Make $500 PER DAY Posting Videos (DO THIS NOW!) Marketing Hacks for Business

hey body and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be giving you all the tips and tricks of how to create content for your business using cap cut you will be able to take advantage of these tips whether you are a small business a content creator or doing anything else online to make money capcut has become my personal favorite editing app capcut is a free easy to ouse all-in-one editing system designed for editing content straight from your phone within cap cut you're able to edit by yourself or use the templates that they have cap cut for business also known as CC 4B is actually a sub brand of cap cut and businesses of all sizes can take advantage of it cap cut just added so many new features for business I always say the key to making money online this year is to master content creation specifically short form vertical videos like you have learned in my other free courses on my YouTube channel this is one of the most important key aspects to learn that no matter what you do to make money online if you can Master these content creation skills and editing techniques and you use these techniques in order to go viral across social media no matter what you do to make money online you will succeed in if you're new here in my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free courses and education all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to make free courses and videos just like this I'm going to be showing you these tutorials right on my phone today so when you first download cap cut it's going to bring you to this main page here let me show you a few of my favorite tools when I'm editing my content manually I love to not only edit my business content manually but use the cap cut templates as well so for all of my Tik toks I always keep them between 10 to 15 seconds me personally I have just seen the best results with this the first thing I do is click new project I upload all my videos here to get them ready for editing I always go to the adjust option here and what I do is turn up the exposure I turn the saturation on a little bit and then I click apply to all to make sure that my colors in my videos are standing out you cannot have dark looking videos it will not do well on social media this is what it looked like before look how gray it is it was not as nice after I added just that simple color it's going to stand out so much more on social media if you need to shorten anything up you can just do that here make sure that when you're editing a video manually they have this little like cap cut ending that they put in here automatically just make sure you always click delete to remove that let me show you a trick on how you can permanently remove that just go out click X it will save it as a draft click on the settings up here on the upper right hand side and where it says add default ending just click that off click discard and then it will turn that default ending off so you don't have to ever worry about that again cuz I've left that in videos sometimes and I had to re-upload it just because we don't want to add any extra time to our videos so the next thing that I will usually do is I will just keep it as short as I can so like I said let's try to just shorten this as much as I possibly can now you can see that this video it's aesthetic but it's not going to get people to actually stay and watch the video you have to add some kind of shock factor to the video itself this video got over 14 million views because I used a tactic to make people say what to make them want to save it to like it to send it because they were so confused like a 9 $5 lip gloss now obviously these lip glosses are not $95 and I would never charge that but it's the shock factor that I added using the text on screen option and my own voice in order to create this Tik Tok that went viral in our current times it's not just about creating aesthetic content but creating content that provides the viewer with something that they are going to be interested in so let me go ahead and show you all the free AI templates that cap cut has that you can use to your advantage to create more content for your business I want you to go back to the main cap cut screen and click on ad script right at the top here then you're going to just tell the AI about your product so we're going to list the product name our brand name they already formulated things that we can use for this which is so cool so organic ingredients high quality formula non-sticky moisturizing formula so they gave you ideas already and if you want your video to be short I always try to keep my videos between 10 to 15 seconds then just click on generate click on allow now it's just analyzing the input that you put in just give it a second but you can see this is really quick now they gave you two different scripts that you can use in your videos once you find the one that you like just click on use script I always click on custom generalization now it's generating the actual video then just put in the videos that you want to share so let me just show you a little bit of how I manually Ed it obviously I'm just using clips that I have in my camera roll to make this video super convenient so I'm not digging through my camera roll but let's just go ahead and show a package them actually receiving the package like don't be afraid to create videos that you are pretending to be the customer because it actually works these words kind of go on longer than the actual video so if you need to you can buy yourself more time by just making it slower so exced to now obviously we've gone over the 15 second that I usually try to aim for so you can even you know trim it here if you need to and just delete everything here you can just click on this little trash can if you want to delete any extra things and I always click on edit and me personally I always use the text that is usually on Tik Tok the most so what I'll actually do is I'm going to click on font and I'm going to go to the text that is most familiar with Tik Tok and what I have done sometimes to actually get the Tik Tok font and to also add keywords into my Tik toks is I kept the text of speech and I just deleted these words and I just add them back in on Tik Tok so it looks exactly how it would look on Tik Tok but that is personally something I do if you wind up wanting to keep the text that they provide you you can just always click the undo button if you need when you're done with your video just click export right at the top you can either save and share it directly to Tik Tok or just click save to device so the first feature I want to show you today is the business templates feature so click on this templates button and it's going to probably bring you to this page where it shows you bunch of ones that a lot of

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