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hey everyone and welcome to my guide on the best AI writing tool on the market which can be used for things such as small business marketing affiliate marketing or even content creation this SEO writing tool created this entire article here for me with one click and it includes things such as images videos proper citations and proper readability for the everyday person and in this video I'm going to give you a complete walkthrough on how you can easily create the same article with one click and even how you can schedule it onto your website the of the tool that I'm talking about is called SEO writing. a and in order to get started all you need to do is come over here to SEO writing. and sign up with a free account you can get a generalized feel for it and what it produces for free no credit card is required to get signed up now once in the tool the website's going to look like this and the two things I'm going to be going over in this video with you are the oneclick blog post and also briefly the bulk article generator as well let's begin first with the one blog post once into the article Creator you can begin by giving it a few words on what you want your article to be about so let's say that you have a roofing company and you need an article that talks about the different Roofing options you also may want to educate your customers on why it's important to have a good Roofing installed things to that nature so you can just type it in into the main title keyword Roofing needs and then select generate title and this tool is going to generate an SEO optimized title for the article so the first thing to select is under language you're going to go ahead and select your language next is tone of voice they have many different options in which you may want your blog post or article to sound like for me I'm going to just select casual and then point of view first person singular first person plural second person is what I recommend if you're doing it for your small business so you your yours and then Target country you just select whichever Target country you are in and what whoever you are targeting for me it's obviously the United States and then over here on the right is the article size if you look to the right it's going to give you generalized amount of words that will be in the article so for medium that's what they give you but for large is what I'm going to do and it's going to be roughly up to 5200 words the power of the AI models is important if you're looking to use it for Advan things like the readability factor and also for proper citations I'm going to put it on high and the humanized text enhances readability and bypasses that AI detection so for me I'm going to put the recommended 8th and 9th grade which is easily understood for the everyday person if you want to know more about it you can just select this little exclamation point and it's going to give you a further description of what that humanized text is important for and what it's used for under details to include this is important information that aligns with your business so for example they give you samples here so if you're writing a about your roofing company it says specify three services which should be described give your business phone number give them a quote for your Roofing Services it also gives you a couple other samples here so this is great for posting that educational information on your business website so the intense mode is going to add that information into each section which I'm going to select and then here I'm just writing exactly what it gave us in that sample so for the roofing put in the three services roof installation roof repair and roof inspection include a phone number and then give a quote for the price what your price starts at next under media hub they give you the option to select images and also YouTube videos that are relevant for the topic or business that you're offering so for the AI images I'm selecting five I'm also selecting the style so for a business I think it's best probably just to go with the first one that said photo however you have all these options to choose from and then the image size of course is going to fit your website of the 16.9 I'm leaving that and then YouTube videos yes I'm going to select up to four and then the layout options I'm going to select alternate you can select alternate image and video and then under SEO these are going to be keywords that are going to be included into your blog post or article so you can just select it to automatically generate them you don't have to worry about that it'll do it for you and then the next one is structure so introductory hook brief how to really hook in your customers if you're doing this for small business I like to do statistical or fact which is going to give them a statistic or fact on why it would be important to utilize your service I feel like that is a really great option when you're using this tool for your business now the next section just is for conclusion if you want that tables I'm going to select for H3 no lists I'm going to leave yes italics yes quotes I feel are pretty Irrelevant for this so I'm going to select no key takeaways yes facts and bold I'm going to leave yes now under external linking that will automatically integrate authorative and relevant external links into your content so also allowing you to manually specify desired links I'm going to put automatic one to two and then place it at the bottom now the connect to web is their new feature so that will scrape 100 plus websites for statistical data on what they're adding into your article which is very important when you're educating your customers on a Business website so for that I'm selecting yes include Source links yes but the citations I don't feel is relevant for this I selected no and then the outline editor is optional you can upload your own outline editor for how you want it to look if you want that you would just select enable the outline editor and then it'll give you the option to go over that and then also to upload from Excel or paste from Excel for me I'm not doing that so I'm just going to unclick that box and then under publish to WordPress I will show you this a little bit later if you want it to automatically publish on your website you could select yes here but if you want to do any editing or proofreading or anything that nature I'm just leaving it as no and then the open AI API key is optional you would just select yes or no I'm leaving it at no then from there just go back up to the top and hit run depending on the complexity of your article it'll take just a few minutes and then from here let's go ahead and take a look at that completed article so here's that article solve your Roofing needs with expert Solutions here's at the top it gives that statistical fact like I said which is great for business it says did you know that keeping your roof in good shape can add thousands to your home's v

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