Full $1,000/Day TikTok Creativity Program Tutorial for Beginners (2024)

so this is over $111,000 from the Tik Tok creativity program and quite frankly this might be the easiest way to make your first $10,000 a month online but too many people are doing it completely wrong so in this step-by-step tutorial we will go over how to get instantly monetized from any country around the world how to get views fast and how to go viral what are the best niches and how to actually make your first $10,000 as fast as possible and the reason I know this works is because some of the members of the online business Club are doing the Tik Tok creativity program and this person in particular did about €50,000 which is about $60,000 us and I'm also send this person that made over $4,000 in 3 days from the Tik Tok creativity program so first of all what is actually the Tik Tok creativity program well in my words Tik Tok creativity program is essentially Tik tok's way of battling YouTube in their ad Revenue program Google AdSense so Tik Tok is now trying to pay as much as possible to their creators and they've been successful for the last few months in fact some of the accounts are actually being paid over $2 per 1,000 views but on average I would say anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar for 1,000 views either way in order to actually apply for the creativity program you need to have a us-based account to be at least 18 years old have at least 10,000 followers and have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days but in this video I will walk you through the process on how to actually bypass all of this and get instantly monetized even if you're not in the US now first of all if you're in the US and you have have your Tik Tok account and you've already surpassed 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views then you can just navigate to The Creator tool section and you can click on the creativity program and you can right away just apply for the creativity program better now if you don't have 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views you can simply head over to dfy dave.com Tik Tok monetization and you can get an instantly monetized Tik Tok account so that way you don't actually have to wait for months to reach the monetization requirements and you can basically just start making money from day one one depending on how many views your videos get if you decide to get instantly monetized you will actually have to follow this step-by-step guide to set up your account so first of all you would navigate to settings and privacy you would go to security and permissions you would select the two step verification process and you would add your phone number now if you don't have a Us phone number or if you want to use a different one that is not connected to your existing TK to account then you can just get an e so you can basically go to some of the websites that are selling high quality e SIM cards and then you can just search for the US and you can find one here so you can buy it for like four or five bucks and you can use my code the Dave 5469 to save $3 so it's going to be $3 cheaper if you use that code and essentially you would just press buy you would read and accept their terms and service and privacy policy and then basically just pay and once you do that your order will be completed so you will just click on view eim details and you will just click on view instructions and it's going to show you step by step how to actually install the eim but it's it's pretty simple all you got to do is basically just scan this QR code and as you do that the E will instantly be installed it's essentially going to have a different label so once it has been installed you basically just click and turn on this line and just make sure that you enable data roaming so make sure to press this to actually enable data roaming and that's how it's going to work you can then change the authenticator over here and you can also change the password and once you do that you can go back and you can start customizing your profile so you would go back to your profile click on edit profile and there you can change the profile picture you can change the name you can change the username you can go to the privacy settings to private the existing videos only after your videos have started getting views otherwise you might actually lose the monetization so you need to start posting videos and then afterwards you can private the ones that are on the instantly monetized account okay but now what do you actually do if you get an instantly monetized account and you're outside of the US because in order to withdraw your money you need to prove that you have a US bank account or a UK bank account well what you can do is you can just form an LLC online you can basically just go to first formation or any other service or company that would allow you to open up your LLC or the UK LTD from any country around the world I've used a bunch of different companies some of them are kind of shady some of them don't really do their job but you can try out different ones there's there's a bunch of them for like 200 bucks that would open up your us LLC and then you will have your bank account in less than 7 days and once you do that you can essentially just connect your us or UK bank account to your Tik Tok account and then once you withdraw from there you can basically transfer the money to your actual bank account now if you're in the US you can also just connect to your PayPal account it's a lot easier but this is only for those that might be outside of the US and still want to make money from the creativity program just like myself I don't really live in the US I didn't have any us or UK companies but I've set them up for the purpose of the Tik Tok creativity program all right now let's talk about five different very unique Tik Tok niches that I found that are actually getting a lot of views and are pretty easy to replicate and you can potentially make a lot of money from them regardless of the fact whether you are going to be on camera or not the very first one is when cartoon characters are saying facts or telling stories basically cartoon characters using AI tools are talking about different things this account over here is specifically focusing on SpongeBob but again you have a bunch of different cartoon characters that you can cover and essentially they just download images of cartoon characters they have a gamep playay in the background and they either tell a story or they say different facts you've already seen a bunch of these Tik Tok videos but now these people are focusing specifically on cartoon characters to kind of piggy back on the massive audience that these cartoon characters have amassed over years the second Niche is the conspiracy theories Niche and for example this mystery account over here is again using AI generated images AI captions and AI voice to get millions of views and if things are done correctly you could potentially be paid over a dollar per 1,000 views so you can just do the math and see t

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