Make MONEY (UP TO $100) Posting VIDEOS on TIKTOK | #makemoneyontiktok

I had someone tried this out in the US and it worked hey guys what is up and welcome back to the channel my name is adish shami I'm a YouTuber and a Content R based in I Nigeria now more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money how to invest your money and basically how to become financially independent now if those are the kind of videos you are interested in you want to make sure you subscribe to me by clicking on subscribe button down below also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar content related to this one you also want to make sure you give this video a huge thumbs up that way YouTube can recommend my videos to you should you miss out on the notifications that was sent so in this video I'm going to be sharing with you an app that has claimed to pay you for posting videos on Tik Tok and on YouTube aside from YouTube now I'm a YouTuber and I find it unrealistic when an app claims to pay you for posting videos on YouTube I still understand if an app says oh I'm going to pay you XYZ for posting videos on Tik Tok but on YouTube n that's insane now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you the app and personally before we go into this video I did not make money from it straight up I made z n z Cobo from the app that has claimed that it would pay people to post on YouTube and to post on Tik Tok however I had someone try is out in the US and it worked for him right in one of my videos I talked about how your location Can Be You determinant of how much you're going to get and how much task you're going to be getting and so because we're in Nigeria and I do not have only Nigerian audience I'm not going to restrict my content to Nigerian audience so if you're a Nigerian watching this video I want you to know straight up that this is not going to work for you but if you are in South Africa you can try this out because for some reasons it worked on my phone but I didn't get any task to do I tried it on my sister's phone she has a Nigerian Apple ID on our phone but it was not working like it did not work at all so if you're in South Africa you can try this out or whatever country you are you can try it out and let me know in the comment section if it actually works but if you're in Nigeria baby I don't think this is going to work for you maybe by the time you're watching this video they must have included Nigeria because what most of this website does is that they test out their platforms on other um in other countries before you know introducing more countries and maybe because they want specific locations to try it out at first before you know expanding I think that's one of the major reasons now I'm going to go straight ahead to my phone but before then let's take a look at the H on my laptop so the name of the app is called Sound Pro and as you can see see here it says start earning money as a Tik Tok content creator we connect sponsors who are promoting sound with Tik Tok creators if you want to register all you have to do is click on join now and it's going to tell you to log in with your Tik Tok account or with your YouTube account personally for me I couldn't even take the chance of connecting my YouTube account to each or my Tik Tok account to it so I used one of my other Tik Tok and one of my other YouTube accounts because YouTube and Tik Tok accounts are very easy to create and I tend to always have dummy accounts for trying out some things that I would rather not use my main YouTube account for because YouTube can detect when you have a third party access your account and you know they could terminate your partnership with them so I'm not taking chances because of some $1 $2 anyways if you want to try out this app the name is called Sound Pro and you can download it from Google Play store or from Apple Store straight up to my phone I'm going to be you know we're going to try this out so go ahead to download this app on my phone it's called sound. me and I'm just going to you know start the processing as you can see here it says authorize sound. me to access your Tik Tok account and then you just need to authorize it after that it's going to straight up ask you some other questions like your personal interest your contact info and your personal information I basically just like to use suspens for all of this online platform and you know input your date of birth and you know your contact info everything step one says select and apply inbox sponsorship campaigns record your video with sponsorship sound based on instruction and start any money for each view so what it basically does that it pays you for every view you get on your YouTube short or on your Tik Tok videos I didn't try it out I'm not sure it works personally in neria just like I said but it works in the US and some other countries if you get to try it out let us know in the comment section below and I stayed on this app for at least I don't know a couple days and I couldn't get a single campaign but my friend said he was able to get a campaign in less than 24 hours so it also depends on whatever country that you are you know signing up from now I checked again because it says okay the campaign that are available is when I connect my this when I open an account for YouTube monetization YouTube short monetization so I decided to open an account for the YouTube short monetization and basically it led me to downloading another app these are basically two apps this one is going to pay you for you know your YouTube short videos and that one is going to pay you for your Tik Tok videos it's just the same sign up from the beginning to the end you want to impute you want to connect your YouTube to to eat and then it's going to authorize YouTube is going to authorize it or this one is going to authorize it you want to inut your personal information your date of bed and then you want to impute your name as well as you can see here it's blank nothing is there and it's basically empty right so for Nigerians this doesn't work and there's no way I can actually verify it but I verified with my friend and he was able to make some extra couple extra money that you know would probably mean nothing to you but at the same time the way to pay people on this app is by the number of views you are able to generate it will pay you per 1,000 views that you get on your video by using specific sound they are the one that will provide the sound and all you have to do is use the sound to make a video say for example you want to go make your air you can just you know put the sound on under the video or something like that and they will typically pay you $1 for 1,000 views which I think is not bad because on Tik Tok you know Tik tok's algorithm is wild so you can get you know 2,000 views in a twinkle of an hour you can get 5,000 views you can get 10,000 views as when compared to Instagram for example I started my Tik Tok account sometimes in March this

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