in this video I'm going to be sharing with you how you can make at least 1,000 daily just by taking pictures on your mobile phone the most important criteria to make money on this app is to have a mobile phone that is good enough to take pictures so it doesn't matter if you're using an iPhone or an Android phone the most important thing is that it can take a very clear a good and a crisp photo as usual please know that the availability of task is subject to whenever you check because one minute there is Task available and then next minute there is no task which is why I always say it would be nice if you have as many apps or as many websit as you can that way you can always check if there is no task available in website one and there is no task available in website two there should be a task available for you in website 3 and that is also usually like that because a lot of people are trying to get their ends on task so they dish it out to whoever comes first okay another thing to keep in mind is that please know that this is not going to turn you into a millionaire all of a sudden or miraculously just think of this as a side Ole that you can do on the side while you have your other things going on so if this is something you're interested in if you want to find out what up it is that I'm going to be talking about in this video make sure you subscrib to me like this video and make sure to watch up until the very end hello what's up and welcome back to the channel my name is is AD shalam she be joining us for the very first time more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money how to invest your money and how to become financially independent so if those are the kind of videos you interested in please subscribe to me by clicking on subscribe button down below also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar content related to this one do not also forget to give this video a huge thumbs up especially if you find it helpful all right so straight to the point I'm going to switch to my phone and the app that you're going to be downloading is called premise don't worry I'm going to leave the link in the description box and you can literally download via the link before we go into the app I want us to kind of like look through the review so that we can be sure that this is something we would like to try out someone is saying this app is so friendly and it helps people like me to ear extra money I am so grateful another one is saying I'm enjoying premise surveys they ask General things it's easy to answer their question but I hope you know that they can't always good reviews so go there I got check the bad reviews they're not bad but I mean to each its own so after downloading the app you want to make sure to sign in into your account or you sign up for permise right if it is your first time okay and you want to make sure that you accept all their terms and condition then you want to select your language and you want to inut your full name I majorly use suspense your date of birth and then it says premise would like to send you notification allow it says share your location if you share your location it makes sense because then they able to detect where you are and will'll be able to tell you where you need to take pictures for them to upload on your page right so after that you want to create your profile and then select your gender um a female of course and then your wallet when you do all of this they'll give you 20 n such a small amount of money but anyways you want to basically fill in your all the necessary details you want to imped your country and you want to like I mean there a lot of question your religion what is your marital status what describes your financial situation and many many questions right here as you can see when I first registered on this app there was no task for me so after about an hour I came back and then they have a task for me that I'm going to make up to 700 naira and what this task is saying is to take pictures of first aid at your Loc supermarkets I currently stay in ibon and there are at least five Supermarket that are close to me although the road is very bad I'll have to drive out blah blah blah blah blah but one thing I would do is that whenever I'm going out whenever I have to go out I could just Branch at a pharmacy at a pharmacy or a local supermarket go to where that first eight box is take a picture and upload it before you upload there are definitely some criteria there are some requirements because your phone's camera needs to be a very good one the picture you're going to take needs to be clear and crisp so they going to show you how to go about it so you not taking pictures and wasting your time okay they will also give you in the instruction it says go to any chain supermarket in your area record the location and take a photo of the exterior of the store head inside and navigate to the aisle that contains first aid take up to eight photos to capture the entirety of the section requested capture any separate display display in the area end cap Standalone displays Standalone displays pop out displays Etc please note you will be paid per photo that you take do not take any extra photos beyond what is required to capture the entirety of the first aid section I think it really really makes sense I still went to the supermarket yesterday and it is something that I can do another thing they will give you is like a time lmit so if you're not ready to start this okay you don't have to click on it if you're not ready to start you don't have to click on it just save it for later but God works in a mysterious Way by time you come back they must have had like enough photos and they won't be needing any more of first aid photos so the more you check the more task you can actually get like I always say in all of my videos you want to make sure you are checking repeatedly and constantly to be able able to get paid on most of these applications or website right now we've come to the end of this video I'm only going to be sharing with you one app because I want to make sure that I'm trying this out myself and be sure that it actually works as it's claimed okay so thank you very much if this eventually works for you let me know and as you can see it's in our local currency here in Nigeria if you're in Nigeria then it makes sense we've come to the end of this video if you find it helpful at any point in time please subscribe to this channel like this video give this video a huge thumbs up and most importantly turn on the post notifications Bell so that you can get notified when I post similar content related to this one stay safe stay fabulous and I'm going to see you in my next one [Music] bye I wake up in the morning open the shades letting on the lighting the sun is shining I can smell the coffee you made me the songs that you've been singing tell me how much you love me you

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