5 Fastest Growing Industries for Remote Work [Find More Jobs & Get Hired Faster]

Within the last 2 to 3 years, work from home has become the norm, with companies realizing that they can allow their employees to work from anywhere and still make sure they get things done. And I know I've spoken about which jobs and which companies are hiring right now for a work from home jobs, but which industries are the fastest growing? Well, here are my top five picks of industries where you can find remote jobs that pay between $800,000, sometimes up to $150,000 per year. So let's dove in. Coming up in number one, we have financial technology or fintech, as it is referred to by the experts. This industry has become extremely lucrative in the last couple of years. In 2020 alone, the industry received over $44 billion of investment globally and half of that coming from the U.S. alone. I mean, that means over 14% increase of investment since 2019 globally and a jump of almost 30% in the U.S. alone. And given the uncertainty in the world, having received and seeing that growth in 2020 is absolutely remarkable. And this makes it a great candidate for remote jobs. This industry covers particularly cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, but also wealth management payment solutions as well as banking and obviously Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been a very, very hot conversation topic for the last couple of years. In this space, we have very well established companies in the industry that you can absolutely start looking into, like Abra and Coinbase. But also there are a lot of small to medium companies that are growing really, really fast, as I just mentioned, and that are probably very soon going to become public. Okay, let's talk specifics. What kind of skills do you actually need in order to get a remote job in this industry? Well, because it is a technology based industry, in my opinion. There are some technologies that will really open the door for you. The first one that you should consider is cloud technologies, cloud computing. That is an absolute must in my box, and that if you're considering cryptocurrencies, for example, then blockchain is an imperative, in my opinion. Obviously, there are other technologies that you can consider as well. And here I'm talking about security, artificial intelligence, machine learning and even workplace technologies and workplace analytics, because obviously they need that kind of solutions as well. If you're at the beginning of your career and you're wondering, how am I going to get hired? Or if you've maybe just taken some courses in this area, will ideally look into getting some certifications. And I'm going to link up here and in the description down below a video that I made where I talk about the best and most well-regarded certifications in many of these technologies. So make sure you go ahead and check that out as soon as this video is over. All in all, given the skills gap and the talent shortage, it shouldn't be hard to get a job in fintech. These companies are dying to hire you. At number two, we have marketing, especially digital marketing. And that is because 2021 marked a significant change in the landscape of marketing and 2022 ushered a completely new era when it comes to driving advertising in completely new ways, using digital channels to really amplify and disrupt that industry. And that means that it has never been a better time to specialize in digital marketing. All companies are investing massively in marketing and even more so in digital marketing, and there are bright opportunities for marketeers be that early in careers or very experienced ones. In January 2022, many digital marketing companies in the UK have been surveyed and asked about their expectation when it comes to investments in digital marketing that companies in the country will be making. And their projection showed an expected 30% growth in digital marketing investments that companies in the UK would be making throughout 2022. And that means that no matter if you're interested in content marketing, social media, email marketing or any other kind of specialty in the space of digital marketing, there will be tons of opportunity for you and not only in the UK because that is a trend that we see globally. Now let's talk about some options of remote jobs that you have in the space of digital marketing. And obviously we can talk here about social media and content marketing, but I want to touch upon some that are not so intuitive, and one of them is web development, and that is because marketers need well optimized and efficient websites to run their campaign. So if you are interested in web development, then definitely look into digital marketing because there will be tons of opportunity for you. The next one that I want to talk about, which is very connected to this previous one, is UX UI designer, and that is because in the digital space we need people who are really knowledgeable and capable in terms of understanding customers experience and customer journey and then designing the interface that the customer will be taken through. And the whole journey in the digital space in a way that makes it not only pleasant but also successful from a marketing perspective. The third one that I want to touch upon when it comes to digital marketing job options is video marketing. And that is because we see people spending on average over 100 minutes every day watching video content. Video is truly becoming the medium for conveying marketing messaging. No matter if you are a video editor, a script writer, a video producer, maybe there will be work for you in the digital marketing space. Another industry that is worth mentioned in this video is retail and particularly e-commerce. And that is because over the last two years we've seen many individuals turning to online shopping to fulfill their consumer needs with fast Capital 3060 estimating that the online retail space is worth a whopping four and a half trillion dollars and is only expected to grow from here. Amazon has also mentioned that they've seen over 450,000 small businesses taking advantage of their FBA offering. So fulfilled by Amazon and I've mentioned this in many of my previous video, so I won't touch upon it again in terms of what kind of jobs you can look into if you are interested in retail, particularly e-commerce, there's a myriad of them you can look into fulfillment jobs, which means that you will be in charge of sourcing products and bringing them into warehouses from where they will be shipped to consumers who order them. You can look into category management, which means that you will be working on making sure there is a good balance of different products in certain categories and how they are merchandised and how they are sold to the final consumers. You can look into product design, for example, and I have a very good friend who has a great product idea and is really keen to find a talented product designer who would be able to bring her idea to life. And in fact, if you're intereste

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