5 Genius Ways to Make Big Money as a Video Editor (No Expertise Needed)

there is a skill that you can learn right now that'll have you making Top Dollar by the end of 2024 and before you think that the market might be too saturated to be able to make money with this kill let's bust that myth so here are very unique paths to profit in video editing that you probably haven't considered yet the demand for video editors is higher than ever and in fact the film and video editor job market in the United States alone is expected to grow by 177% by 2026 and here's a number that I think we should all wrap our heads around over the next decade it is anticipated that in the us alone we will need an additional 12,100 film and video editors can you imagine what that number would look like worldwide and this growth is fueled by the rising demand for digital content across various platforms which in my opinion indicates a solid market for skilled video editors and yes it gets even better and you can see that for yourself if you hop onto upwork you will find over 7 ,000 video editing gigs that are app for grabs right now and that is just the tip of the iceberg because more of these are posted daily and in my opinion the best part is that you can do this from anywhere in the world anytime that you want to as long as you have the right skills and you can use the right tools and sometimes honestly it is as easy as typing prompts but let me come back to this in a moment okay so the first way that you can make money with video editing is unbelievable in my opinion and I don't understand why more people don't do this have you heard of Russell Brunson The Mastermind behind clickfunnels and no he didn't just build a software company in my opinion he completely revolutionized the way that webinars and video sales letters are done because his approach turned these tools into an art form of persuasion and storytelling which not only captivates audiences but also Drive sales and here's where it gets really interesting for you Brunson success has sparked a huge massive threat friend because thousands of entrepreneurs that are part of his funnel hacker tribe are now eager to replicate his success and they're on the lookout for a talented individual who can create similar magnetic webinars and video sales letters for their businesses and The Surge has created a booming explosive market for video editors with a talent for storytelling these editors who can turn a simple pitch into an engaging and persuasive story can command hundreds or or even a thousands of dollars for just one project but I think it's really important for you to understand one thing here we're not talking about cutting clips and doing basic editing we're talking about storytelling and taking the viewer on a journey that can basically take them from Curiosity to conversion so here's the thing that you need to know you don't need to be Russell Brunson to make this work with the right storytelling techniques and some editing skills you could be the wizard behind the webinar and the video sales letters that businesses are desperately looking for for example here's somebody on Fiverr who offers this exact type of services they have orders in the queue they've gotten over 200 testimonials and they charge $35 probably close to $40 for 30 seconds of running time and if we look at their premium offering they charge upwards of $150 for 800 words worth of video sales letter that shouldn't be longer than 350 seconds of running time I think that's a pretty good deal let's take another look here's somebody on upwork who also does video sales letters and who charges $80 an hour he was able to make over $80,000 across over 140 jobs on upwork so basically all you need to remember is that the higher the conversion from the viewer to buyer that your Cent clients can get the more jobs that you will be able to grab either as a reference or by showcasing your results on the freelance platform of your choice and other people will be dying to hire you because they want the same results the second way that you can make money with video editing is one that I think is so underutilized ever dreamt of running a successful YouTube channel but maybe you're camera shy well guess what faceless YouTube channels are all the rage right now and they're making some serious money if you've ever watched channels like watch Mojo or top 10 or kis act or bright side they are making substantial earnings and we can check that on social blade if you want and these channels focus on delivering quality content even without showing their faces and viewers absolutely love them and in my opinion the key to success here is content quality and consistency and obviously understanding your audience and the beauty of faceless channels is that you can create content about anything that you're passionate about from educational topics to listicles and anything in between now here's where it gets even more exciting you can start your own faceless Channel and I am going to show you how and the crazy part is that you can do that from your phone and I'm going to show you how to do that right now using the Nido Ai mobile app this app is a complete game changer it makes video creation so straightforward and so accessible to everybody so let me show you how to do that you want to go to your App Store and search for in video AI so once you have your app downloaded you will need to connect either creating a new account or by logging in with your existing account if you've used nid AI on your desktop now as as you get to the main page you obviously see that we can include the prompt directly or make some selections first I'm going to go for a short that I want to create and then in the prompt I'm going to ask nid AI to create for me let's see um a YouTube short about the Great Depression highlighting the impact that it had on the American monetary system and macroeconomy please do this in an American accent and use a male [Music] voice cue The Roaring 20s a time of prosperity jazz music and flapper girls then crash the stock market plummets in 1929 marking the start of the Great Depression it was the most severe and long-lasting economic downturn in the history of the western industrialized world the American monetary system was hit hard banks failed savings evaporated and the money supply shrank now that our video is already created we can make changes to it for example if you don't like the output and you want the AI to try again we even have the option to regenerate by clicking this button down here and if you forget something you can add to this command prompt here anything you want to change for example make the video in black and white otherwise for minimal changes you don't have to stick to whatever the AI gives you if you don't like it to so what we're going to do is go ahead and click edit and here we will be able to either edit the visuals that it uses or edit the script if there's something that you would like to either add or remove or maybe change certain

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