This Is The ONLY Video You Need To Watch To Start Your YouTube Channel

you want to start a YouTube channel but you're lost there are tons of videos and you're getting overwhelmed but don't worry I got you and by end of this video you will exactly know where to start what to do and how to do it this is the only video you need to watch to start and grow of your YouTube channel so how and where to start first of all we need to understand how the algorithm works so that you won't get emotional and blamed algorithm for hating you and not recommending your video to other people like I used to do it initially starts by testing your video with a small audience it observes their reaction you know how long they watch the video whether they like it share it comment and so on and based on the response the algorithm determines who else to recommend the video to that's why it sometimes takes time for videos to gain views because YouTube needs time to figure out the Right audience so for Lucky channels the algorithm might find a Right audience immediately and for those unlucky people it might take some time that's why it's important to focus on what you can control and be patient and if you improve your video with each upload and remain patient you're already ahead of 90% of people so my advice would be stop crying improve your videos and keep going and I need to remind this to myself too so why do most people fail on YouTube title thumbnail hook and editing are important for sure but there is a one crucial element most people Skip and that's why most people fail on YouTube and that is personal branding so they're already established amazing creators of the there so why should people watch someone new less experienced and unknown we need to give people a reason to watch us and remember us if you were a copy of any other YouTuber out there we will just thrown in the content See so how can we differentiate ourselves in my opinion it's done through personal branding personal branding is the thing that will differentiate you from the crowd and there's a whole depth to personal branding but the most important thing you need to identify is your main message so what do you believe in what are your values to our life I know it's hard to to answer so let's make it easier let's say you get the chance to scream to the whole world and everyone is listening to you carefully what would be something you would say in one sentence for example for me resilience and not giving up are my main core values for life and I also try to send that message with my videos too I've been doing YouTube since 2016 and for the first four years I didn't even hit th000 subscribers I remember the days where I was getting like maybe 36 views or something and people made fun of me because I was in high school like imagine that environment but I still kept going because I didn't care and now we are at 1.3 million and also another thing can be I couldn't get into my dream uni at my first try and even people on my YouTube comments made fun of me you know said that I'm actually a lazy and stupid and stuff like that but I didn't give up and I eventually got in another thing is my dad got scammed by my ankle and our family almost went like bankrupt and I talked about it quite a lot of times I think on my channel but I still decided to keep going and make money online and support my family family I never give up like no matter what till the day I die and that's my core value and also important part of my personal branding whether I'm talking about like Diet whatever I'm talking about exercising online business YouTube video creation I try to give that main message through all of my videos so that my personal branding stays consistent so now stop the video and think about yours what is your core value let's talk about an important question that people always ask how to pick a niche do you need to Niche channel in my opinion don't pick a niche first identify your target audience so some YouTubers Contin to thrive even after years of publishing While others blow up and then tank the difference in my opinion lies in focusing on your target Avatar rather than a niche if you stick to one Niche you risk becoming repetitive however if you identify your target Avatar and create videos that cater their interest then you can evolve alongside your audience so first determine who you're making videos for you need to understand your target Avatar are like considering their gender age location occupation fears goals and values and one of the most important aspect is identifying your target Avatar's problems why it's based on actually human psychology when someone helps us or provides us with something value we naturally want to give back for example if somebody compliments you says like oh my God you're so pretty so you'll be more likely to compliment them back even if you don't think so you might say like you look nice too so for YouTube If you solve their problem right or if you give some sort of a value with your videos in return you will get more engagement and maybe they will subscribe to your channel and if they really love your videos and really find Value they might become lawyer viewers this giving Value First solving their problem first is the core principle for building your audience and growing your following not on YouTube but on any platform so after you identify your target Avatar's problem try to identify why they're able to achieve the results they want and what objections they might have have and figure out how you can assist them let's say if you have a fitness channel and if you're helping people to lose weight first you need to identify why is your target aatar not able to lose weight is it because they're binge eating is it because they have bad relationship with their body is it because they just don't know how to cook healthy food it can be various reasons right so for example for my channel one of the biggest issues my target Avatar has is procrastination task management and getting overwhelmed because these are the things that I struggle with I struggle it with it my whole life too so first I experimented with a bunch of stuff read all the books that you can ever imagine and shared the things that worked for me and as you can see from all these videos I always talk about those so I'm kind of like experimenting them on myself if you have already solved the problem that you want to talk about let's say you are overweight and you lost weight and you want to help people then identify the reason why they're struggling it and how you can help them if you haven't achieved the goal that you want to teach the people then first achieve it and then identify the reason why they're struggling with and share that knowledge with other people what equipment and tools do you need J does matter okay but now listen to me you might think that cool like transitions super high quality camera is the most important thing when it comes to video production but it's not even though J does matter it's not the came

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