Vacationing in a $3M California Dream house

hey guys welcome to silon Valor girl I'm about to show you one of the best vacations in the world because we are staying in a $3 million mansion in California BX sir and yes this car is driving by itself these are the amazing views on the way there and this is our house okay let's see what we're getting for almost $800 a night we only spend 2 Days in this vacation home and it still felt like we had a proper one week vacation the atmosphere is so relaxing and being away from the city just makes you more relaxed and helps your brain really get into this vacation mode really fast oh my God kids enjoyed everything they were singing they were dancing they were watching movies we were enjoying Sunset and it was overall the best I want to thank the sponsor of this video Wonder for first of all making this video possible and second for bringing us to this amazing location in vixer Wander is entirely different from anything you've experienced before it combines the consistency and quality of a luxury hotel with the comfort and space of a vacation home every wander smart home comes with inspiring views Hotel grade amenities modern workstations top tier cleaning and 24 coner service it's a vaction home but better they're all equipped with ultra fast Wi-Fi state-of-the-art workstations Smart Home Tech and a Tesla charger you'll be surprised that this house comes with a Tesla not only the Tesla you also have the car seat if you have kids isn't that exciting have you seen anything like this ever I like that they even branded it with wand I'm going to leave a link below to this wonderful house and uh I'm going to leave their Instagram below subscribe for inspiration and and maybe the next time you're on vacation and you travel with kids like I do oh my God this is just perfect my husband is like my whole family is just blown away by this amazing [Music] place okay it's time for the tour we're going to start with the first floor it's less fancy than the second floor and by less fancy I mean there's a movie theater there is a poker table uh there is a gym let me show you everything it's like this is so funny we just came back from Hawaii and uh we stayed in a house that had like a small movie theater and that was the first time my girls ever experienced a movie theater and now this is the second time uh they don't like watching longer cartoons I think their attention span is like 15 to 20 minutes but maybe they'll watchh something here I think it's amazing um the next room is actually poker table my husband husband loves playing poker and sometimes he does it at home and I'm thinking maybe you know someday I should give to him something like this for his birthday when I'm in such location as a Creator I just want all of my Creator friends I want to spend time with my family but also create as much con as possible so my friend from La just came over uh but when we saw this we invited some of our other friends from Silicon Valley so they're coming over tomorrow uh there is a gym here and it has everything it has a sauna it has a pelaton it has oh my God this workout station wow everything is thought of and uh this floor also has our kids bedroom let me show it to you it's already set up for the girls we brought some of the books we brought their toys their babies this is oh my God like we have so many of these they love playing with babies uh they have this huge bathroom with two things and a huge shower they have their own wardrobe oh my God living their best lives I got these dresses on Amazon for $29 each and they are the best dresses they've ever [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] had the kitchen is fully equipped they basically provided everything for us you know the thing that I always like I love drinking coffee but sometimes when we are in remote locations I I don't really see myself you know driving for 25 minutes every morning to get my coffee um and uh sometimes when we come to American arbn bees they would have this drip coffee machine which I don't really like the flavor of and and I don't really like the flavor of the coffee that comes with it here you have the best best coffee machine ever espresso is my love literally this is the best coffee ever so I'm very happy tomorrow morning oh my God I'm so much looking forward to it imagine waking up to this making coffee making your eggs and having breakfast with your kids overlooking the ocean and the kitchen has everything so they have all the cups of course we drove to Safeway on the way here and we got all the food uh so we're going to cook ourselves but they also provided us with drinks so coconut water with chocolate this the first time I see something like this so I'm super excited to try they have the oven is this the oven no I think it's a microwave the oven they even have a mixer if we decide to bake something and they have a tray for hot food anything you can think of in a kitchen they even had ice cream in the freezer and the kids already ate it let me show you the master bedroom okay there here we go this is where I'm going to sleep tonight and look at this we even have a hotop uh and we're going to we're going to use it with the kids and this view isn't this the best view in the world isn't the ocean the best VI in the world are you a mountain person or are you an ocean person I'm an ocean person it's the best okay let me show you the bathroom I know where to in the house but this is the best makeup bag I've ever had in my life because this is the way you close it and it's just compack goes into your suitcase but then you open it up and you see everything and your bathroom is not a mess um so this is something I highly highly recommend we don't have just one house we have two houses here this is actually a guest house which is super convenient because tomorrow our friend from San Francisco is going to come with his wife and small kid and they're going to have their privacy here they're going to stay in this house and it's just a perfect setup for several families coming together this was one of our best getaways this year if you two would like to spend a fantastic weekend at one of Wonder's luxury homes I have a great offer for you create an account on silon valleygirl to participate in a luxury weekend getaway plus you will receive $250 off your first booking I we will'll leave the details and link to the website in the description wishing you a luxury experience like ours and don't forget to subscribe to this channel bye

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