🎉 What it’s like blowing up for the 1st time on Youtube & sharing my 2023 goals

I have to say the beginning of this year has been really really great so far I want to share like what's been going on for me how I'm feeling with everything especially with one of my YouTube videos getting really big all of a sudden it's like the first video that ever got really big and then I also want to share with you my goals for this year because I love planning and making goals so I don't know how long you've been following me on my YouTube channel maybe some of you found me through the Etsy video that got really big or some of you are like my OG subscribers but this entire time that I've been doing YouTube so it's been two years and three months of me starting my channel and I've made about 100 videos I think this is like the 100 and second video or 103rd video I've made a lot of videos and most of the videos did not perform well and this entire time like this entire two years YouTube has been like a huge struggle at the beginning I felt like I was trying to be a person that I was wasn't like I was trying to be super duper energetic in my videos it just it just drained so much energy out of me the easiest way to start off as calligrapher with making money is to sell greeting cards so and something that I've struggled with my whole life is I was really self-conscious and I had low self-confidence so I think when I started my YouTube channel I was like it was really scary to be in a video and like put it on the internet and also like at the beginning my video quality was just horrible and my audio quality was horrible and so getting through that phase of just like starting my channel I think it was really hard and then I did kind of get into a routine of filming videos like doing a video every single week but I still felt like something was not right and I shared a lot about my Pivot on this channel but basically for a year and a half or maybe a year to a year and a half I was making videos on how to start a calligraphy business that was like the niche and it totally makes sense because I kind of started the YouTube channel thinking that I would make these videos which would then funnel people into the different kinds of programs I had for calligraphers but last year so last summer in 2022 I decided to like officially pivot out of that and to just make videos that I want to make and outside of the calligraphy Niche so I wanted to do more personal development stuff just general business stuff and just like share more about my life so I think the entire one and a half years before that of me doing YouTube I just it just didn't it just didn't flow like when I made videos it just felt super hard and super draining but I think the past six months after I made the pivot it's been so much better and I feel like I've made so many videos that I am used to talking into the camera now I feel like it's pretty natural and I don't get stuck in all the thoughts that oh my God I need to be this way or this way on YouTube and I really like in the past few months I've really made an effort to like just chill and be like just be me on my channel and to not be someone that I not okay so anyways the whole point of me sharing that is like the last two years with YouTube have really been a struggle with my confidence with audio and video equipment the best performing video that I made was the how to start a greeting card business and that one just kind of grew gradually it did well the past one and a half years and it has 59 000 views but that was just like very steady growth so basically the last few months I've been feeling like really good about YouTube and I just knew like so I had a feeling in 2022 that by the at the end of 20 to 22 something big would happen in my business I did write this in my journal and it actually happened like I just had this feeling that something would get bigger because it's not just YouTube YouTube was a struggle but I think the entire three years three and a half years after I quit my job the entire time and has been a huge struggle in everything that I've done with quitting my job and then um continuing to teach calligraphy workshops and then doing business coaching for our calligraphers and then starting YouTube and everything just felt like really like a struggle like it was just not easy the whole time but I just felt like in 2022 at the by the end of 2022 something would happen what led up to that was in the fall of 2022 I let go of some people who were I feel like energetically we just didn't align and it was like really really bringing me down for a really long time so I let go of those people and like the last three months of 2022 have been really great like I feel like I have so much more energy I have so much more space to be creative and to really work on the things that I want to do so that's when I started my Etsy shop in November so I started making sales from that beginning of November you can check out this video here about my first month on Etsy and this video is actually the video that changed everything so I started the Etsy and then I made the video about my one month on F see so I posted that video on December 23rd and on December 28th it just like started taking off and I was like I was I was shocked but I was like I kind of knew this was gonna happen like I just had a feeling this was gonna happen because I was I had so much more energy in general in my business and I just knew that it would all pay off so on December 28th the video started taking off and it's been about three weeks since then that video like really helped my channel like I grew 2 000 subscribers so I went from like 4 000 now I have six thousand maybe by the time you watch this video it'll be like seven thousand maybe and that video it has the highest number of views on my channel now so it beat the 59 000 views that took one and a half years to accumulate on the greeting card business video so when this video got big it just felt like everything was working out like I felt so good about the Etsy already like the Etsy Shop itself is doing well and then this s Etsy Shop led me to make this YouTube video and the YouTube video did well and so I just think when that happened like the last three weeks I've been so happy that like finally I feel like everything is taking off and I'm finally on that like curve and it feels almost effortless like I feel like things are not that hard anymore it's just it feels amazing so whether or not you found me recently on YouTube or you've been following me for a while I just want to thank you for being there on my journey and even if you followed me recently I feel like my journey is just getting started I'm like really excited for this year which leads into I want to talk about my goals for 2023. oh I did talk about my 2022 biggest lessons that I learned in another video so if you want to learn what happened in 2022 you can learn it there um but basically in 2023 so every year I have like a phrase of the Year kind of like a um som

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