$637 A Month Per Picture – Crazy AI And ChatGpt Side Hustles Anyone Can Do!

create a black and white bunny picture go wait a minute what is that and how could that possibly be worth 637 bucks a month all right guys it's Marcus here and today we are talking about three unconventional kind of weird ways to make money with chat GPT Ai and other automated programs and we're going to talk about whatever the heck this is and why it's the key to making money online so smash that like button and let's dive in method number one help with content this is where we're going to do SEO where we get ranked in the search engines we're going to create video content and content for social media now it's very important that when we're looking at these methods we focus on actual content that's going to get the results we want if we just go out there and have this spin a bunch of content throw it up on the web chances are we're not going to rank very well and since most people that are using a icon content or just pasting this up on the web the chance of you making money for a long time with this method is actually pretty bad so instead what we're gonna do is let AI direct our path fill in the blanks post these on the web and make money here's how it works instead of just going to chat GPT and asking it something random like create an article about elephants what we're going to do is we're going to direct the AI to get us information that would have taken us hours to get otherwise think comparisons versus product specs prices differences between or even 12 chapters about more about this one in just a minute if we could go out there and think differently about how AI works and have it create specific content based on keywords people are searching for maybe something like 350 TI versus 360. this is talking about a video card and we could see here 3 000 people each and every month are searching for this phrase not only that but the competition is only three that's like nothing and you can see here on Google there's not that much competition there's some videos this should be pretty easy to rank for so all I would need to do is go over to chatgpt and ask it to create me a nice little report create a report on the differences between 350 TI and 360 video cards with specs memory and prices boom now chat GPT is going to go to work to get me traffic for that keyword and once it's done you're going to have a nice little article like this that you can tweak and put on your website to get traffic and the key to making this work is actually very simple what we are going to do is create a website that is all about the topic in question maybe we're going to do graphics cards or some other type of product or service or maybe we're just going to make a site like that versus site that ranks for all different kinds of keywords about different products or different things that are compared with each other we're going to make this site very tight-knit all around the specific topic so maybe I'm just going to focus on different graphics cards I can use keywords like TI versus 380 I could do things like the new 4800 or whatever it is versus the 3800 I could talk about different graphics cards for AMD or Intel or ryzen or threadripper or whatever it is and all of the traffic is going to start to add up come to my website and I am going to make money in a very simple way first I can go become an affiliate of Amazon and sell the actual cards I can also become an affiliate of Best Buy Newegg or any other computer parts seller all I need to do is put a link on my website when the person goes to Amazon or Best Buy or wherever it is and purchases the video card I am going to get paid not only that but we can actually put automated ads on our website from Google AdSense mediavine taboola or any other paid ad Network and when these ads get clicked on again I get paid and the name of the game is to use AI to direct our path we don't want to just copy and paste we want to let AI dictate where we're going to go and do the legwork for us which is going to save us hundreds of hours not to mention all the money I'm Gonna Save from not having to pay content writers and you can see some of the websites doing this exact same thing here's a GPU or graphics card site a benchmark site and this site up here versus.com if we were to put this in our favorite keyword tool ahrefs we could see that the traffic value of this site is over six hundred thousand dollars a month month and a lot of the keywords they're ranking for are video cards computer products different video game systems and on and on we go and since advertisers are willing to pay for this traffic we can make a lot of money you can also use chat GPT to tell you different lists I could go over here and say list the best graphics cards I can ask chat GPT to create a list of the best products or best ways to lose weight or whatever it is the sky is literally the limit or I can ask it to come up with chapter titles if I'm putting together a book a video or I simply want an outline on my website of content I need to make come up with 12 chapter titles for a book on how to lose weight and chat GPT is literally going to spit out 12 chapter titles for my new book website blog or whatever it is and now for a special bonus tip one of the things that chat GPT is super good at is simple information stuff like this product versus that product how much does this cost or Define and grammar issues wait a minute what yep exactly just this morning I went ahead and bought this domain web learn eng.com now the reason I bought this is because it ranks for all different types of grammar and spelling mistake keywords we can see here it has like adapter versus adapter and we can see it's ranking right here on the front page of Google we also have tear or tear again right there on the front page of Google not only that but this domain literally ranks for thousands of different keywords which is why I bought it this morning for about 400 bucks now I could simply use chat GPT or another AI program and say Define tear or tear and it's going to create some simple content about the difference between the two words and when to use them I simply put this up on the new domain I bought and boom I get traffic instantly but Marcus how is that gonna make you any money well I'm glad you asked because actually it's very simple what we're going to do is go over to a site like offer Vault right here and type in grammar for the grammarly affiliate program this is an affiliate program that pays you every time someone signs up as a lead for a new grammarly account and since these people are looking up grammar issues and how to correct their grammar this is going to be perfect and as we can see here it pays up to Fifteen dollars for a simple lead and it looks like the fifteen dollars you get is based on a free trial which means it doesn't even cost anything for the people visiting your website but when they sign up you get paid so what we're gonna do is have our website like this we are goin

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