hi guys Anastasia here today I'm excited to share with you seven crazy websites that Leverage The Power of AI I will provide the links to all the websites and the tools that I showed you in the description box below along with the time stamps for your convenience so let's dive into this first tool and that's CH Chrome extensions by now everyone knows about Chad GPT and I made many videos about it but there are new interesting plugins for Chad GPT that are saving me a ton of time there is this summary with Chad GPT for example it's a Nifty Chrome extension available on the Chrome web store once installed its magic becomes apparent when watching YouTube videos simply click on its icon located on the upper right corner and voila Chad GPT provides a concise summary of the content that you're watching I took my own video for this example so obviously I know what I talked about in this video and the summary is quite good the next tool is room design AI [Music] generator AI is pretty much the new best friend if you are planning or changing your interior design it's like like your personal design assistant that gets smarter over time giving you 3D visualizations to help you see exactly how your space will look before you even lift a finger this cool AI tool can go through tons of data to give you personalized recommendations you can choose the room type upload a photo of your room I uploaded a photo of living room I had on my computer then select one of the Styles like contemporary vintage industrial minimalist and many more I will actually try the Japanese style and you can also decide how strongly should be the original image reference in the AI generated design and here you can choose between 1 and 100% click create and here you go you will get a couple of interior design ideas in Japanese style to work with the free version gives you enough credits to test many different styles for the same space it's like it knows exactly what's trending what you like and what the whole world is into and then it uses all that info to come up with the Perfect Design just for you neat right the next AI tool will be really interesting for my subscribers who are into blogging it's free AI blog [Music] writer did you know that you can turn topics into instant blog drafts with this free AI blog writer tool from hopspot who kindly sponsored this section of the video it's totally free to use just use the link in the description below and answer a few questions to sign up juggling between apps and tools when you're writing content for a Blog can be difficult and it's also expensive if you need to use several AI tools but here you create a new blog post and you can click on this AI writing tool right inside your blog and start generating content for in the same window first I suggest that we generate an outline for our blog post with 10 Pinterest marketing tips for beginners it's just a topic that I often cover on my YouTube channel so it's easy for me to see that AI generates pretty meaningful and helpful texts here see this outline even suggests which part of the text should be H2 or H3 headlines which will help you with SE optimization of the article you can click on this short short intro and try to change the tone to educational for example and the outcome sounds great then we can take one of the article sections and try to expand it using this AI tool the thing is sometimes it expands it too much so then you can select the expanded text and click on this AI tool to generate a shorter version what I also liked in this blog writer is that they really take care of your SEO see these reminders that you should add a meta description and a featured image if we open it the meta description can also be generated with AI you can then improve your post title just click generate and the first version looks a bit longer than it should be for Google Su so we can click on regenerate and the tool will generate a new catch a title in no time use the link in the description below to create a free blog and write all your content with hopspot AI tool next up let's talk about this super cool AI powered text to voice generator that sounds like the real deal head over to play. HD and prepare to be amazed by all the things that you can do you can use it for YouTube videos explainer videos online courses or even create an Audi book you can choose from over 800 natural sounding AI voices that have humanlike intonation currently you can generate voices in over a 100 languages and different accents here is how it works type in the text that you want to transform into speech I actually submit here a part of my script for this video so let's see how this male voice named Matt will be able to talk for me to the type of video You're creating whether it's um training video narrative or advertis oh my God this voice sounds so human with all this pauses and intonations I think I sound more robotic than this voice let me know in the comments below if I should switch to using AI voices instead of my [Music] own all right Foodies this one is for you meet let's foodie your new favorite recipe generator and the best part it's totally free here here's how it works just type in the ingredients that you've got hanging out in your kitchen or the ones that you're looking up to use and voila let's foodie will whip up a personalized recipe just for you it's the perfect way to make sure nothing goes to waste and that random leftover food in your fridge turns into something absolutely delicious but hey don't take my word for it try it out for yourself and b a okay guys get ready for this super fun AI image generator that turns any text into an image it's kind of like the AI tool called mid Journey but way easier to use it because you don't have to bother with smart prompts or learning all the complicated parameters just describe what you want and let the AI do its thing in my case I wanted to see a baby elephant playing in a jungle and I will choose the category of art here and in a few moments we get a beautiful image of an elephant you can play around with some other options many categories actually will have additional Styles under them and you can also choose how many images you want to generate just note that free accounts can only select two images here pick your canvas size for example Square portrait or landscape and so many more set settings have fun with [Music] it next up is soundful this is your new go-to AI generated music and the best part is that it's totally free here's how it works sign up for a free account pick your music genre and let soundful work its magic to create a song just for you not feeling the vibe no problem just click to create a new preview and voila and a brand new song at your fingertips once you've got a tune that makes you want to dance you can even tweak it to your heart's content by speeding up the beat or slowing things down and let me tell you for all the content creators out there soundful has ser

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