why is it so hard to live in the moment?

how much of Life do you remember [Music] Sam you felt like you're present in the current moment for physically here but our minds are always busy always somewhere else I heard this call and can't stop thinking about it you're depressed because you're living in the past you're anxious because you're living in the future you're only at peace when you live in the present but it's easier said than done how can we actually live in the moment for that first we need to understand the reason why our lives is slipping away from our hands they often spend our time on autopilot going through emotions without actively engaging with our surroundings we let our minds Wonder thinking about what happened yesterday or what we need to do tomorrow that we lose sight of today we're constantly surrounded by destructions making it difficult to focus on just one thing at a time and as a result we're very rarely fully present in our lives this is exactly why it feels like our lives are slipping away from our hands one of the biggest reasons we don't live in the present is because we never shut up we constantly talk to ourselves as philosopher Alan Watts puts in if you're talking all the time we never hear what anyone else has to say in the same way if you're talking to ourselves all the time we're never listening and never in a relationship with reality so how can you find peace in your busy mind to live in the present moment we need to practice mindfulness being mindful is almost like a muscle the more you train it the better you become in it in an era full with distractions this is a skill we all need to get and I'm going to honest with you this is probably my weakest areas that I'm trying to improve with my ADHD brain so in order to live in the moment we need to practice mindfulness let me explain what mindfulness is when you're mindful You observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance without judging when you become mindful according to the author Jade Dixit you're able to be with your thoughts as they are neither grasping at them nor pushing them away instead of letting your life go by without living it you awake into a richer experience mindful people are generally happier more exuberant and more secure they have higher self-esteem decreased ego involvement and are likely to have less chronic pain and increased immune systems practicing mindfulness was one of the areas that I overlooked and didn't care about till this year I was pushing myself harder and harder each day for a better future but I realized if I'm not living in the moment right now when the future comes I'll do the same thing I'll always chase the better future without ever tasting the right now without ever tasting the present moment I was trying to support my family financially grow my business make more money any shape this and that and all these stress piled up and I started actually to lose my hair I lost a significant amount of weight without even trying but then I decided to reflect on this and even though it sounds stupid I matured and I accepted the fact that I also need rest no matter how strong productive effective you are everyone needs a good rest I started practicing mindfulness here and there and right now I'm trying to do it every day and for that I use the aura Aura is a new mindfulness and sleep app that won the best of Apple Ward and is used by over 7 million people it's basically an all-in-one app for your well-being and sleep it has thousands of meditations stories and so much more like CBT life coaching and breath work and spirituality I've been using their meditation guide to reduce stress get better sleep and improve focus and the difference between Aura and the other apps is that there is so much Variety in personalization so you can find a guide that fits perfectly for your needs and finally practicing mindfulness every day or let's say I'm aiming to and if you want to get started for completely free on aura's website use my special link in description the first 500 people get free trial and also a 20 exclusive discount join me on the mindfulness Journey there is an Arabic saying that goes if you want to die throw yourself in the ocean you will find yourself fighting to survive you don't want to kill yourself you wanna something inside of you it's easy to get caught up in our own lives chasing after personal success and happiness however it's equally important to focus on making others happy by doing so we can help bring purpose and meaning to our lives I remember when my family was financially well off and I was making around like 100 to 120k dollars per year however I was only trying to make money for myself and after a short while I started to feel unfulfilled even though I was making more than I needed I experienced burnout and felt unmotivated every day focusing solely on our happiness can leave us feeling unfulfilled and empty and when my uncle scammed us and we ended up in a huge debt I decided to protect and provide for my family and that's when I found the meaning of my life it was no longer a personal goal but a shared one that's when I really started to push harder and further without feeling burned out or lacking motivation we need to understand that we're part of a larger community and our actions have an impact on the world around us I'm not saying to go and become a people pleaser always please yourself first but don't forget to please other even small acts of kindness or generosity can have a ripple effect that extends far beyond what we can see when we choose to make the world a better place even in small ways we're contributing to a larger movement of compassion and positivity while helping to create a better Society for ourselves and future Generations so let's not underestimate the power of our actions no matter how insignificant they might seem by making others happy we can bring a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives we can help make the world a better place one small act of kindness at a time in order to live in the present moment we need to give up the urge to sit in pick the ownership to who you are we're all unique with different strengths and weaknesses don't hide this uniqueness just to be like others in today's world of social media it's easy to compare ourselves to others we often change how we act or how we look like to get more likes or comments but we must remember every choice we make should be based on what we believe in not what others think before or you do something ask yourself do I really want to do this or am I doing this because I want others to like me if you're about to post a photo on Instagram ask yourself if you really want to share that moment or if you're just trying to impress others just because others thinks something is cool doesn't mean you have to do it if it's not true to who you are for example just because your friend is smoking next to you don't smoke together if you're not a smoker if there is a party at your office and it's no

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