4 BEST Online Business Ideas for 2024 (and How to START NOW with $0)

hi my name is Anastasia and I've been an owner of a six figure online business for the past s years I would never reach that kind of income if I pursued my corporate job well at least not where I live for sure in this video I will show you four online business ideas to start this year with the help of technology and AI tools which is obviously our advantage and we shouldn't ignore it most of these business ideas you can start with $0 for most of them all you need is just your laptop and even just your phone with an internet connection and you can do this from anywhere in the world and the first business idea is selling digital products I love selling digital products because you need to create them once and then they become completely passive you can even sell them for years with close to zero customer support needed because digital products are delivered automatically by email and people just need to download them and use them so you get more freedom and flexibility you can spend time however you like with your friends kids gardening or doing whatever brings you Joy I also love that digital products are super easy to scale you can sell as many copies as you wish without worrying about your supply chain or needing to increase the production and the startup costs are close to zero usually it is just your time and effort maybe in some cases you need to pay for the software that you use to create your products but again it's a minimal investment you will be surprised by the variety of digital products that you can sell online let's start talking about them checklists ebooks planners resume templates workbooks coloring pages printable journals business cards templates digital art prints stock graphics music and sound sound effects and so much more just check out this store on Etsy called digital curio upon doing a bit of research I found that they made about $3.3 million selling items like watercolor clip arts digital paper or various textures and patterns you know how you can make a store like this and fill it with a bunch of stuff really quickly all you got to do is use an image generating AI tool maybe like M Journey just give it a few words and in no time it will spill out images like these but you got to give it the right words and there is this free site called mid Journey prompt helper that can help you with that just search for it and you will find a page like this let's say that I want to make a Japanese pattern I'll type Japanese pattern in the box and then I will add more details the categories on the left can help me with that for example if I click on Styles I can choose different styles to generate I'll pick floral and then I'll slide the switch to the right to make sure that flowers are the main part of the pattern then you take this prompt to M journey and generate your images and then you can take this file to Etsy and sell it as a digital download I managed to generate several patterns like this in just a couple of minutes I have a much more detailed video with five different digital products that you can create with the i tools so if you like this business idea then check out the video linked up there and also it will be in the description below now another business idea that is super easy to start and can actually make you up to $10,000 per month in about a year of doing it is being a ugc content creator so what exactly is ugc it stands for user generated content which can be anything from videos and photos to text but let's be real most brands these days are actually looking for short video content and is it possible to become a UTC Creator in just a month even if you have zero followers well the answer is certainly yes you don't need to be a mega influencer with a million followers to start making money with ugc content many ugc creators publicly share on social media how much they make for example a Tik Tok user Laura e marketing shared that after being a ugc creator for a year she started averaging between 7 and $8,000 a month from making ugc I checked her profile on Tik Tok and she currently has about 15,000 followers which is not a lot but she can be considered a nano influencer in fact ugc creators are meant to be just regular people sharing their experiences and thoughts online ugc is based on the principle that people trust people simple as that UTC creators need to create content that feels like a recommendation from a friend not an endorsement from a celebrity and what's great about it is that anyone can become a UTC Creator there is no expectation of topnotch quality content or fancy equipment if you have an average smartphone with a camera and a source of natural light like like a window you're pretty much good to go now there is a key difference between an influencer and the ugc Creator when a brand works with an influencer they're tapping into their established Audience by posting the content on the influencers social media accounts on the other hand when Brands work with ugc content it's typically meant to be published on the brand own social media channels so that's why you don't need to have a large following as a ugc Creator so I think you can give ugc a try even if you don't like to show your face online you still have a chance to succeed with this because there is a very popular ugc video format called unboxing see here you just show your hands and you unbox the products and your face doesn't appear on camera so if you like your privacy you can start with this format and even use some AI generated voice over it's pretty common on short videos so most of the brands will be fine with it I have a video on my channel dedicated to all the steps that you need to take to succeed as a ugc Creator if you want to try this business idea check it up there or in the description below we're talking about starting online businesses today and when you start a business plan is really important studies show that owners with a business plan see growth 30% faster than those without one a business plan can help you avoid critical mistakes in evaluating your competition in setting up the pricing and so on when I started I used this super handy one pager from hopspot that nails down all the key stuff that you need to think about when starting a business you will also get a bigger template here that will help you tell your company's story in a way that gets people excited think about what you want to achieve in the future set your goals explain what you sell and how it's different from what others offer make sure that you know about any legal stuff that you need to sort out before starting your business figure out who will want to buy your product and how to reach them with your marketing my favorite part of this template is the marketing plan these questions will help you think about the platforms that you will use to promote your product and about your target audience and they even give you here some links to additional free resources like this more det

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