WINNING Products To Sell Online RIGHT NOW (Dropshipping & E-commerce) + How To Start & Find Them!

hey body and business family my name is isabella i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today i'm gonna be sharing some hot products with you guys that are trending right now across social media that i think would be great to sell from now on to the holiday season so these products that i'm going to show you today is not only for drop shipping stores but this could be ideas for e-commerce based stores as well that hold inventory if you have not already watched my free step-by-step drop shipping course definitely go and check that out and that video is on my youtube channel not only are you guys gonna save some cool products but you're also gonna learn how you're gonna price your products and i'm gonna show you the formula of how selling five things a day is gonna make you a hundred thousand dollars in one year before i show you these winning products that i picked out for you guys today make sure you guys smash that like button for the youtube algorithm and subscribe to my youtube channel so i can continue to make videos just like this so i wanted to do this video today to give you some ideas and even if you don't pick these exact products in this video this video will help you to understand why i would choose these products so then when you are on your search for the right product that you want to sell online you are able to be in this frame of mind thinking so you can find the winning product for you you guys already know i like to keep my videos beginner friendly as well and if you guys have any questions along the way just leave a comment down below and i try to respond to all of my comments so let's check out these trending products the first product that i found for you today is this flame diffuser now this comes in nine different colors and this supplier has fast delivery so this is an amazing product for dropshippers so i found this product for fifteen dollars and it has seven day delivery for a dollar and fifty cents now why am i so excited about this product other than the fact that it has fast shipment times one factor is that this product is interesting so i know that we could create some amazing marketing videos with it the second thing that i do when i'm researching a product is i just do a google search i google search this product across google and so many diffusers came up but i did find this listing on amazon now you guys are probably thinking oh well if it's on amazon already why would you sell it this is why this product is listed on amazon right now for 84.99 we could sell this product for 60 dollars and still make an insane profit what i like to do is check out things that are trending on tick tock and i came across this shop now i always say we should never copy or try to mimic other shops because trying to copy other people is just lame but it is great to take inspiration from other existing shops so this shop definitely does um come off as a drop shipping store you guys look at these views 3.7 million views they got on this video amazing marketing techniques another video that they made almost 500 000 views and another one here almost 700 000 views so if you go to their profile for example you guys can see that they grew this store and they actually are based in the uk too which can kind of um show you that you can do this worldwide their um shop here listed in their description and you're able to see ideas for videos on their profile and obviously we're not we wouldn't be selling the same exact product but we can take inspiration from the videos that went viral on their account so let's do the calculations on the profit for this product if you were to sell this diffuser for sixty dollars each that means you would only have to sell five products a day to make three hundred dollars a day if you did that every single day for a month you would make nine thousand dollars in that month then i times that by 12 and that's over a hundred thousand dollars that you would make off of this product in gross profit and if you are following my tips of how to market your products for free using my tick tock techniques that i teach on my youtube channel the only thing that you would really have to deduct from this profit margin is your products themselves and whatever fees are associated with the website but that's usually not much so i want you to think about it like this do you think you're capable of five sales a day i feel like that's a very easy start even if you were to make two sales a day that right there you could literally quit your nine to five once you start crunching numbers you actually can visualize and see how easy it is to make a hundred thousand dollars a year but you just have to use the right techniques and that's what i'm here for to show you another reason why i feel like this was the great definition of a winning product was i went down to the review section so we see that this supplier is trustworthy has fast shipping so i didn't stop there what i actually did and what you guys can do as well is when you are looking for more products to sell online or say you add this product to your drop shipping store or e-commerce store and you wanted to add more products you could go to visit store because we know like okay this is a good supplier you can click on visit store and you are able to see the other products that they carry on their website i thought this one was super cute too they had a lot of different kinds of humidifiers like this cat one i thought was super cute this one unfortunately did not have a fast shipping option but i thought this was super cute and haven't seen anything like it on tick tock before because when you're going through products on aliexpress or searching for products that's what you have to be thinking about is like what's the shock factor of this product how can i market this product you guys know i always say it's 25 the product 75 how you market it i want to look at this tick tock and i want to share with you why i think it was viral so whenever you're making tick tocks for example they put something like about their girlfriend or boyfriend whenever you include like a girlfriend or boyfriend factor that makes people um want to like pay attention because they're nosy first of all the second component that they did was they did like a hack they sprayed their perfume into this diffuser um and obviously their car looks pretty cool too but look how they sprayed it into their um cup so like that's i don't even know you could do that it's like some people they may have liked it and saved it for that reason and then of course it's something that can be opinionated too and it looks aesthetic so people can leave their opinions on this um on these comment sections and it's aesthetic also notice that in the beginning of this tick tock he said something funny and interesting so people got nosy about the girlfriend saying his car stinks also i just want to point out that i always write my font like t

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