The New E-commerce Method For Women – Explained Step by Step

finding success with dropshipping is not as complicated as people make it seem I traveled across the world to interview some really successful people who have made six and seven figures online and while speaking to them I learned about a process called automated Drop Shipping which absolutely nobody is talking about here on YouTube so I decided to turn on my camera and make this video for you in today's video I'm going to share what automated Drop Shipping is and then I'm going to share the ex ex process that one of the guests I interviewed used to generate $171,000 from her phone and she didn't pay anyone thousands of dollars to teach her or coach her because of this method and Tool and she also didn't pay anyone thousands of dollars to set up her Shopify store for her and she doesn't even live in the US so this can be done from anywhere in the world so if there's any video you have to watch until the very end it's definitely this one because I have never made a stepbystep tutorial on this channel basically a mini course but this one had to be done because you said Beyond seeing ideas money- making and income generating ideas you also want to see tutorials and so this is it girl so first what is automated Drop Shipping and how is it different from regular Drop Shipping if you don't even know what Drop Shipping is Drop Shipping is basically a way that you can start your own e-commerce business with less than $100 even less than $50 because you don't have to buy inventory all you need is to find a winning product and we'll talk more about winning products later in the video cuz that's one thing people struggle with so you need to find a winning product and you need to find a manufacturer who can deliver that winning product but the difference between Drop Shipping and regular e-commerce is that with regular e-commerce you have to buy the products and store them in your Warehouse or store but with Drop Shipping your manufacturer literally sends the goods directly to your customers so all you need is a Shopify website as a storefront for the customers to order and pay for the product and when they pay for the products for $40 for example you can find a manufacturer who manufactures that product for about $3 and that way you make your profit off the difference now here comes automated dropshipping because a lot of people now know that you and so many other people can make money through dropshipping and that people are actually willing to pay thousands of dollars for courses thousands of dollars to have their Shopify website it's done people have started taking advantage of people who want to get into Drop Shipping but that ends today because my podcast guest told me the tool she used to start and scale her Drop Shipping business without paying anyone she didn't pay anyone to learn how to succeed because they already have their own Academy she didn't pay anyone for coaching because they have coaching calls she didn't pay anyone to set up her Shopify store because they have an AI tool that automatically sets up a Shopify store for you I was like like this is impossible this is too good to be true but there's actually a real Shopify plugin that makes all of these things possible and it is called Zen drop my team and I spent a ton of time researching this company looking at reviews on Shopify and I'm going to set up my own Shopify storefront just to show you step by step how doable this is like it's literally not rocket science and you can just follow along as you're watching this video I mean it like pull out your laptop and let's go together so I'm going to link this Shopify plugin down in the description box and in the comment section if you click on the link it will show you this page you're going to get a Shopify store built for you so you don't have to pay any 1,000s of dollars to set up your Shopify you're going to get access to Zen drop Plus for 100% free so that you can experience what's inside by yourself and actually use it to run your own Drop Shipping Store so I'm just going to go ahead and sign up here so we can see what's inside okay after signing up you're going to get an email like this one this email is very important because it has the credentials to your Shopify store so this email popped up in my inbox because I signed up so now that we've gotten the credentials what you're going to do is use these credentials to log into Shopify just just like this yeah now we're logged into Shopify now this is a very important step and no one else is going to show you this you can actually have access to a Shopify account for just $1 so we're going to go ahead and sign up for a $1 Shopify plan now this is a very important step because if you don't sign up for a Shopify plan you would lose access to the plug-in and everything in just about 2 days so you want to make sure that you sign up for the Shopify plan at this point I don't want to make this video too long but if you're following along and you get the email you would see a video in the email that would show you exactly how to claim your one Shopify store which is super important because after all it's a Shopify store Front we're just using the Zen drop plug-in to automate everything so once that's done all we're going to do next is connect our Shopify Store to our Zen drop plug-in by literally hitting connect store and boom we're inside of Zen drop now this is the most exciting part of everything I told you you didn't have to pay anyone thousands of dollars to learn the ins and outs of running your Drop Shipping Store because I can sit here and make a video teaching you how to start but as you go along you're going to need support you're going to need education and Zen drop plus literally has a whole Academy I mean look at this how to access and navigate store how to connect your pre-build store how to match products on your Zen drop store I mean everything you need every step of the way is already inside of the plugin but of course education is not all we need for the Drop Shipping process to be automated zendrop also handles fulfillment meaning you don't have to look for a cheap manufacturer on or that might send your customers bad goods and might deliver late maybe 3 months after they order and that would just mess up the reputation of your store no my team and I spent a ton of time researching this company looking at reviews on Shopify and we found out that they actually offer fulfillment meaning you don't have to go through that hassle once you're in Zen drop plus they handle fulfillment for you so basically you get a Shopify store automatically created for you so you don't have to worry yourself with looking for individual manufacturers to sell the different products that you need to send to your customers Zen drop actually handles it so when I say it's automated I mean it's automated and remember I promised earlier in the video that we were going to talk about how to find winning p

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