Ai News: GPT-4o Will Make You Money Today – For Free

chat gbt 40 or Omni standing for pretty much everywhere all the time this is a super big update and in this update there is what I believe one of the biggest hidden money getting tools ever this is huge so pay close attention first let's take a look at what they have on the Omni website this is chat GPT o the preview website showing all the things that it's going to have now one of things that we can see that is being released to everyone is the ability for free users to use audio Vision text and even files so before where only as paid members were able to upload different files like Excel PDFs and things like that now this capability having this little clipboard here is available to everyone this is part one of why this is so important and how it's going to make you money some other things that they added is new benchmarks they added a mobile version where you can literally talk to it as if it's a person it responds in real time and even has the abilities to sing you a song Yes AI is getting pretty crazy and we could see here that there's a lot of different things from being able to take a text input turn it into an image being able to take an image turn it into text and all kinds of crazy things and we could see across the board this is outperforming many many other AI models it is getting crazy we can also see that there's lots of different languages that are added and supported different safety things where it's checking its own work and factchecking and having less hallucinations where it's making things up it's actually sticking to what it actually knows is real which is important and we could see a lot of the benchmarks here are around the audio that's really what they're touting on the GPT website is the fact that you can put this thing on your phone and you literally have a companion all the time talking to you as if it's a real person understanding emotion in your voice rather than just transcribing it to text it's actually understanding emotion and feeding that emotion back to you in its own AI voice model so a lot of these things are getting pretty crazy and we can see a lot of the highlights here as well one of the biggest ones is the free users this is a Game Changer if you want to make money online actually covered this in a couple of videos like four months ago where we talked about the GPT store now why is this important and how is it going to make you money and how is the ability for people to use this free going to potentially make you money over and over like never seen before well I'm going to get to that in just a minute first let's take a look at some of the other things that they are touting in this tool Vision capability abilities again this is primarily focused on phone use so you can walk around and have your phone and take a picture and it'll tell you what you're taking a picture of it'll reverse image search it'll find all kinds of things there which is really cool we also see in addition to Vision the memory function this is where free users now have the access to have a memory where chat GPT is storing up a memory based on things that you want it to know about you so that you don't have to retype it in and re-upload it and re-explain yourself over and over and over again you could quite simply give it a data set it's going to follow that until you tell it something else this is super important now another one is the ability for free users to have data analytics we can throw in Excel files PDF files image files all kinds of stuff and get output based on that so where I did the video on Pinterest pins converting them into content for your website yes ladies and gentlemen you can now save 20s and not pay for it or if you don't have 20 bucks you don't have to pay for it and there's literally no excuses to not making money also one of the other things that I just started using recently is the web browsing capability up here where I can actually click this in the free and paid version and this will browse the web for me this is a game Cher smash a like button subscribe I'm going to have some more videos about this in the up and coming days so pay close attention but this is a game changer because it's literally taking chat GPT from just a regular old run-of-the-mill based on a data set to actually branching out and being online and getting realtime data in the way that you want to search I'm going to link below to a video I did about the Google search shortcuts this is big because if you use this with the browser you're going to be like an AI superhero able to make money by Leaps and Bounds so stay tuned for that one but again pay attention to the web browser there's lots of good stuff coming there we can also see this ladies and gentlemen is the biggest gamechanging opportunity up until now if you had a custom GPT or wanted to use a custom GPT right here with explore gpts or even down here with create a GPT you can see that I've created several gpts and they are actually being used uh by people which is really cool and and they get action which is great but up until now this was only available on paid accounts which means if I made a GPT it was only available to the 100 million people paying for chat gbt but not anymore now it is available to anyone with the free version of chat gbt now this is going to be huge pay close attention there's lots of money here also we are seeing that there is the realtime voice chat the new API which is cheaper and easier which means we can save money if we're calling the AI uh API from chat gbt and making our own tools this is going to be really really big also we can see it's a lot more creative it has a lot more limits for um or unlimits lot bigger capacity uh for text and different things like that so real time lots of new tools lots of good stuff how are we going to make money with it and that is what we're getting to right now again if you want notes from this video check out download I am going to include notes I'm also going to include links to things that I am presenting here so that you can see how they work use them for yourself and hopefully build something and make money so let's go ahead and get started with what I believe is the biggest hidden money opportunity in the chat GP o Omni new version 4.0 or something like that I don't think it's a zero I think it's an O all right enough about 4.0 Omni let's dive into how this bad boy is going to put money in your pocket first of all I mentioned earlier about these custom gpts these are a game changer for those that are paying attention if you were to go into explore gpts you can see that lots of big companies are getting in on this canva logo creator some kind of scholar thing and we could see that these are actually not that difficult like this one here is just an image generator based on an output and one of the cool things about custom gpts is when you're creating these and anyone can you don't need coding you don't need special skills all

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