How To Open A Bank Account In The USA From Any Country & Get A Debit Mastercard FREE

picture this you are a freelancer or a digital entrepreneur and most of your clients or customers are based in the United States you need a way to get paid without losing a chunk of your earnings to high International transaction fees or maybe you have a desire to sell products on a platform like Amazon and you need a way to get access to your money it could also be that you're an online Shopper but you're looking for a way to access uson stores or you just want a hasslefree affordable financial situation that offers flexible and Global reach what if I told you that you can open a US bank account online no matter where you are around the world and you can get a free us debit Master Card to use whether you're looking to receive payment ments from platforms like Airbnb Google patreon Amazon or you're simply looking for an easier way to transfer money internationally you're about to get a tutorial that you don't want to [Music] miss welcome back rock stars club members patreon subscribers big up on yourself and thank you for your loyalty as you come back every single time for additional videos I'm grateful class is now in session now if the term Pioneer is new to you payeer is actually a financial services company specializing in online money transfers and digital payments it empowers users to receive funds in their actual online bank accounts payer wallets or onto a reloadable prepaid paid MasterCard usable online or for point of sale now the great thing is you can get this MasterCard in digital format which is how I use it because I primarily use it to pay bills and to shop online or you can get a physical MasterCard that you can use in stores to withdraw cash wherever you live across the globe now let's talk about some of the benefits of having a US bank account and a debit master with Pioneer the first and very important one is that Pioneer operates in over 200 countries and multiple currencies across the world as you can see on this list that I'm showing on screen I'm positive that your country is here and if you see your country I would like you to write it in the description below so at least I know where you're watching from and I know that this particular video will add value to you I'm going to post put the Pioneer Link in the description below this video and I'll also put the link with the countries that you can use Pioneer from so that in your own time you can validate if your country is there considering it's 200 countries I'm almost certain it is now being in Jamaica I use pioneer as my primary bank account to do business in the US and this is from a personal perspective obviously from a business perspective there are more traditional bank accounts but what I've found in comparing the two is that Pioneer can do 99% of what I can do from a traditional bank account and this is the second Advantage it is freelancer friendly it's designed with Freelancers and Professionals in mind who are looking to operate businesses online or even brick and mortar business because I do do coach several persons who live in America and who do leverage Pioneer because of all the additional advantages that I'm about to share with you some of the companies that use pioner include Airbnb Google patreon Amazon eBay ruten Adobe upwork and Fiverr to name a few in my case as an example I use it to receive all the money for products I sell on Amazon to to include my book I use it for patreon as an example Airbnb and several other platforms that are not even mentioned on this list and most of these platforms or websites they typically want a US bank account to deposit your proceeds or your earnings into and without this you're not able to leverage these platforms to make money online but with Pioneer being designed for Freelancers and professionals who are looking constantly to earn money through online platforms and even brick and mortar opportunities that are hiring online it provides an ideal way for you to get access to that money either in an account that you can easily transfer the money to wherever you are across the world in these 200 countries or you can withdraw it using your debit card or use your card to buy products wherever you live across the globe because MasterCard is globally accepted another advantage of pioneer is it's e-commerce enabled you can tap into a vast US market with ease and get paid like I mentioned earlier on platforms like Amazon and other e-commerce platforms it's also affordable say goodbye to all those High transaction fees that are associated with traditional Banks as an example if I were to transfer $5,000 from my paneer account to an account in Jamaica as an example I would pay about a hundred or a little over $100 in fees if I were to do that from another bank account which is more traditional the fees could potentially be significantly more as you're paying fees in layers meaning you're paying the bank that's initiating the transaction you're paying for the wire transfer and you're paying the bank that's receiving the transaction whereas on Pioneer it's just from Pioneer to your bank so you're able to eliminate one of those fees now this is my favorite feature the transactions are pretty quick if I wire as an example money from Pioneer to my bank account in a different country I typically get it in one to two business days if I transfer money as an example example from patreon it shows up almost immediately on my paneer account and when I get the notifications from Amazon Airbnb or anywhere else they reflect on Pioneer within that same day and I have access to do whatever I want with that money I have seen traditional Banks where money has been transferred and it takes 5 to 8 days before it's reflected in my bank account to hell with that I'm sorry but with Pioneer which is Free by the way to create your Pioneer account with the link in the description below you are able to leverage these quick transactions at very low fees now as it pertains to the security of the platform it's a robust system to protect hard-earned money because there's so many Freelancers we take it very personal when we lose our money because of the effort that we have to put in it's not typically from a 95 job and I find that their platform in terms of the access in terms of the Dual authentication that's required and they leverage all the modern banking security technology to protect our money so that for me is very impressive and I've never heard of any issues related to Pioneer and information being released or anything of that sort but if you have please don't hesitate to let me know in the comments after receiving your first $1,000 or the equivalent you and the person who referred you to Pioneer as an example because they do have a great affiliate program that you can leverage but both of you will get $25 and this is just Pioneers saying thank you for using their platform to earn money or thank you to the person who referred you which other Bank you know out there is giv

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