$14K A Month In 90 Days – Ai Domain Flipping Hack!

it started off like any other day I logged into spamzilla to see what domains were available so that I can buy these domains and start making money and normally what I would do here is click on either ahrefs Dr which will give me the domain rating so I could see which domains have the most power in Google which is going to help me make a ton of money or sometimes I'll go over here to ahrefs positions to see how many search engine rankings each website has in Google but today I did something a little different I thought to myself what if I sorted by the ahrefs cost this is the number shown right here under traffic this is a simple estimate of how much ahrefs is estimating you would have to spend to get the amount of traffic in this Niche that this website is getting for free from all these keyword rankings so we could see here Visa gift card activation they're ranking number one and it's saying that the average Advertiser is paying 40 cents a click times that by the amount of traffic they get and they're estimating that this keyword is worth about four thousand dollars a month to the wikiHow company but what does this have to do with the domains I was looking at buying earlier well quite simply the reason wikiHow is able to get all those search engine rankings is because they have a good domain rating and lots of backlinks pointing into the website which is why in spamzilla most people are going to look at the Domain rating and buy domains according to how many backlinks they have and how popular they are like this one here just Mercy film has a domain rating of 59. it's got some healthy backlinks and it actually ranks in the search engines for over 250 different keywords related to just Mercy however I need to think about this and ask what am I going to do with this traffic I mean I could just point them at something and make money from the movie or maybe it's a religious movie I could point to religious affiliate programs but I am kind of pigeonholed here as to what I can promote and since I do this for a living every day I'm looking at GoDaddy auctions and spamzilla to see if there are some different domains that I can buy that will make me a ton of money again most of the time I click Dr or positions but this time it was a little different and I clicked on ahrefs cost and what you're about to see is kind of amazing right here number one we can see that this one's in French so I'm probably not going to use that however what about this Oxbow thing 35 000 rankings in Google for an estimated traffic value of wait a minute I gotta check this out Oxbow Tavern modern American food 37 000 rankings in Google 14 000 a month traffic value with only 319 backlinks and it looks like they're ranking drastically improved over the past couple months let's take a look at what this guy's actually ranking for how many chicken breasts in a pound one cup two ounces how long to bake salmon at 400. okay that's interesting let's take a look how long to bake salmon at 400 well plated laughing spatula Oxbow Tavern and this was just put up 60 days ago 21 000 searches a month all right we got some ads salmon clip art and then it looks like this content was written by AI let's investigate even further over here on name bio I can type in Oxbow tavern.com and see when this domain was last purchased Oxbow tavern.com last sold for 415 dollars at GoDaddy auctions so essentially they bought this domain for four hundred and fifteen dollars loaded it up with some AI content got almost 30 000 top rankings in Google and now they're selling it again at auction and with four hours to go it's already at thirty six hundred dollars wait a minute Marcus so you're telling me I can come here and find good domain names in a relevant topic then I can come over here to chatgpt and say write an article about how long to cook salmon in the oven at 400 degrees and chat GPT is going to go and make me this entire article that I can use on my website to get traffic and make money and we could see here it does a pretty darn good job which is very comparable to the content that is found on this website in fact This is highly similar content to what we're finding over here at content at scale and I know that content at scale and AI content works because I used it over here on my termite website you can see we gained over 250 top rankings for all kinds of words related to termites and different things like that and yes this is using the exact same method of buying the domain that actually already ranked and you can see here we are ranking on Google for many different keywords that we went for and this content is actually very simple I just put in the title and the AI generated the entire piece of content just like that and we could see here exactly when they started posting AI content and it looks like they have about 168 different pages of content which if you were going to use a program like content at scale would cost you around twenty five hundred dollars however I think they might be using simple little prompts with chat GPT and other AI programs so essentially they just took this domain that they bought for four hundred dollars and increased the value instantly using AI of course this did take some work they had to upload it and add images and make pages and stuff like that but that could be done in 30 minutes to an hour a day for a couple of weeks and looking at the traffic value of fourteen thousand dollars yeah I'd say it's probably worth it now there is one little caveat here actually it's a big caveat and that is with the release of Google's new generative AI search engine we can see here that if we search for a term like how to screenshot on Windows Google's generative AI takes up pretty much the entire top of the screen and for websites like this that are focusing on informational keywords watch what starts to happen when these keywords are searched for Google is going to generate its own answer for each question one cup to ounces again Google's going to generate its own answer how long to bake salmon at 350 now this one's a little different because you have to actually click the button to get the AI to generate the answer for the search query and we can see here the generative AI is going to generate answers for questions which essentially is going to take sites like this and throw them to the bottom of the search results and that is going to drastically reduce the amount of clicks going to this website and since Google AI is going to shake up this industry so much make sure you smash a like button and check out tomorrow's live stream where we're going to be going through the results of Google's generative AI live on stream details in the description however that's not to say that this method doesn't work like crazy using my trigger Word Method my trigger Word Method is where we go through and use keywords like this which obviously if we're doing the domain method we're going to tie them in with our domain mayb

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