How to Use ChatGPT for Email Marketing – Skyrocket Your Open Rates with AI (+ Best Prompts)

the ROI of email marketing is 36 dollars for each dollar spent my rough estimate is that in my online business about 30 of my online income comes from the newsletter so it's totally worth the effort but the best part is that these days we can use chat GPT to do all the heavy lifting in our emails and that's what this video is all about when I first heard about charity PT and AI generated text guess where I started testing it in the first place in my emails I mean everything for my Weekly Newsletter and for my email marketing sequences so get ready because I'll show you today how you can a B test email subject lines for your newsletter using chatgpt that will Skyrocket your open rates then I will talk about how to write a welcome email with judgpt and then you will also learn how to build an entire 7-Day email sequence with chadgpt without lifting a finger and you will get a ton of ideas for fantastic Deputy prompt for your email marketing so first let's use chatgpt to create amazing email subject lines and a B test them I used to spend at least 10 minutes per subject line trying to come up with click worthy ideas for my emails and even so not all of my ideas were good enough to generate higher open rates now with chatty PT this part became so much easier and so much more fun why is it more fun well basically you don't need to do pretty much anything except to give AI the instructions see here I asked Chad DPT to write a subject line for an email inviting recipients to an exclusive webinar on marketing strategies I didn't find the first version short enough so I asked jgpg to make it shorter and add some emojis which it did and then I acted to make the subject line even shorter and in a second I got it a perfect version of my email subject line in no time did you know that the subject line of an email defines by about 50 percent how successful your email campaign will be it is one of the most crucial factors influencing the open rates if your subject line is not grabbing users attention and doesn't entice them to open the email then your whole email copy doesn't matter people will not even see it so let's ask Chachi PT to generate several versions for our subject lines so we can choose at least 2 out of 5 and a B test them gosh so much creativity spilled at me with just one click I mean it would take me another 15 minutes to come up with 5 different ideas like this by the way not all email providers offer a b testing feature but luckily for us the sponsor of today's video musand offers and even on their cheapest nine dollar a month plan and actually even on their free 30-day trial so I can show you right off the gate how to start an A B test email campaign you simply choose this option over here that will give you these two fields for the subject line a and subject line b and a few steps later you can also add even more a B test settings like you can decide whether the winning subject line will be defined by the open rate or by The Click rate you can also decide to send the two versions of your newsletter to 10 of your audience first or you could give a bigger share to each of these test emails and you can decide how much time to give your audience to open the emails before you finalize the test and send over the remaining part of the emails with the winning subject line it can be an hour or four hours from the start of the test okay now our next step is to use cha GPT for the welcome email in case you didn't know a welcome email usually is the first email that you send to someone who just signed up or subscribed to your email list or some someone who just purchased your product it's a way to introduce your brand to make a connection with a subscriber and to set the tone for future communication a well-crafted welcome email can help build trust to engage with your subscriber and to encourage them to stay connected with you you can also use the opportunity in this first email to offer a truly exclusive discount to your new subscribers see here I asked chiji PT to write a short welcome email for my subscribers in a friendly tone I informed the AI tool that my subscribers signed up to learn from me on how to make money online and that I want to offer them an exclusive discount for my Pinterest canva templates that will expire in a week I asked Chad GPT don't try to sell the templates hard just mention it along the lines now here is what chatipity wrote for me of course I have to copy this text to Google Docs and edit it carefully to make sure that CIA GPT didn't offer or assume anything that I didn't mean to offer but overall it just saved me another 15 minutes so I don't need to write this email from scratch typically my main concern about these emails generated by AI tools is that the texts are longer than I wish they were so I've asked Chad GPT here to make the same email twice shorter and now we can see the whole email without scrolling down now we have the actual email text here but how does this e welcome email actually work you will need two things to work together to send these welcome emails automatically to your new subscribers the sign up form or a landing page and the email automation to create the first element in musan just go to growth tools and you can create a landing page here even if you don't have your own website or if you already have a site you could create one of the three types of signup forms I prefer the inline forms that show up in the middle of the content on my site then you will choose one of the form design templates and in the end you can just copy the code of this form and take it to your site now let me show you really quickly how you can set up a welcome email Automation in musand first you will need to sign into your musand account and if you don't have one yet you can create a new account using the first link in the description below it's musand and you will get a 30 day free access to almost all the features then if you decide to continue using musand their startup plan is super affordable just nine dollars a month make sure to use my code Anastasia G10 to get a 10 discount for 3 months of your monthly subscription with musand so once you are in the musand dashboard look for the automation tab at the top of the page and then click on it to set up the welcome email you need to create a new workflow so look for the create new workflow button the workflow editor is very intuitive here you just need to choose a trigger for your welcome email in this case you want the email to be sent when someone new subscribes through this form that we just created so I will search for keyword form and I will choose the form that I created now comes the fun part click on add an action to Define what happens when the trigger is activated in this case you want to select send email campaign this is where you choose or create the actual email musand has both a rich text editor that works like a word page and a drag and drop email editor

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