How to Make a FREE Logo For Your Business in Under 5 Minutes!

hey body fall family so today i'm gonna be showing you guys how you are going to make a unique easy and free logo for your business you guys know the most famous companies they are identified by their logo having a good logo is great for brand identification and it's definitely something you want to do before you start nothing bothers me more than just seeing a random picture on a brand's tic talk page or instagram page and not having any sort of logo when it's literally so easy to make one and i will show you guys how to do that today before we get too deep into this video make sure you guys hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so i can keep on making videos like this for you guys you guys know i am all about doing things for free when you're first starting out since you don't want to dump too much money into a project that's not even making money for you yet you guys know i have an entire step-by-step playlist that really does care about your pockets and i show you guys how to make a website for free how to market your business for free and grow it for free without facebook ads or without ads and so many more helpful videos on my youtube channel i'll leave a playlist link for you guys right here and you guys know i have so many different videos about how to name your business how to get the domain how to make the website but i realized i had never made a video for you guys how to actually make a logo so if you guys want to see how you guys can make your business's logo in less than 10 minutes for free then let's get right into this tutorial okay so you guys are gonna go to and you're gonna just type in whatever brand name you have here so whatever name you come up with first you're then gonna type in here so for this video's purpose we're gonna call our brand body fitness then literally just click create your free logo so then it wants you to just let you know let them know what type of business business it is they have fitness they have fashion they have so many different types of businesses that you guys can create your logo based on so we're going to pretend like we're building a fitness brand and we're going to pretend like it's a fitness clothing brand or apparel so let's click fitness clothing um and if you wanted to add a slogan you will add it here but i always like to keep things simple and concise and we want it to look clear in the image a lot of times because profile pictures are smaller and this is going to be our profile picture so let's just click next and then you can either search for icons or they can choose icons for you so for this video's purposes we'll just let them pick some for us so we can see what they come up with so they show you a bunch of different logos here which i really like how they include um photos that you guys can use as well um that i feel like this one reminds me of the made in china alibaba um logo actually and there's a lot here that you guys can choose from um obviously if there's one design that you like like for example if you like um this one's text you could then click customize the icon or the text itself and it comes up with different things for you here so you can type in fitness and they have so many different logos designs that you guys can use so if you guys have like a women's brand they have women type logos they have like here if you were selling leggings or fitness apparel here you could use this one and i kind of like how they have like spartan ones here for male brands as well um but they just have so many different ones like look how many different ones you have i kind of like this heart one too it actually reminds me of um other fitness brands that i've seen online but they literally the possibilities are endless for so many different niches that you guys can get blind i kind of like this one with the leggings like if i was creating a leggings brand this one would be really cute so we can actually just change it over so you just change the logo on the thing itself you can just click on it and it changes it for you it's very simple i really like how simple this website is and then um obviously like if you wanted to change the name you can change that here you can also change the text and if you wanted to add a slogan like get your leggings on this is obviously really random but i thought this was cool as well this would be cool for like a banner like a facebook banner or something too if you wanted to add on the slogan there um i feel like this would be a really nice touch as well so this could be graphic design for a lot of different things not necessarily just for your um logo itself um so then they have different background colors now i wouldn't stay with white i would definitely choose a color um you guys could choose white but i feel like it looks cheap for certain profile pictures because remember you guys want our profile pictures to stand out so you guys can actually just play with the colors here too they actually give you ideas of colors that work good together i'm definitely not an artist in this type of thing but if you guys know colors that were good for you i really like this purple and i also really love how they even show you how it would look on clothes so if you're someone that's you're designing clothes or anything i also really like how it kind of just shows you on different things and again here this was perfect this is actually what i was talking about with the facebook banner um this is perfect to create designs for facebook it just shows you how it's gonna look across social media which i really love um so once you are done you're literally just going to place your email in here you just click free download and then from that download you can just airdrop it to your phone or you can airdrop it wherever you need or upload it wherever you need or email it to yourself and then you will have your logo so all you guys have to do is just put your email in here and then just click free download and it asks you if you want to sign up for um you know the monthly newsletter but it's literally as simple as that so that's zarla so i wanted to show you guys also other examples of other ones that they had on zarla so for example i searched like beauty brand and this could also work for like an aestheticians or people that have service-based businesses too i wanted to see like what they had and they have so many nice look even like lash checks could use this for their lash logo how cute are these different um icons that they have you guys i actually really like these and it also shows you like on the apparel like what it would look like on the business cards and everything um but i just thought this was really cool to see it as well from like people that want to start a beauty brand they have like a lot of different types of themes for so many different niches but i just wanted to show you guys this one because i thought this one was very cute for service based businesses and

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