HOW TO GROW FAST ON TIKTOK IN 2024 | Steps I took to gain 15k followers in less than 30 days

in one of my recent videos here I challenged myself to post a Tik Tok for 30 days and grew 15,000 followers in this video here I'm going to teach you how I did it what's up everyone it's Millie I'm an influencer coach and welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand and every Sunday to show you the behind the- scenes look of what it's like to run a business as an influencer first I want to say a huge thank you to this video shout outs I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of your amazing love and support so if you want to shout out in one my future videos be sure to screenshot yourself watching this video and tag me over on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel and a huge thank you to this video sponsor cap cut because without them y'all I literally would not have grown on Tik Tok I literally would not have been able to grow on Tik Tok if you're new to my Channel or you've been living under a rock for some reason I use cap cut to edit all of my Tik Tok videos really all of my videos for that matter whether it's an Instagram story Instagram real Tik Tok all the things I use cap cut because they integrate so well with all of the platforms literally you can edit your video export and then upload directly to whatever platform you need to upload it on for all of you who are looking for a good video editing app this is the one that I highly recommend because not only is it free F re e don't know what that is not only is it free but it's available to both Android and iPhone you can save your videos without the watermark saving there like you don't have to have a watermark you get access to all the features without like upgrade now to get access to these features like you don't have to upgrade anything it's free all the features are available to you no matter what and of course it's just the easiest way to edit your videos it's so userfriendly it makes editing so easy a caveman can do it am I allowed to say that cuz of Geico I'm going say it what are you doing there stop making me laugh so if you've been looking for an editing app to edit your videos then I definitely recommend cap cut and I will link them down in the video description below as always time stamps y'all cuz I I feel like there's going to be some new people here some new people that aren't familiar with my channel timestamps chapters they're down below use them if you need them because I value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it disclaimer there is more than one way to grow your Tik Tok the way that I'm going to be teaching in this video is simply what works for me and I'm not saying it's the only way I know that it's possible to post whatever you want whenever you want and still see success that's not what this video is about I love to have a strategy in place and I know all of you and my students love to have step-by-step tutorials so here you go step number one create a plan your first step is to create your posting Cadence how often do you want to post a Tik Tok for me I did a 30-day challenge where I first started off posting once a day for a week and after I got the hang of it I was like this is actually really doable let me bump it up to twice twice a day so then for weeks 2 and three I was posting twice a day sometimes three times a day that is very unrealistic for some people I know that that's why it's important to pick a Cadence that works for you the point of my 30day challenge was to challenge myself and that's why I did two to three times a day because it was hard it was harder to keep up with okay now that you know how often you're going to post you need to figure out what you are going to post a great way to figure out what kind of content you want to post to Tik Tok is asking yourself what do I want to be known for if you're somebody who you want to grow on Tik Tok and I'm talking to you because you're watching this video if you're like I want to grow faster on Tik Tok you probably have an idea of what you want to be known for already so with that as your topic or some people might call it your Niche I call it that but we're not going to say that cuz it scares people away with that as your topic start brain dumping just a bunch of ideas you might already have some on your phone on your little Notes app brain dump a list of ideas that you can create videos about when it comes to that topic what's interesting for me is the first week I was posting Instagram related content and then I realized I don't want to be known for an Instagram coach like that's not what I want to be known for I want to be known as an influencer coach who teaches more than just Instagram I could teach multiple platforms how to make an income how to make influence in your full-time job like business organization High in I want to do more things so by the second week I finally started to integrate more of those topics that I actually wanted to be known for and that's when the traffic really started to build now for step three y'all we're going to batch to create room for spontaneity now hear me out batching is great we love batching here on this channel I batch my videos I sometimes film four videos in a day it's great I love it it's good for me and my business but batching isn't always good for Tik Tok batching will not help you longterm for Tik Tok but it's fantastic for when you're just starting out for example going to use myself as an example because I literally just did this I batched a bunch of educational content because one of the things that I do on my channel on my Tik Tok on my Instagram I teach and it's easy to batch educational content or content where you're teaching something where you're showing a recipe right it's not relying on any Trends it's not reliant on the platform it's more so sturdy educational content for your specific topic so I batched a ton of videos like that those videos were perfect fillers fillers on days where I wasn't feeling spontaneous enough to record a Tik Tok that was trending or I wasn't feeling inspired to come up with a new idea batching helps so much with filling in the gaps when you don't know what to post and if you're just starting out batching content can help guarantee that you have posts like once a day for at least at least a week what's totally different about Tik Tok compared to other platforms is you don't have to have this huge content calendar where you're strategically planning this post is going to go up on Monday and this one's going to go on Wednesday and this one like it's not super strategic it can be you can have those filler posts for maybe you're like okay my filler posts are Tuesdays and Thursdays you can have that built into your schedule but Tik Tok is really about that spontaneity and on the- go creation more organic casual content step number four or consume on Tik Tok know what's go

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