Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: What It Is + How to Succeed

I found the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing for complete beginners in fact doing this method I was able to go ahead and pull in 300 000 in net commissions so what actually is affiliate marketing well let's actually find out so affiliate marketing is very simple people want to buy things like people want to buy a t-shirt people want to buy shorts people want to go ahead and buy laptops people want to go ahead and buy this camera thingy people want to go ahead and buy this lamp people want to go ahead and buy that lamp there's a lot of people that want to buy things and what an affiliate marketer does is he finds someone who already is looking to buy those products and he goes ahead and puts that product in front of someone that already wants to go and buy that product does that make sense one of the best affiliate marketers that I know is my mom she's like super Asian gets her Korean eyebrows done every single day and not every single day or else she'd like run out of eyebrows but essentially whenever she likes a product or service she literally tells all of my aunties and all of my cousins to get their eyebrows done at the exact same Salon she's sending all of this business to this random Korean lady that does my mom's Filipino eyebrows but the craziest thing is this Korean lady never paid my mama single dollar now affiliate marketing is essentially that if the Korean lady actually paid my mom money she would essentially been paid for her referrals and all affiliate marketing is is a referral business and a matchmaking business matching people with products that they already desire now here are the results that you could get obviously like the three hundred thousand dollars in that commissions most people aren't going to do that I'm just kind of crazy but when I first got started in affiliate marketing I just thought if I could just find a way to make 100 100 without having my own product without having my own service without having to all do all the delivery or the customer service I could actually be free and that's what everyone's goals should be when they first get started with affiliate marketing to get to your first 100 and hit your first belief check so how are you going to do that well here is a story on how I accidentally met the top ClickBank affiliate marketers in the planet in a random Singaporean dinner so obviously if you want to go ahead and learn the skill if you want to go ahead and get good at something you're going to go ahead and learn some from someone that already has the results you want right like if you want to get good at basketball you listen to Michael Jordan Soccer David Beckham if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing why are you not going to go ahead and learn from someone that has already money with affiliate marketing and essentially how I got good at affiliate marketing was I remember I got invited to a dinner table that I couldn't afford Son by a bunch of literally clickbanks top affiliate marketers on the planet and some guys were making like millions of dollars one guy was making a million dollars a month and my entire brain was just like shattered because I didn't think that was possible remember my first goal was a hundred dollars a day I didn't think that I could ever do what it is that these guys were freaking doing but I humbled myself and I was willing to learn in essentially what they did is they explained to me exactly how their affiliate marketing business works well affiliate marketing is very simple most businesses out there focus on creating a product the problem with creating a product is people might not want the product in the future but if you build an audience or an email list or a group of people that have a pain point the pain Point won't go away the pain point in health and wealth and love and happiness that will always be there and as long as you can go ahead and find other people's products I can solve those people's problems and match make them together you could essentially make money and you're probably wondering well how much money do actual affiliate marketers make well you saw my results but the craziest thing is there's literally companies like all they do is they recommend credit cards banking investing mortgages insurance they do 379 million dollars a year so yeah people can make pretty good money they can do that what's stopping you from making 100 a day so let's actually go over how to get started with affiliate marketing now that you understand what it is number one choose a niche now what I've learned from my mentor is the deeper the pain the more money that you make it's that simple if you want to make a lot of money in affiliate marketing choose a deep pain how I chose my Niche is health wealth love dive deep into the pain points of health wealth love because people are always going to want to go ahead and be healthy everyone's always going to want to make more money everyone's always going to want to make sweet love with their lovers everyone's always going to want to look good naked if you just get good at building audiences around those topics you will always be able to go ahead and make money the second step of what you want to do is you want to decide a platform now obviously I'm kind of biased but I just like YouTube Why YouTube pays me YouTube is the only platform that has been giving me consistent income for years and years and years and years and two it's just like the easiest why are you gonna go ahead and like if there was a hard way to do something and easy way to do something why not just use the easier way now you're probably wondering well Mike what if I don't want to show my face on camera what if I want don't want to be some dancing monkey on the freaking screen there are actually ways around it I'll show you how you want to go ahead and decide a platform just because out of all the platforms that I've used YouTube has still been the best way either creating content with my face on it or running YouTube ads where my face isn't on it YouTube was the ultimate platform for for example affiliate marketing for me you could go ahead and try proving me wrong but it might take time and years of your life to figure it out just literally go ahead and see what am I doing why am I focusing on making so much videos on YouTube why am I doing all these things because this is where the money is at does that make sense The Next Step find affiliate program to join it's very simple you can go ahead and go to or because I learned from ClickBank millionaires huh maybe if I just learn well what affiliate platform do they use oh probably ClickBank cool what are the top products on ClickBank look at this health and wellness supplements paying hundreds of dollars in commissions cool sign up for free now the next thing you want to do is create content organically or run ads and again one you could go ahead and do showing your face on c

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