institution places like this always typically have you have somebody notorized the signing of the documents and that's where you would come into play just about anybody can do this as long as you have a clean criminal record you can do it like I said via Zoom or if requested you can meet at a small coffee shop notorized those papers within 10 to 15 minutes and be on your way you can set your own hour set your own schedule and accept as many clients as you personally are able to now let's discuss how to actually gain customers with this business idea so first things first I always like to recommend is Word of Mouth posting on your social medias and telling friends and family that this is actually a service that you now provide the next thing I would recommend is to properly open up a Google business profile this way if somebody Googles local notary public your business would pop up within those businesses that are offering this service so what I would do is go into Google go ahead open up that business profile and Ensure you fill out all required information name of business phone number email all of those good details that make your business look really professional you can also go into local businesses and hand out marketing material and let me go ahead and provide you with a list of businesses that typically and often have papers that need notorized so here's a list of those businesses that real estate agencies law firms Banks mortgages lenders financial institutions Health Care Providers government agencies employment agencies and other small businesses so if you could take a business card or a marketing flyer into businesses like this say hey I'm a local notary public here's my information this is also a great idea and you can typically get this marketing material very cheap like 100 for under $20 it would also be beneficial to set up your own website which looks very professional and nowadays can be done relatively cheaply like a whole Year's worth of a website for under $30 so setting up your own website includes two things so creating the website and having your own personal domain I personally recommend online and there's a lot of reasons behind this that I've researched but specifically what is a domain name a domain name is after your web address so for example www. Kimberly mitchell. online that would be your domain name the reason I recommend online is because it has been researched the word online is searched over 130 million times worldwide each month which makes it a really rich keyword that cir and it provides that immense SEO value that you'll need as a new business the word online is also understood in over 24 Global languages which means it's going to make it really well understood when somebody Googles it and by using that dot online domain you have the ability to describe and take your business globally I also found out that online domains is the second largest new domain name with over 3 million active users using online as their domain name using the do online domain also gives the impression to your customers that you're able to fill all of those online needs which is really important in 20124 and moving forward people really like to set up services online pay online look up all of the information that they need online all of those things are important online nowadays do online can be found everywhere on these websites so when creating you can choose this web domain with no problem and I do have good news I was able to get a deal for you all with online you can get your domain for only 99 for the entire first year if you're interested after watching this video in signing up with this domain name go ahead and go to my description box down below and click the link that's in the description box and then use the code Kimberly here to snatch up the awesome deal of 9 for your entire first year now an additional way to Market your services upfront when you're growing your business and in the future would be to utilize things like Thumbtack Fiverr and upward here on Thumbtack I did a quick research and I found these profiles for mobile notary public that I want to go ahead and provide in the video for you all to get a good idea of what you could add into your profile on these types of networks okay let's go ahead and move into small business number two small business number two is becoming a pet caretaker now in the USA 66% of households own a pet and because there's over 131 million households this means that there's 86 million households in the United States that have a pet so I don't think becoming a pet sitter or taking care of pets on the side like a dog walker or pet sitter or anything like that is going anywhere anytime soon there are tons of pet freelance companies that you could get started with like Rover or trusted house Sitters in the beginning if you don't want to start your own small business if you want to start out working for a freelance company you can choose that in the beginning to be safe and to also cut back on cost and I also want to show you all an article that I found of this female who was in law school and she did this on the side and the amount of money that she was able to actually bring in by doing so so take a look here at this article this lady was 29 years old in law school she started bringing in an extra $3,750 a month from her dog sitting side hustle so she made $32,000 in one year by providing her Services through Rover so she did utilize Rover she stated that she used a couple hundred of her earnings per month to offer things like a nice dog bed for the beds and quality treats and she feels like that gave her a edge over her competitors on the website more than likely that helped boost her ratings and also the amount of people who scheduled with her because they saw that she was putting in that little bit of extra effort once you were to build up a clientele or regulars of people who are having you pet

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