I TRIED Earning $1K Per Day with AI Shorts & Affiliate Marketing

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try out side hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them for this video there's many different videos recently discussing this specific side Hustle but the specific one that I'm going to be following is from Monique Hinton and her video is titled 5 minutes $1,000 per day easy automated AI side hustle 2024 tested and proven so wow I hope you're ready for this one without further ado let's get into it now there are people that are literally making over $1,000 every single day and this is being done using a new AI tool called invid AI that takes a simple prompt that you give it like this and it turns that into an entire video these videos are bringing in millions of views and thousands of subscribers and as you've just seen is bringing in thousands a month all right I'm pausing the video here because one of the channels she's sh showing here the relaxing end pure unboxing and gameplay videos she's saying that this channel is completely AI so let me look it up the relaxing end is one of the videos she just showed in her video as completely AI getting millions of views look at these videos there is no part of this video that is completely AI generated the other one is called chispa motivation I can promise you just because I know how to edit videos that this is not completely AI like this person's taking time to make these videos so anyway back to the video start making these videos and start making this money the very first thing you are going to want to do is sign up for an account and there are some paid plans depending on what you are looking for but we'll talk more about that later so once you log into the program this is the page that you should see if it doesn't take you directly to this workstation all you have to do is click the create now and you'll be brought here okay so I went ahead and went off screen for a little bit and I watched the rest of the video because I could tell that it was going to be her giving a lot of instructions and just walking through the platform so I went ahead and watched that off screen you will watch the end of her video what she recommends at the very end but basically this portion of the video she just basically is talking about how to use nid Ai and then also how to set up your YouTube account and create those videos for your YouTube account which I already know how to do so I went ahead and watched that offscreen basically I had to just go in and create a new YouTube channel to post the content on so I went ahead and did this step and as you can see I went ahead and just created a completely new channel I chose the economical and political Niche because I know that Niche will always have automatically generated ideas in the media for me to be able to use and then I've also used canva for the channel profile photo here Banner Channel image that shows up at the bottom of the screen and after that I just added a really simple short bio as you can see here I wrote it myself and that was that now the next step that I followed was to open an account for the Nvidia software that she's mentioning I'm on the website of Nvidia Ai and as you guys can see the pricing list is here it's pretty high the free version that she mentioned is just for you to see it because it has watermarks you can't use the free version basically the free version is just to kind of show you what their platform's all about but you cannot use it for any type of money making at all and as I'm looking here I guess I'm just going to go ahead and select this middle plan it does cost $25 per month and I'm going to pay that you get 50 minutes worth of content a month to create and then go from there and post on your channel and since I'm going to simply just do YouTube shorts that should be plenty so I'm going to go ahead and just input my card information I purchased that and as you can see this has been purchased they sent me an email now something else that she mentions in her video is how simple it is to use this platform now while I agree it is simple it takes a minute to get used to I did some off camera I didn't want to have to be stumbling all over this I did some off camera in the video creation process within video AI like for me I decided to do the news/ politics so for this what I'm able to do what I figured out I need to do is I went online to look in Google what are some of the most recent political news and events that people would be interested in and I had to look and do some research about it I went ahead and did some research on inflation student loan debt forgiveness things to that nature that I know have been in the news and then I just Googled exactly what it is I'm looking for to share in a video because you need to give the prompt exactly what it is you're looking for it's not just going to create an amazing video about politics for you that's interesting for YouTube you you have to give it exact prompts the first thing I did I just went over here to Google and I checked out some of those recent news regarding inflation dropping Google news now has an AI generated tab so as soon as you type something into Google they're going to generate it info for you immediately that's AI generated on the screen so what I did is I copied that and I just took it back to nid so that little tidbit of information that it gave me that's recent and in the news I'm taking that back to in video so that way I can paste it into the prompt so this is what the homepage of create a new video looks like on in video and then what I did was simply select a short YouTube video here's that prompt area where you have to add all of those details so what I did is I just typed in create a YouTube short that is 15 seconds long that discusses how inflation is dropping in the US economy and add according to axio inflation in the United States has declined every month for the past 12 months in a row this is the the lowest inflation among G7 Nations and then I'm just going to go back and add words like engaging fastpaced so it can kind of get the hint not just to have it one picture for six seconds straight cuz people are going to click right off of that and then after that I selected a male voice with a Southern accent and then I selected create it took about 2 minutes to create the video and then I had to go in and actually edit some parts so as you can see I don't like how the video had the Clips Fire to 6 seconds long I wanted them cut down to only like 2 to 3 seconds per clip so I just adjusted that and then in this box you can just adjust other prompts as well that's what I did after that it was suitable for this specific video I just downloaded it and then uploaded it onto my YouTube shorts Channel and of course you can do the same thing with short form videos now I do believe that people are growing extremely fast with short form videos ho

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