The reason why your life is so boring and how to change it

you wake up tired you work for long hours you come back home and rather doing something you truly enjoy you either pick up your phone and turn on Netflix and simply waste your time you already know hitting the gym reading a book or going for a simple walk will be much beneficial for you in the long run but you don't do it because you're tired you go to bed without relieving the stress you got without taking a proper rest for your mind body and soul you wake up next day to just repeat the same routine you did today your tiredness never goes away it only gets worse you have nothing you particularly enjoy in life when people ask about your hobby you just lie life itself seems like a downward spiral if you don't know how to enjoy it but how to break downwards spiral or is it even possible to break the cycle and have a life that actually you enjoy it seems quite hard to find fulfillment in life when you do the same stuff again and again have you ever had moments where you started to question why you were alive in the first place everything starts to seem boring and meaningless hours days months are passing by but it's just simply not satisfying it's like you come to this world just to die someday we all have 24 hours in a day assuming that you get eight hours of sleep each night we only have 16 hours to experience life sure depending on your position these 16 hours can vary quite significantly but it also means that depending on the 16 hours and how you use this 16 hours your general happiness in life is determined because no matter what your occupation is we all need to do things that we don't enjoy and we all have moments where Life starts to get monotone and simply boring no matter how successful you are if you don't know how to enjoy life itself it will be always boring because the default setting for life is just boring if you want to change it you need to take an action it's not going to happen naturally it might be quite sudden but do you have something that gets you up from the bed every morning and gives you so much joy after each time doing it in a healthy way if your answer was no if you don't have particularly enjoy in life then this video is for you who am I to teach you how to actually enjoy your life right so I read a book called mindset of people who have fun every day from a Japanese psychiatristian this book doesn't have an English translation it's in Japanese so the only way you can learn what's written is watching this video in order to escape from the downward spiral of a boring life and have a healthy approach to it we need to First understand the mechanism of having fun in a scientific way in the book cover Sebastian explains how fun Factor can maximize your productivity success and general happiness in life but why is that according to the Neuroscience if you know how to use dopamine in your favor you can get true satisfaction motivation and happiness from it even when you accomplish something small like ticking your box in your to-do list can make you release dopamine eating something delicious drinking something you like hitting in the gym can all make your beliefs dopamine dopamine plays a role as a reward center in many body functions when dopamine is released in your body it rejuvenates your mind gives you motivation and it also increases your memory so if you know how to control our dopamine levels in a healthy way we can escape from the downward spiral of life if you're a firm believer in Hustle culture and thinking working harder is the only way I have a bad news for you if you constantly force yourself to do something you don't enjoy you increase your primary stress hormone cold cortisol the long-term activation of the stress response system and the overall exposure to cortisol can disturb almost all your body's function this puts you at an increased risk of many health problems basically everything we want to avoid in order to escape from downward spiral that's why it's so important to learn healthy ways to cope with your life stressors but what if you hate your job what if huge chunk of your day is just making you stressed if you would follow the popular advice in our society the answer will be could your jaw Follow Your Passion do what you want and keep continuing chewing it you will be 60. as if following your fashion will be all flowers and rainbows and shiny every every day if you were able to do it in the first place you wouldn't keep watching this video if you can't enjoy your job and if you can change it then find something you enjoy outside of your job if you get stressed in your workplace release it once you get back home if your cortisol levels are increasing when you're working decrease it once you are free by the way 20 to 30 minutes of low intensity of cardio can decrease your cortisol levels quite a lot so it's actually not that hard to achieve this but what exactly do we need to do if you want to have fun outside of our job in order to increase our fun factor in our lives cabosovo recommend picking a hobby according to the four factors that that makes a perfect hobby your perfect hobby has to fulfill at least one of the four factors those four factors are fun Factor relaxation stress relief and brain stimulation just by hearing those they probably don't make any sense so let me explain if you follow some of your favorite creators on social media you might have heard the occasional story of a channel all getting hacked basically a Creator losing excess after a successful attack or League password were constantly bombarded by emails that appear to be YouTube or bank or our social media accounts but are in fact just an attempt at stealing your passwords it's called phishing with aph these phishing attempts are getting better every day so it's not crazy to think one or two might eventually sneak in and convince even a seasoned internet veteran that is why I use nordvpn threat protection which includes a specific feature to warn you about phishing links as well as features like a blocker for malicious ads and dark web monitoring to alert you if passwords have been leaked and all these features come with a robust VPN so you can protect your data and unblock all that content now go to the link and check it out the best part you can try it with no risk Nord has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it for yourself and decide go to to get to your plan and a four additional months for free thank you nordvpn for sponsoring this video when choosing a hobby you want to pick something that you truly and genuinely enjoy think about scrolling on your phone watching some readables and watching some YouTube videos without any purpose after scrolling three hours do you tend to think that was an amazing three hours I want to do it again I'm So Satisfied or do you think to say ah I did it again if you genuinely enjoy after each time you scroll on social media or watch a random TV show and if you're satisfied with it there is

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