This is what’s going on and it has to stop

um at 8 00 pm on february 23rd i received a text message from my short videos editor saying that they're fleeing their home because they're being bombed and she won't be able to get back to me and basically i texted her a lot of work-related stuff before that i couldn't believe that at first um i grew up in russia we have a history of war of the second world war and my school took it really seriously and we constantly met with veterans we talked about war my city saint petersburg was surrounded for 900 days which left people inside the city without food or water in a cold winter and i've heard the stories about the horrors of that from people who are actually there and at that time when i heard those stories all i thought was my generation would never allow something like this in my value system the most precious thing that we have is human lives and there is no conflict or no problem that can be solved using weapons and my only wish right now is that everything stops the videos that you're watching are edited by a guy who's ukrainian who's also hiding from bombs uh a person responsible for brand deals on this channel was in kiev then she fled uh she went to another town in ukraine to hide from bombs as a person who provides jobs i want to keep providing them as a human i want to be able to help as much as i can and for the first two days i was i was frozen i couldn't move i just cried so i've been in touch uh with my followers from ukraine and dms and three days ago i got a message from a girl who was hiding from bombs and she's still there and she texts me marina i'm hiding from bombs i need job i can do anything i just need job i just could not ignore this i gave her some basic tasks i basically researched trending tick tock topics on the topic of english language which is my main channel lingua marina and uh she started helping me and i realized i actually have you guys entrepreneurs and people who are running small businesses and i thought what if we all unite and hire a couple of ukrainians give them some type of job it's not just about money it's also about staying sane doing something when they hear bombs exploding next to them if you know someone or maybe you are willing to hire someone and not every ukrainian speaks english but we have a special chat where we post jobs by you for ukrainians who speak english and again some ukrainians have very good english if you look at my tick tock 2 million followers the person behind it is from ukraine 50 of videos on this channel are edited by a guy from ukraine some of them have great english and they can help you with all sorts of tasks so if you're willing to do that uh there's a form down below if you could fill it in if you could share it with your friends who might hire and help people in this situation and of course my country is affected like russia is basically isolated these days from the rest of the world and a lot of people are losing jobs peop the currency lost at 30 percent this value ruble lost against dollar and uh the most heartbreaking thing is that people stop getting access to imported treatments and their lives depend on that my next step will be also helping people from my country who were affected by this but i also ask you to not hate russians just because they have a russian passport because most people i know are not behind this and they don't support war they want peace they and i we i don't even have this understanding like this person is ukrainian this person is russian and this person is somebody else we're all people i've always been like i'm a citizen of the world everybody should be a citizen of the world living where they want working remotely for me like everything is happening i just can't believe it people hating each other people throwing bombs at each other so if you can't help please join me in this effort if you're ukrainian watching this channel i'm gonna leave all the links below so you can share if you're russian watching this channel i'm gonna leave a link to my telegram channel where i'm posting information about work visas other opportunities and uh hopefully we would be able to open this up for everyone who's affected by this situation but my first priority is to help people who lost their homes their safety who had to flee where they live and because half of the team that runs this channel is ukrainian my job as someone who provides jobs is to keep providing them and this is why i'm hoping that starting next week i will be able to resume with the content i have some pre-recorded videos because what i currently feel i just can't film lifestyle content but i have some videos i made an interview with one of my favorite creators joma i made a couple more videos so we'll keep posting them because providing jobs for my editors for my sales manager is my responsibility and again if you can join me in helping to hire people affected by this i would really highly appreciate it if you could share with your fellow entrepreneurs who are willing to hire people please make it thank you guys so much and thank you for everyone who supported me these days and texted me i know like i'm a wreck right now but i also i can't even compare like i don't understand what people whose houses were bombed what they are feeling these days and my only wish is that everything stops as we speak and yeah thank you guys

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